The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum: or: How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum or How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead In an era in which journalists will stop at nothing to break a story Henrich B ll s The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum has taken on heightened relevance A young woman s association with a hunted man ma

  • Title: The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum: or: How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead
  • Author: Heinrich Böll Leila Vennewitz
  • ISBN: 9780070064256
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In an era in which journalists will stop at nothing to break a story, Henrich B ll s The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum has taken on heightened relevance.A young woman s association with a hunted man makes her the target of a journalist determined to grab headlines by portraying her as an evil woman As the attacks on her escalate and she becomes the victim of anonymous threIn an era in which journalists will stop at nothing to break a story, Henrich B ll s The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum has taken on heightened relevance.A young woman s association with a hunted man makes her the target of a journalist determined to grab headlines by portraying her as an evil woman As the attacks on her escalate and she becomes the victim of anonymous threats, Katharina sees only one way out of her nightmare.Turning the mystery genre on its head, the novel begins with the confession of a crime, drawing the reader into a web of sensationalism, character assassination, and the unavoidable eruption of violence.

    • The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum: or: How Violence Develops and Where It Can Lead - Heinrich Böll Leila Vennewitz
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    1. Heinrich Böll Leila Vennewitz

      Heinrich B ll became a full time writer at the age of 30 His first novel, Der Zug war p nktlich The Train Was on Time , was published in 1949 Many other novels, short stories, radio plays and essay collections followed, and in 1972 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his writing which through its combination of a broad perspective on his time and a sensitive skill in characterization has contributed to a renewal of German literature He was the first German born author to receive this award since Hermann Hesse in 1946 His work has been translated into than 30 languages, and he is one of Germany s most widely read authors.

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    1. Does "freedom of speech" include the right to exploit individuals and to distort evidence to serve a populist paper's financial profit as well as its wealthy, ultra-conservative, bigoted patrons' agenda?I first read Katharina Blum's story in school, and my memory of it was vague, concerned mostly with the question whether or not it was understandable that she fell in love with a criminal, helped him escape and then committed a murder after being the victim of atrociously untruthful and sensation [...]

    2. "Mama I'm in Love with the criminal."- Britney Spear Katherina BlumIt seems people find a certain kind of enjoyment in seeing each other's lives going to ruins. We love to get hold of dirt on whosoever, we can, maybe it serves as a kind of moral victory for our own boring selves, plus it is a good source of entertainment. And news agencies exploit this tendency by providing us scapegoats. The only time it is a problem for us is when it is our own life being reduced to pieces. Kind of like in Shi [...]

    3. 338. The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, Heinrich BöllThe story deals with the sensationalism of tabloid news and the political climate of panic over Red Army Faction terrorism in the 1970s Federal Republic of Germany. The main character, Katharina Blum, is an innocent housekeeper whose life is ruined by an invasive tabloid reporter and a police investigation when the man with whom she has just fallen in love turns out to be wanted by the police because of a bank robbery. تاریخ نخستین [...]

    4. This is an astonishing little novella. The most striking contrast to the Flanagan The Unknown Terrorist which treats the same subject of a woman exposed to the savagery of the media after it turns out that the man she spent the night with is a wanted criminal, is the tone. Flanagan wrote a competent thriller, but Böll uses the reports of the state prosecution, the police and Katharina's defence lawyers to create a dry, meticulous, straight narrative of the events of four days. But despite this [...]

    5. DEL COME LA VIOLENZA PUÒ SVILUPPARSI E DOVE PUÒ PORTAREHeinrich Böll conosceva personalmente Ulrike Meinhof e scrisse un saggio su di lei; ospitò a casa sua Solženicyn subito dopo l’espulsione dall’URSS; criticò la guerra fredda, la corsa agli armamenti, il modo come la stampa di destra affrontava il terrorismo, e la politica repressiva del governo tedesco. Tutto questo scatenò una campagna di stampa contro di lui, fu tacciato di comunismo, in Germania all’epoca accusa gravissima (n [...]

    6. _The Lost honor of Katharina Blum_The lost honor of Katharina Blum is a great book. Heinrich Böll did something absolutely brilliant with it. He was absolutely brilliant with his sarcasm and his bravery and he was in full control of this from beggining to end. He gave me this feeling, that he knew what he was doing, he knew what he wanted to state with his book and he executed it perfectly. I think of him as a highly intelligent human being, i loved how smartly and smoothly he interrupted the f [...]

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    8. باید خودشان را جای ما بگذارند تا مجسم کنند که چه حالی به ما دست می‌دهد، هنگامی که توی دهان پرشان و یا بهتر بگویم پوزه ی پرشان باز هم غذا می‌چپانند، همه هم بدون استثنا ابتدا به ظرف خاویار یورش می‌برند. مردان و زنان میلیونری هم هستند که سیگار و کبریت و بیسکویت توی کیفشان پنهان م [...]

    9. The day I write this review, coincides with two events: Five years ago, on 3/3/2009 the Historical Archive of the City of Cologne collapsed, two people died and many historical treasures kept in the building are believed to be destroyed forever:Today is also Rosenmontag, the highlight of the German carnival season and Cologne being one of the carnival hot spots in Germany:So, why am I telling you this?First of all, Heinrich Böll was born in Cologne and lived there or nearby his whole life. Afte [...]

    10. The voice of this novel was something new to me: it is written in the form of a report, apparently reserved and unbiased, which presents the slow but effective process of Katharina Blum's public humiliation by police and press.It all begins with a murder (I'm not sure this may be considered a spoiler, because it comes in the first pages of the novel): On Sunday evening at almost the same hour (to be precise, at about 7:04 P.M.) she rings the front door bell at the home of Walter Moeding, Crime C [...]

    11. Insightful and believable if somewhat confusing look at the media frenzy surrounding a criminal on the run and a young woman who becomes involved with him. It's 1974 and pretty hardworking German Katharina Blum is caught like a rabbit in the headlights when accused of helping wanted criminal Ludwig Gotten evade police capture from a building already under surveillance by law enforcement. Once the tabloids get their dirty little operations going they start an intrusive and nasty smear campaign of [...]

    12. My first book by the 1972 Nobel Prize for Literature, Heinrich Boll (1917-1985). I am extremely impressed.This tells the story of a 22-y/o household help and a divorcee, Katharina Blum who at the start of the 4-day Carnival asks her employer for a leave. On the first day, she goes to her friend's party and there meets a mysterious man Ludwig Gotten and falls in love with him. They spend a night in Katharina's apartment and early in the morning Ludwig leaves. Later in the morning, police authorit [...]

    13. Irresponsible journalism turns a maid into a murderer. Shock! Horror! It would have been much better written by a 'source' from the National Enquirer. As it is Heinrich Boll is too dry and literary and all the shock and horror is sucked out of it leaving just a competently-written, slightly disturbing story.

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    15. Her life was not exposed to outside world till now, except to the intrusions of a certain gentleman-visitor; but, interrogated and shammed, it became the indispensable headline of NEWS! Camera flashes broke into frenzy before her main-door creaked. Blank-calls started invading her empty nights. Slander didn’t leave her family and her friends alone either. Looking for an escape from these press-matters, she thrusted herself into the limelight that sensationalised her, to bring it to a closure.I [...]

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    21. From BBc Radio 4 - 15 Minute Drama:A brilliant exploration of the corrosive impact of tabloid journalism on one young woman. The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum is dissects the power of the press and it's impact on individual freedom. Told in the form of an unofficial report, this intelligent and pacy story from the 1970s tackles issues of press freedom, responsibility and police tactics.It's based on a real incident in the author's own life, when he was publicly accused of being a terrorist sympa [...]

    22. کاترینا دختری خدمتکار است که زندگی بسیار عادی و یکنواخت دارد . در اثر حادثه ای ساده پای او به اداره پلیس باز می شود و روزنامه های زرد زندگی او را به نابودی می کشانندموضوع داستان در مورد اثار مخرب روزنامه نگاران بی تعهد و ترور شخصیتی افراد در مطبوعات است . موضوع جالبی بود کتاب هم [...]

    23. Of course Heinrich Böll wrote The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum in 1974, right as the ramifications of a media-saturated society were becoming apparent-- the great one-two-three of movies about mediated society, Network, Being There, and Videodrome would follow shortly thereafter. In fact, this really is a cinematic sort of novel about how media circuses form and eventually destroy people. Watch as Katharina Blum is slowly Lindsay Lohan'd into violence and insanity, and bitterly laugh along. Als [...]

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    25. Someone must have slandered Katharina Blum for, one morning, without having done anything wrong, she was brought in for questioning by the police. But no, it appeared the police are questioning Miss Blum for her involvement with a man who stayed in her place the previous night. The man was accused of murder, most wanted by the authorities, and by all indications, it looked like she helped him escape the police stakeout around her place.At the outset this looked like a simple crime investigation, [...]

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    27. Lost in translation? Too much like listening to my father's side of the family? Too "German"? Mayhap. Or it may be that this annoying dude next to me at the gym kept trying to talk to me when I was reading the section that kind of explained a lot of the background. It's hard to put in to words what I mean by "too German." Only another person who is a surviving and socially functioning descendant of a German family in America (and trust me, there aren't many of us) may be able to understand what [...]

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    29. Heinrich Böll (1917-1985), escritor de la Alemania de la post-guerra, galardonado con el Premio Nobel de Literatura en 1972, escribe dos años después de haber sido premiado esta pequeña obra que es una especie de informe policiaco sazonado con todos sus recursos narrativos que hacen de este relato algo muy disfrutable. La obra transcurre de manera interesante y amena, fácil de leer pero sin perder nunca la tensión dramática de los hechos narrados. El estilo de Böll es elegante y mesurado [...]

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