Turing Evolved

Turing Evolved BLADE RUNNER meets THE MATRIX in this gripping thriller with an incredible twist When Ex DEMON pilot Jon Carlson meets beautiful humanitarian Rachel it s a match made in HEAVEN Literally because Rac

  • Title: Turing Evolved
  • Author: David Kitson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 498
  • Format: ebook
  • BLADE RUNNER meets THE MATRIX in this gripping thriller with an incredible twist.When Ex DEMON pilot Jon Carlson meets beautiful humanitarian Rachel, it s a match made in HEAVEN Literally, because Rachel s an ANGEL She s also an AI controlled android of immense power and capability As Jon finds himself drawn into the world of these enigmatic creations of mankind, he unkBLADE RUNNER meets THE MATRIX in this gripping thriller with an incredible twist.When Ex DEMON pilot Jon Carlson meets beautiful humanitarian Rachel, it s a match made in HEAVEN Literally, because Rachel s an ANGEL She s also an AI controlled android of immense power and capability As Jon finds himself drawn into the world of these enigmatic creations of mankind, he unknowingly becomes involved in a program to create autonomous superweapons intended to fight the next war.

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    1. David Kitson

      David Kitson has worked in corporate and government environments as a security analyst and technical network architect, as well as a print and TV journalist focusing on video games and technology news His love of science stems back to a childhood spent climbing trees and building rocket launchers He lives in Western Australia with his wife and four children.

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    1. IMHO, this book is a triumph of storytelling over technical precision. I read the 2011 edition of this book which had eye-watering formatting and was peppered with more than liberal sprinklings of spell-checker generated (and probably author generated) typos and grammatical flaws. So why did I persevere with it?The answer is simple: I really didn't care.For the first time in many months I was drawn in by the author's fluid and easy to read prose. When I put it down, I looked forward to picking i [...]

    2. Described by the author as "military science fiction," this book drew me in immediately and managed to hold my attention throughout. The storyline was riveting, with a nice flow that kept it going through to the end. There were several surprising twists and turns, and it was fun to try to figure out the connections. I found the characterization to be fitting for the genre. Although the story is clearly science fiction, there is quite a bit of self-discovery that Jon's character goes through, add [...]

    3. I'm not one for superlatives or definite statements, but this is the best book I have ever read. Hands down. I cannot say enough about this. Go read it now. And then get in touch with me so we can discuss it.

    4. Turing Evolved by David KitsonI came into this one with a totally wrong idea of what I would get. That wasn't bad, but it did result in it being on my kindle for a long time before I read it. The book description is rather short and not real informative. I expected the typical future war story with a possible AI human romance.The romance is there but the story reminded me more of what I would expect of Philip K. Dick if he were alive and writing today. There's that bit of surreal sense as Jon Ca [...]

    5. I thoroughly enjoyed "Turing Evolved". I could have used more character development, but I LOVE exploring ideas around artificial-intelligence. In my understanding, our current levels of AI are simplistic in comparison to what "Turing Evolved" speaks of. This fiction brought back memories of reading the book "The Most Human Human: What Artificial Intelligence Teaches Us About Being Alive". amazon/The-Most-Human--- SPOILER ALERT BELOW --This book had some fun twists that I did not anticipate. I m [...]

    6. I enjoyed this novel. There's nothing really flashy or special about Kitson's prose, but the story is mostly compelling. Kitson is able to immerse us into a world where AIs and humans move between virtual and real environments and interact with each other is ways that transcend current human interaction. The first person narrator is compelling and it's easy to get into his head as the reader and feel the fear and wonderment that he experiences when moving between worlds. There's a large element [...]

    7. Wow, that is a kick-ass book. This one kept me guessing up to the end, and I love the combination of in-your-face action combined with philosophical explorations of reality, morality and love. The best part of science fiction is postulating a new twist on human experience and exploring the resulting possibilities and outcomes. This book delves into metaphysical territory with a technological foundation and is fascinating.The only problem is that its filled with typos. This is obviously not a pro [...]

    8. Started off interesting, if slow at points. I really enjoyed the Samaritan job of the main character-- assisting long-term virtual reality inhabiters back to reality. What made it slow at times for me was the author's long descriptions of military vehicles and weapons in loving detail. But maybe that's just my hang-up since I'm not really into those things.However, what bumped this up from a 3-star to a 4-star review was the last 20% of the book (and, yes, I read it on my Kindle). The action rea [...]

    9. Turing Evolved manages to be simultaneously action-packed and philosophically interesting, with a side of romance. What more could you ask of an SF novel about artificial intelligence and war machines?The author has released this SF novel as shareware, so it is a free download but you are asked to make a contribution if you enjoy it. I normally spend about $10 on a book but decided to pay $20 for this one, as I loved it, and $20 seemed fair given that I'd probably not have paid at all had it bee [...]

    10. This book was a tiny bit disappointing. The Science Fiction side of it was a 5/5, excellent concept, level of tech, fictional world, and use of current technology as history to back fill all the way through. The story was OK, but too obvious, I feel, and the excessive use of backronyms (a personal pet hate) probably didn't help. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, mind you, and would happily read more fiction canon to this story, but I'm not sure if romance was what I wanted out of the book in the [...]

    11. If you like a good science fiction tale along with some action and adventure, I would highly recommend this one to you. The author does a great job of having you get inside the head of his characters, and I found myself daydreaming about some of the technology in a Walter Mitty moment wishing some of the technologies in the book were available today; I had a hard time putting this one down and stayed up really late last night reading it. There is a hint of a sequel to this book in the author not [...]

    12. Really enjoyed the book overall, and grateful to the author for offering it free.Liked the general concept and story, though felt the Christian Angel/Demon/Archangel/Heaven/Hell naming conventions were weak and unnecessary. And the ending was predictable rushed and not really a great fit with what had come before.The love story was so-so didn't feel likely, especially so at the start. And I found it clumsy that Jeremy got his killer-looks girlfriend in the end, shame he didn't come to realisati [...]

    13. Turing is my favorite Sci-fi of recent Absolutely love this book. Just finished my third reading of it, and it is still one of my favorites. Hopefully will see more in this series in the near future

    14. I absolutely, positively, unconditionally, extraordinarily loved Turing Evolved. It gets five stars because I agree with the statement that accompanies the fifth star on mouse-over, "it was amazing"!Is this book for everyone? No, but it was perfect for me. And here's why:- I am the daughter of a philosopher so was brought up with the question of personal identity being a common dinner table topic.- I am the daughter of an ethicist so was brought up with the question of humanity being necessary f [...]

    15. First off, I think this is a 3 star novel but should probably get only 2 stars due to the editing issues. This story needs another round of editing to help correct some grammar issues as well as a few confusing paragraphs and inconsistent details. These were distracting at times, but not fatal.That aside, I liked the idea behind this story. A war vet, Jonathan Carlson was honorably discharged and finds himself helping people disconnect from virtual reality, called Mindspace. Early on you discove [...]

    16. According to the author's note, Turing Evolved has gone through several independent grass roots edits before becoming the polished and shiny titanium beast that it is. This is the beginning of a streak of finely crafted self published novels available for suuuper cheap. Highly recommended for any scifi nerds, mech geeks, MMORPG players, and housewife romance fans. This is an equal opportunity read.The Alan Turing namesake should be enough to give a semi knowledgable reader insight into the core [...]

    17. Story: 3-4writing: 2Overall: 2.5I really enjoyed the story here. There's a bit of action, a bit of romance (although somewhat juvenile), some memorable characters and scenes, and a little exploration into what makes humans humans. On that note, I'm kind of a sucker for stories that explore what defines sentient life, and how that pertains to evolved AIs. This book definitely scratched that itch for me. If your curious, look up "Turing test" and you'll see what Kitson implies with the title of hi [...]

    18. A really good read. Full of fresh ideas about artificial intelligence. The central theme is about attempts to create an artificial entity that has free will and makes its own decisions to the benefit of humanity. The plot revolves around a man who is thrown out of the military after reporting a his comrades for their terrible actions during a virtual simulation. He was a symbiotic pilot of robotic weapons called Demons. He then gets a job helping people come out of long stays in virtual worlds. [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book and the concept of AI emotional involvement. The concept of an AI developing "love" is intriguing. What algorithm would have to be written to translate ones and zeros to allow the AI to put other being's safety/well being, etcetera before the AI's self preservation mode? Reminds me of Commander Data "evolving" into an emotional creation. If AIs can be developed or programmed to love can they also be developed/programmed to hate? In gaming a computer can be coded to consider t [...]

    20. This book was free, had a pretty cover (I'm a sucker for androids), and the synopsis was interesting-ish. I honestly think it was the cover more than the description that made me read this book ahead of the 1900 other books I have on my kindle (no, seriously).And I can not tell you how glad I am that I did! This book has so much to offer! The characters are deep, understandable, you really get to know them. They have such specific personalities that are given great detail, but it's not overkill, [...]

    21. First let me say I'm not a military scifi fan. And this a military scifi story. But it's a good one. Well written, the romance doesn't kill it anymore than the gun fights do. The characters, genetic and otherwise, are fleshed out, forgive the pun. The plot is tight, no gaping holes to annoy me. You can track a lot of book and movie themes through the book, but it stands well on its own. It's even punny - okay some of the TLAs go too far, but you just got to where you expected it. That would be t [...]

    22. I'd picked this one up, I believe for free during a Kindle offering. It had been on my Kindle for a while, but all the good reviews bumped it up on my to-read list.It was a good read. I'm generally reading more YA stuff and sometimes it's hard to tell from the cover. This was adult, from the slightly more complex text/story, to the age of the main characters, to the sexual content and language. It was HBO worthy in proFanity. I had to laugh when the main character asked one of the other characte [...]

    23. This story asks the question: what is reality? Of course, people have been asking that question for centuries, but the twist in this story is that it is asked in the context of a love story set in a high-tech future. Very entertaining, and the author successfully avoids the pitfall of ontological navel-gazing.Unfortunately, the author's editorial skills don't live up to his imaginative skills. Several times in the book, the phraseology was awkward enough to distract me, to pull me out of the sto [...]

    24. The premise of this book, while sci-fi doesn't feel like it's that far into the future, and while it is sometimes scary to think things could really turn out this way, the imagination of the author holds the whole society together in all it's levels and interconnections. For a self-published public domain book, this rates way up at the top and if it was read on paper instead of my Kindle, I'm sure it would have been at least 3-4" thick. It was a long book, but sustained interest the whole way th [...]

    25. Wow. This is one of those books that make you go wow. Evidently, the 1st edition had a lot of typos, but the book still spread through word of mouth. That's how good it is.A soldier is humiliated and kicked out of the army, and tries to start a civilian life. In the future, people spend most of their time in a virtual reality, so much so they forget to pay their bills. Someone must then drag them out. The hero is one of the volunteers who helps these people.But then he meets a very advanced robo [...]

    26. Turing evolved is an excellent novel. It contains some refreshing ideas and offers a fresh angle on what is real and what is not. The story includes AI elements that raise some interesting questions, and offer an evolved version of what Turing's test might become one day.The characters are likeable but also suffer from the same kinds of flaws that are common in real life. The story draws the reader in and has plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing what might happen next.This is a high q [...]

    27. I'm on a little streak with reading some pretty good books. This one was worth the read and was the same genre as the last couple (sci-tech). I've been fascinated by how technology will evolve in the future to help us save the future or be our bane. The author did a decent job of extrapolating current advancements and showing how they may shape our future. However, there were a few things that bothered me about how the advancements actually happened, but overall I thought he did a good job. The [...]

    28. I am half-way through. I loved all the sci-fi ideas so far. However, the romance between Jon and Rachel is not my favorite plot-line. The little group of "angels" in the Mindspace seemed pretty sad to me. I suppose it is too heart-breaking to me to see AI's so dependent on humans while all along being like humans. Rachel with her vulnerability is just too much for me, makes it hard to read. Also I wish that things were not explained so precisely - I like a bit more mystery. In fact, Peter was by [...]

    29. This is an excellent story hidden behind a need for serious proofreading. Hardly a page went by that didn't have some error or phrasing that jarred me from the story, making it hard to read, but the story contained within was worth the effort. The realities within realities, mixing of natural and artificial intelligences, and the dilemma of just how autonomous an AI could or should be makes for an intriguing story and Mr. Kitson does an excellent job of bringing it all together, if you can get p [...]

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