North By Northanger: Or The Shades of Pemberley

North By Northanger Or The Shades of Pemberley Named Best Historical Mystery of by Romantic Times BOOKreviews After the intrigues and excitements of their time in the city the Darcys are than prepared for a bit of peace and quiet at Pemberle

  • Title: North By Northanger: Or The Shades of Pemberley
  • Author: Carrie Bebris
  • ISBN: 9780765352743
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Named Best Historical Mystery of 2006 by Romantic Times BOOKreviews After the intrigues and excitements of their time in the city, the Darcys are than prepared for a bit of peace and quiet at Pemberley This is time that they can spend together as Elizabeth settles into her pregnancy However, such serene solitude is not meant to be First a letter from Lady AnneNamed Best Historical Mystery of 2006 by Romantic Times BOOKreviews After the intrigues and excitements of their time in the city, the Darcys are than prepared for a bit of peace and quiet at Pemberley This is time that they can spend together as Elizabeth settles into her pregnancy However, such serene solitude is not meant to be First a letter from Lady Anne Fitzwilliam Darcy, long deceased, is discovered The contents are both mysterious and prescient for Mrs Darcy Then a summons to Northanger Abbey involves the young couple in intrigues that threaten not just the Darcy legacy and good name, but Mr Darcy s freedom as welld to make matter even worse and uncomfortable for the expectant mother, Darcy s overbearing aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh, arrives on the scene to further bedevil Elizabeth.Add to this rumors of treasure and past scandals, and it becomes obvious that peacefulness is not at home in Pemberley, but secrets and spirits of the past are, and their revelations can have a most a chilling effect on both the Darcys and their family to come.

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    1. Carrie Bebris

      Carrie began her career in publishing after previous roles as a newspaper reporter and college English teacher.As an editor for fantasy publisher TSR, Inc she developed supplements for the Dungeons Dragons roleplaying game before striking out on her own as a freelance writer and editor She wrote two fantasy novels, Pool of Radiance Ruins of Myth Drannor 2001 and Shadowborn 1998, with William W Connors , before making her mystery debut in 2004 with Pride and Prescience In addition to fiction, Carrie pens remodeling articles for Better Homes and Gardens Special Interest Publications and writes other nonfiction She has also edited such books as Tea with Jane Austen by Kim Wilson and Walking withWilliam Shakespeare by Anne Marie Edwards She is on the faculty of theAntioch Writers Workshop and speaks frequently about writing and publishing.Carrie holds a master s degree in English literature with an emphasis on 19th century authors and studied Austen on the graduate level with one of today s most respected Austen scholars She is a life member of the Jane Austen Society of North America and travels to England to enhance her understanding of Austen s life and work.Originally from Wisconsin, Carrie now lives in Ohio When not writing, she likes to travel, watch costume dramas that send her husband fleeing the house, and indulge in her love of all things British She is currently working on her next novel, based on Persuasion.

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    1. Probably the severest case of "it's not you, it's me" I've ever experienced.•You see, this is actually a good book. Since I admittedly hardly have any expertise when it comes to fanfiction, I can't tell whether Bebris's are among the best ones or not, but I honestly could find nothing wrong with North by Northanger. The author clearly possesses a deep knowledge of the originals (in the case at hand, Pride and Prejudice and North by Northanger), which surely showed in her work, and that's proba [...]

    2. This is the third in Bebris's series of paranormal mysteries featuring Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy. It wasn't as good as the first one, but was still enjoyable. I don't like most Austen continuations, but Bebris does a decent job, perhaps because her books are deliberately in a different genre, and so she doesn't try too hard to make herself sound exactly like Austen. One interesting feature of this series is that the main characters are always Elizabeth and Darcy, but characters from other A [...]

    3. Anche questo romanzo segue il filone gotico: ci sono le lettere che stabiliscono un contatto epistolare e quasi paranormale fra le due Mrs Darcy, c’è un diario perduto e poi ritrovato; c’è l’abbazia di Northangher terrificante e ostica ai due visitatori (sembravano quasi Brad & Janet del RHPS), ci sono strane presenze che incombono sulla vita dei coniugi Darcy, ci sono passaggi segreti e nicchie, scatole chiuse con serrature e codici segreti da svelare, c’è tutto insomma, non manc [...]

    4. This installment was utterly lovely! I think it might even be my favorite so far in the series. (view spoiler)[Bebris did right in turning away from the supernatural in the series in this installment. I love the focus on the Darcy family, and the mystery of Lady Anne in particular. I was equal parts devastated by the sadness that Lady Anne suffered and furious at Lady Catherine's part in it. Whether the figurines had any mystical power or not, the one given to her by her mother clearly had quite [...]

    5. 3.5 My favorite in the series so far. I really enjoy the way she writes Jane's characters. I feel like they are true to the original even when they end up in totally off the wall situations. Fun fan fiction.

    6. This mystery novel is the third in the series by Carrie Bebris. They are all sequels of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice." You do not need to have read Pride and Prejudice to understand this novel although it will help you greatly if you do. In this story, Elizabeth feels the presence of Darcy's mother in the house, Pemberely. She feels that she is not the mistress and the late Lady Anne, who was adored by all who knew her, still remains. At first it appears that Elizabeth is not pleased with [...]

    7. North by Northanger (or Shades of Pemberley) a Mr & Mrs Darcy MysteryBy Carrie Bebris Written in 2006This is my second book by this author. She has written several that are all about the Darcy’s and a mystery that puts them in the setting and characters of one of Jane Austen’s books. I really enjoy them because it combines two of my loves JA and mystery.I don’t want to give much away so this will be a short review. It is less than a year after Elisabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy have marri [...]

    8. This book is cute as a button. A light mystery and a self-referential spin-off of Pride and Predjudice. Apparently the third in a series of Mr and Mrs Darcy Mysteries, this book supposes the Darcys (while awaiting their first child) caught in a scandal with over a man claiming to be Frederick Tilney (a character from another Jane Austen Book called Northanger Abby, and unraveling another mystery dealing with a prized possession of Mr Darcy's late mother.It gets a little eye-roll-y and impossible [...]

    9. (3.5 stars) This is the third book in the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy series. As the couple are getting settled back at Pemberley, Elizabeth finds an unexpected message from the past in a letter written to the future Mrs. Darcy from her husband’s mother, Lady Anne which mentions a precious family heirloom that was lost, one that Lady Anne believed to be protective of women in childbirth. A chance encounter in Bath leads them to Northanger Abbey to meet the son of a woman who was close friends with Darc [...]

    10. Very fun bookwell, maybe fun isn't the right word for a mystery novel, but definitely an enjoyable read. Much superior than the last "Jane Austen sequel" that I'd read. By being a mystery, it didn't really strive to match the witty tone of Austen's Pride and Prejudice, though it had some of that, especially in the relationship of the now-married Darcy's. But I did feel that Bebris did a good job of remaining true to the time period and the style of writing. I will be looking to read others in th [...]

    11. This book follows more closely the elements of Austen's NORTHANGER ABBEY, and I enjoyed that feature very much. Because Austen's book is a gothic, this book is much faster paced and involves a similar sense of suspense and danger in a dark house where things are not as they seem. A good read.

    12. Best of the three so far! Sure, the plot was a little crazy, but the heart of the thing was the characters that you know and reasonable extensions of their behavior.

    13. Light, engaging and enjoyable for the most part, but a bit too predictable. Much of the book I liked fine, but nothing was much of a surprise, and the last pages were a let down, with a final "twist" that didn't fit the rest of the book at all. Pleasant to read, but the ending was a missed opportunity that had me wishing for a rewrite.

    14. In the original Pride and Prejudice, the appearances of Lady Catherine were, thankfully, few and far between. In this book, we are treated to months at a time of Lady Catherine -- that is far too much. There are some humorous moments in this book, such as Elizabeth trying to explain Darcy's prolonged absence, but, on the whole, the book could have benefited from a few more.

    15. A lovely light mystery in the best tradition of fan fiction (though to be avoided if pregnancy is a trigger). The supernatural is less overt than in the first two books in this series; I thought that was a good thing, actually.

    16. I️ love these stories! They are so clever and witty, and Jane Austen’s characters really come to life. I️ do enjoy the bringing in of characters from other Austen novels.

    17. I think I enjoyed this a bit more than the first two books in the series. It's hard not to get attached to a storyline with such familiar characters, especially as they begin to build a family.

    18. One day Elizabeth finds a letter from Darcy's mother addressed to her. The letter mentions a family heirloom that protects women in labour, but which has unfortunately gone missing. Being in a delicate condition herself, Elizabeth is quite curious about this family heirloom and decides to go on a treasure hunt. The letter also arouses further interest in Darcy's mother, the beloved former mistress of Pemberley, so when the son of one of Anne's old friends invites the couple to Northanger Abbey t [...]

    19. North by Northanger is the third novel in the Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mystery series, written by Carrie Bebris. Currently there are five novels in the series the most recent being The Intrigue at Highbury which was recently published earlier this year. The Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mystery series takes the characters from Jane Austen's novels and puts them smack dab in the middle of whodunit's. Elizabeth and Darcy are the main sleuths, with each book introducing the characters from another Austen novel into [...]

    20. I find that my reviews form Ms. Bebris have been up and down, and here we are a little better than average. The reason I think is that the mystery does not cross the lines of gender very well. As both Darcy and Elizabeth try to unravel what has gotten them once more involved in the world of All of Austen's fictitious creations, we stretch and stretch again and delve too far into superstitious view of a major subplot in this volume.There shall be another generation. And obviously since this is on [...]

    21. Dico subito quelli che, secondo me, sono stati i difetti di questo libro: il personaggio di Georgiana è decisamente troppo relegato ai margini, vive insieme a loro a Pemberley e non interviene quasi mai nei dialoghi. Inoltre il personaggio di Henry Tilney sarebbe dovuto essere molto più presente, ma questa è una cosa puramente soggettiva poiché io adoro quel personaggio e quindi per me non è mai presente abbastanza.Quello che invece mi è piaciuto: tutto il resto. Poiché questo libro volev [...]

    22. This is a Pride and Prejudice pastiche with Austen's Mr and Mrs Darcy as its detectives, the third in a series which I've read out of order yet enjoyed. I don't think you necessarily need to read these in order. This is one of the stronger outings, and I found myself frequently smiling while reading it, enjoying the wit and banter from and between Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam Darcy. I'm not ranking this so high because I claim it's the equal of Jane Austen novels such as Mansfield Park or Northange [...]

    23. This is Carrie Bebris's 3rd sequel to 'Pride and Prejudice' by Jane Austen. Elizabeth Bennet Darcy is expecting her first child. While she and her husband Fitzwilliam Darcy are visiting Bath a letter is received from Captain Frederick Tilney inviting them to Northanger Abbey. Tilney's mother had apparently been acquainted with Fitzwilliam's late mother Anne Fitzwilliam Darcy who had died on 20 Jan 1796 while giving birth to Darcy's sister Georgiana over 17 years before.The Darcys find Northanger [...]

    24. This is primarily a story about mothers and daughters, and those aspects of the story are very well drawn. I enjoyed reading about Lizzy's struggle to come into her own at Pemberley, her troubles as a pregnant woman, and her growing understanding of Lady Anne Darcy, her husband's dead mother. I was also happy to see the supernatural elements of the story toned WAY down from the first two books in the series. Some hints of supernatural definitely fit with the connection to Jane Austen's Northange [...]

    25. I loved this book! My favorite so far in the series of Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mysteries (this is the third). Elizabeth finds a letter from Darcy's long-deceased mother written to her future daughter-in-law, which sets her off on a search for a missing heirloom. Shortly afterwards, while at Bath, the Darcys are invited to Northanger Abbey by Capt. Frederick Tilney, citing a past friendship between their mothers. After a bizarre series of circumstances, they are arrested and released into the custody [...]

    26. From the start I enjoyed this book. It really felt like a Jane Austen novel, which I applaud it for. It was much quicker to read than an Austen, though, so those struggling with the real thing might be able to manage this. It's just as witty as the original, with Elizabeth making all sorts of comments that had me snickering.Despite it being labeled a "mystery," I was a little disappointed in that aspect. I haven't read a whole lot of mystery books, but I know enough from mystery shows and movies [...]

    27. Though this book is just light entertainment, it was really good light entertainment, especially if you like mysteries or Jane Austen (or in my case, both). Bebris' series is one of the few Jane Austen continuations that I thought was done really well. Her writing style reads like 19th century English literature, to me at least. I am by no means a scholar of literature, so that may not be accurate, but just my perception. I also like her characterization of Elizabeth and Darcy. In terms of the m [...]

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