Ghostbusters, Volume 1: The Man From The Mirror

Ghostbusters Volume The Man From The Mirror Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook specter or ghost If the a

  • Title: Ghostbusters, Volume 1: The Man From The Mirror
  • Author: Erik Burnham Dan Schoening
  • ISBN: 9781613771570
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Are you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter, or ghost If the answer is yes, call the professionals Psychokinetic energy is on the rise again, business is booming for the boys, and Ray is troubled by what could be a prophetic dream IsAre you troubled by strange noises in the middle of the night Do you experience feelings of dread in your basement or attic Have you or any of your family ever seen a spook, specter, or ghost If the answer is yes, call the professionals Psychokinetic energy is on the rise again, business is booming for the boys, and Ray is troubled by what could be a prophetic dream Is this an ill omen of an upcoming apocaplypse, or just a little indigestion Collects issues 1 4.

    • Ghostbusters, Volume 1: The Man From The Mirror By Erik Burnham Dan Schoening
      374 Erik Burnham Dan Schoening
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    About “Erik Burnham Dan Schoening”

    1. Erik Burnham Dan Schoening

      Erik Burnham is a Minnesotan writer and artist that first broke into comics with a series of humorous short stories in the Shooting Star Comics Anthology These stories featured his original creation, Nick Landime, and culminated in a one shot Nick Landime vs the World Crime League, published by Shooting Star in 2005.Off and on, in this same time period, Erik also produced a short run of an online strip, The Down Side, until technical issues wore him down He aims to return to the strip one day.In 2007, Erik found produced work for two other anthologies a short humor piece for History Graphics Press Civil War Adventures 1, and a horror story for Gene Simmons House of Horror 3, produced by IDW Publishing.This lead to several other projects for IDW, up to and including his critically acclaimed run on the ongoing GHOSTBUSTERS comic book.Erik has worked on other projects not related to comic books, and hopes one day to share those with the public at large In the meantime, he still lives quietly in Minnesota any rumors about this being because he s completely afraid of the forty nine other states and Canada remain unverified at this time.

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    1. The Ghostbusters fever never seems to cease, there is always new toys, comics, and now even a remake movie, to keep the franchise alive and going. But I am not complaining, I rather enjoy spending my weekend nights watching the millionth rerun of the original movies. Always fun, always entertaining, always nostalgic. Every goddamn time.First volume has been sitting on my shelves for quite some time now, but after seeing it floating on my feeds, and knowing there is a fantastic sale of the series [...]

    2. I had avoided the Ghostbusters comicbooks for quite a while, fearing they'd be a huge disappointment. My good friend Brad (hi Brad!) put an end to this avoidance policy by buying me this book and the two that follow it for my birthday. I took a deep breath and dove in.Turns out, I shouldn't have worried. While the comics aren't as good as the movies (but what comicbook could be?) they are a lot of fun and a really nice tribute to the films.I guess you could say they're made in the right spirit! [...]

    3. 3,5 / 5El cómic de este primer arco “El hombre del espejo” nos sitúa en 1993 justo tras los sucesos de la película. Con los Cazafantasmas ya asentados y reconocidos, resurge un nuevo intento de Gozer el Gozeriano para traer la destrucción a la Tierra. Venkman, Stantz, Spengler y Zeddemore unirán sus fuerzas de nuevo para no permitir que esto suceda. No es una historia nada original ni impactante, pero supone un reencuentro tan nostálgico como entretenido con el universo de los Cazafant [...]

    4. Still making headlines all across the country, the Ghostbusters are at it again. This time, at the fashionable dance club, "The Rose." The boys in gray slugged it out with a pretty pesky poltergeist, then stayed on to dance the night away with some of the lovely ladies who witnessed the disturbance.This is Casey Kasem. Now, on with the countdown.I love the original Ghostbusters movie and the second one isn't terrible in my book, so this was what I thought could be a good pick for Halloween. This [...]

    5. This book is great I really enjoyed it. if you're a fan of ghostbusters, vol.1 continues off where the the movies left the story and reference the movies multiple times. it has good action good humor and really captures the characters and who they are. the writing is great and the story is solid. I can't wait to continue reading this series if I have one complaint about this comic it's that the art is a little too saturday morning cartoonish for how adult this book is in tone. I recommend this b [...]

    6. Did I say how much I love the Ghostbusters franchise? No? Really? Okay, fine, I'll do so now - I love this series; it was probably the series that jump started my interest in the paranormal, humor, fantasy, sci-fi type of stories. Loved the movies, loved the animated series installations. The animated series I'm most familiar with are these guys:Yeah, this dates back to the 80s. Yeah, I feel old. =_=The contemporary comic version has them looking like this (which is somewhat closer to the Extrem [...]

    7. I have a friend who's been telling me that I need to read IDW's Ghostbusters comics for a couple years now. I keep telling him, Yeah, sure. Of course I will! Well, it took me a long time to finally act on his recommendation, but here I am! And no, I don't love it quite as much as he does, but I did enjoy this enough to wanna read the next volume. It's a fun comic, with colorful art and strong writing that really captures the different characters (especially Egon and Venkman).

    8. I discovered a new-to-me site where I could borrow e-books and stuff, and this was the first item I borrowed from "hoopla". I don't read alot of comics, but this was the first thing that popped up as a recommendation. I love Ghostbusters so how could I resist?All in all, it was cute, good, but nothing special. The story line is basically the original movie, with a few minor changes / differences, the art is OK, but it's also the first volume, so the basic story makes sense as a whole.

    9. This series of comics is nothing less than a true delight, a rousing story from beginning to end that makes you want to go out and immediately buy the rest of the tale. I'm sometimes a bit wary of comic stories, because sometimes the quality really leaves a lot to be desired. But there were no missed notes in this collection of Ghostbusters stories--the story was solid, and lovingly crafted by a true fan who has kept up with the Ghostbusters lore over the years (without giving anything away, the [...]

    10. I love the Ghostbusters. I grew up with them and I’m even excited for a third movie that may or may not come out. I can’t help it – I love the movies so much that when the opportunity came to preview the first issue of the comic book I was so there.I really hate issues over novels because I never get enough of the story. I really dislike that when it comes to graphic novels as well – I want more time with the characters. This was no exception. The story is so good and the characters are [...]

    11. OMG!! This is the greatest pop cultural saturated thing in the universe! I love everything about it. The crossovers, the special "guests"!They are pure genius. I could hear Venkman, Ray and Egon. The wording is amazing, the humour is spot on, the artwork is fun and engaging. If you are dying for a "Ghostbuster's" fix while waiting to hear about the 3rd movie this is it. Actually they should be using this as inspiration! I've got to get more!

    12. A great follow-up to the movies and the game. Once more the boys are being forced to deal with a minion of Gozer as Ray keeps receiving visits in his sleep from a very familiar looking spirit. Capturing the fun of the movies and building off the events from the game, this series promises to be a lot of fun.

    13. 2.5 starsI understand the writers were throwing nods to the movies, but it got old quickly. I get that they were luring readers in by the familiar to get a following; I just hope volume 2 is much better.The story itself wasn't the most gripping.

    14. this comic is so SPOT ON to my childhood memories! I was very leery to read it because I didn't want it crushing my dreams but there was nothing for me to worry about. I will most definitely be getting the rest of the series.

    15. For the most part it really is just a fun continuation of the first 2 movies. Many references too the movies as well, and jokes about lines and events in them.

    16. I enjoy a wide swathe of books - classics, poetry, educational studies, essay collections, comics, and basically anything I can get my hands on - and as a kid of the 80s, I will weave Ghostbusters into anything including the reading list. This first volume in the series collects the beginning of the ongoing Ghostbusters series and while it does not fully cover the gestalt that Ghostbusters has gained over the years, it does a far better job than I expected. It actually reads sort of like a love [...]

    17. The Ghostbusters IDW comic is a good continuation of the movies (and, I think, that game from several years back? I never got a chance to play it). The characters stay true to the movies, and it finds a great balance of humour, horror, and just enough action to keep things interesting. I like that the first arc isn't one big setup for the rest of the series, but rather a more self-contained story that plants several smaller seeds for future tales elsewhere.The one issue I have, and I'm sure othe [...]

    18. For the original Ghostbusters fan.Great art successfully tells a story that stays true to the Ghostbusters. Egon is still super smart and nerdy. Peter I still conceited and sarcastic. Ray and Winston are still lovable and reliable. The writers deliver a great story that real fans are sure to enjoy.

    19. To start, I don't think I'd really be interested in these graphic novels if it weren't for the fact that the Ghostbusters movies are awesome. These comics are perfectly suited for fans of the original movies. What makes Ghostbusters so fun in graphic novel form, is that they're really able to capitalize off of the existence of the films. I really enjoyed all of the jokes and humor that referenced the original films, and though any reader could pick these up, there's definitely a little something [...]

    20. There's a delicate balance required for licensed properties in comics - you need to stay close to the themes and characters of the original while expanding them out in new directions. This first collection of Ghostbusters comics does a pretty good job walking the line - a lot of the dialogue feels like it could have come straight out of the movies. The artwork doesn't quite capture the characters as well, but it isn't poor enough that it really detracts, and it does look very good for everything [...]

    21. Everything about this was just perfect. The story, the artwork, the characters, the jokes everything!I don't know why I didn't get into these graphic novels earlier! I'm in such fan-girl ecstasies reading this one. I think this might even be my first 5 star rating of the year.The dialogue was at the same time totally original but totally feeling like the original movies. Every character's voices came straight off the page and into my head, yeah even Walter Peck, so that was a bit nauseating, but [...]

    22. I was really surprised by how much I liked this. It continues the story of the Boys in Grey, at a point beyond the first two movies and the video game (n.b.: Aykroyd has been quoted as saying the game is essentially the third movie). I may be just mainlining nostalgia (and this is no Shakespeare, to be sure), but this definitely had the same feel as the movies for me, and I'm looking forward to more. The artwork does it a bit of a disservice though: I think a less Saturday morning style would ha [...]

    23. Picked it up on an absolute whim and ended up absolutely loving it. It's the exact same sense of humor as the films, throws in some references to the cartoon, and comes out, overall, a strong, fun story involving those four crazy guys you've known and loved for years.The one downside to this volume is that it references previous minis that I haven't read, and I was occasionally lost about whether something had happened on-panel at some point if it was meant to have happened off-panel in the curr [...]

    24. I absolutely loved it! As a life long fan of Ghostbusters, this hit home on a lot of fronts. Everything felt so true the universe. The characters and all their traits that make them who they are really stand out. As I was reading it, it felt so natural since I already know the characters so well. The art is great as well and loved the ghost trapping scenes. Also loved the end of the issues where they debriefed on the ghost they captured. Like a detective closing a case on a criminal after they'v [...]

    25. When I was a child, I wasn't allowed to watch the Ghostbusters movies or cartoons. I ended up watching the first movie in my late teens, though, and thought it was a little frightening. So, when I read this graphic novel, I kind of knew what to expect. Honestly, I wasn't too impressed. It was very childish, but it obviously wasn't written for children. Some of the humor was a little perverted nothing, I think, that a child should read. After reading this, my wife and I decided to watch the first [...]

    26. This is an absolutely amazing first story arc for ghostbusters. The writer has captured the voices of the ghostbusters perfectly that you can hear the actors speak the lines. It brings together new ideas and ties all previous mythology together and expanding it wonderfully. The extra ghostbuster files are also a treat. The artwork is sublime, they are a perfect amalgamation of the film version ghostbusters and their cartoon counterparts. You can tell this collection has been made by fans of the [...]

    27. For a life long Ghostbusters fan this was perfection. I suggest going to a comic shop on a monthly basis and picking up the monthly comics. Erik Burkham has found a way to bring the movies, cartoon and video game together into one universe and it fits the characters perfectly. On top of being a fantastic on going story each issue has hidden "Easter eggs" that relate to some part of Ghostbusters pop culture. If you are a Ghostbusters fan then this is the starting point of an amazing monthly journ [...]

    28. A good tribute to the movie franchise with lots of jokes pointing back to scenes from the movies. Basically an average comic book collection, but I really enjoyed the bonus content in the back. The creators explained why they made certain choices while showing the evolution of some of the character designs. Really interesting stuff. This book makes me want to the watch the movies again, and that's all you can ask for from these type of books. Would it stand alone without the franchise? Not so mu [...]

    29. Have I ever expressed my undying love for the Ghostbusters in any of my reviews? Probably not. But I do so love those movies. And although I typically loathe anything that is a novelization of a movie or adapted from a movie, this absolutely floored me. The writiing is snappy, crisp and PG. It's like it was born from the original creators. The clean art and coloring makes it extremely accessible to fans of all ages. It hits all the right marks, especially in characterization. Straight A's all ar [...]

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