Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference

Dixieland Delight A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference There is no college ball passionate and competitive than football in the Southeastern Conference where seven of the twelve schools boast stadiums bigger than any in the NFL and million fans hit t

  • Title: Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference
  • Author: Clay Travis
  • ISBN: 9780061431241
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is no college ball passionate and competitive than football in the Southeastern Conference, where seven of the twelve schools boast stadiums bigger than any in the NFL and 6.5 million fans hit the road every year to hoot and holler their teams to victory.In September 2006, popular sports columnist and lifelong University of Tennessee fan Clay Travis set out on hThere is no college ball passionate and competitive than football in the Southeastern Conference, where seven of the twelve schools boast stadiums bigger than any in the NFL and 6.5 million fans hit the road every year to hoot and holler their teams to victory.In September 2006, popular sports columnist and lifelong University of Tennessee fan Clay Travis set out on his Dixieland Delight Tour Without a single map, hotel reservation, or game ticket, he began an 8,000 mile journey through the beating heart of the Southland As Travis toured the SEC, he immersed himself in the bizarre game day rituals of the common fan, brazenly dancing with the chancellor s wife at a Vanderbilt frat party, hanging with University of Florida demigod quarterback Tim Tebow, and abandoning himself totally to the ribald intensity and religious fervor of SEC football Dixieland Delight is Travis s hilarious, loving, irreverent, and endlessly entertaining chronicle of a season of ironic excess in a world that goes a little crazy on football Saturdays.

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      Clay Travis Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Dixieland Delight: A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference book, this is one of the most wanted Clay Travis author readers around the world.

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    1. I liked this book. My favorite chapters were not the ones describing each game-day experience in the SEC, but rather the sections describing the author's personal life, family history, top ten lists, etc.Although I enjoyed the book, I did have a few concerns. I will not name them all, but will say that it was irritating the way the book was clearly written with a male audience in mindbut then again, what do you expect from an author who admits he's married to a Michigan grad and his mother didn' [...]

    2. Hilarious collection of road trips from the SEC written from the point of view of a real fan on the road

    3. Sportswriter Clay Travis writes a hilarious inside into the dream of every young boy that was born in the south. Travis' "Dixieland Delight" tour is a tour that goes through every SEC town in 2006. Travis details how he fell in love with the game of football early in his life while watching football with his grandfather. I loved hearing how these kind of experiences are shared everywhere in the south. Football is a uniting factor in southern states. Every Saturday a town is united in cheering on [...]

    4. I give this book one star only because I share two things with the author: (1) time spent at Vandy Law and (2) support for the Tennessee Volunteers football team that we will both carry to the grave. I desperately wanted to like this book and only read the whole thing because I felt obliged to finish it.Dixieland Delight is a "What I Did This Fall" show-and-tell essay that feels like it was written by an eighth grader who knows how to use a thesaurus. I understand that eliminating repetitiveness [...]

    5. I enjoyed the overall idea of this book, and many parts were very good. I wish that the author had focused much less on the drinking and partying culture of these games and more on the games themselves. However, a great deal of focus was given over to the tailgating culture, particularly among those focused more on the bar and party scene. Travis does a great job of showing the differences in each SEC venue and pointing out interesting information about each school and their respective football [...]

    6. I purchased this book hoping that I would get an inside look into the world of SEC football. Growing up in PAC 10 country and going to school in the Northeast, my perspective on Big Time college football in the South was always from a purely outsider perspective. The concept of this book is fantastic. Clay Travis embarks on road trips to watch a football game in each SEC stadium during the 2006 season. If he had stuck to just describing his tales on the road and unique experiences that he immers [...]

    7. This book was actually a fun read. Not only a good book about each SEC football team in 2006 but the author, Clay Travis, also talks about interesting things from each school with the campuses, stadiums (most fields have hedges in the endzone or sidelines)fan tailgate parties, school bands, history, etc. Basically in the book Travis spends a weekend at each SEC football stadium to see a game during the 2006 season. It is fun to read and remember where some (now former) members of the NFL played [...]

    8. This was a fun read. It gave out exactly what I anticipated. Clay Travis seems to have the all too common problem of thinking he's WAY funnier than he actually is, but it wasn't too bad. And that's a common enough problem that it's not jarring.I guess the problem I had was that I read part of this, then left it where I couldn't retrieve it for another month and proceeded to finish it then. In between, I was reading A Season on the Brink (re: Bob Knight), and it was a sports book that was just do [...]

    9. This book was fairly enjoyable - even though a lot of it is about how awesome the SEC is, and that's something that I can't agree with. I think part of what made it good, was that I either remember watching some of the games he went to or the end results. Honestly, it was really funny, some of it laugh out loud funny, and I always enjoy some gator bashing. =) I'm glad that the end of the book pointed out that (I think it was) 10% of a school's fans are going to be huge jerks, and that give the a [...]

    10. A Nashville lawyer takes the entire 2006 football season to visit every single stadium in the Southeastern conference over the course of 13 weekends. Southern pigskin, amusing stories, odd personalities, and creative (if not sophomoric) humor: this book has them all in spades. Nothing supremely intellectually enlightening to be found, but you'll learn some things about every SEC stadium, and you'll suddenly have a burning desire to go on a similar trip. Read it if you wanna chuckle and/or you ye [...]

    11. I almost added a "sports" shelf, however if I've been on for 3 years and haven't needed it yet, this book would be lonely on that shelf for a LONG time. I appreciate what Clay Travis tried to do in this novel, but a die hard Tennessee fan trying to write objectively about football in the SEC is a train wreck. His attempts at pithy, witty commentary landed in the same old spiteful, rivalry barbs. But who am I kidding? I'm reading with just as much bias as he is writing (Goooooo Dawgs) and being [...]

    12. This was a fun book - an entertaining and accurate look at college football culture in the South. Being married to a University of Kentucky fan, I felt his observations about that stadium and those fans were particularly spot-on.The only thing that felt a bit off-putting was the constant stream of remarks I chalk up to guy culture (observations about hot girls, inappropriate comments about men's perceived sexuality, and the like). While that seems like an authentic reflection of the author's per [...]

    13. This is Will Blythe's To Hate Like This Is To Be Happy Forever for SEC football fans; Travis is a smart, smart-mouthed, vulgar, hilarious blogger for CBS Sportsline who also happens to be a lifelong Tennessee football fan, and last season he visited all 12 SEC stadiums in 13 weeks, and then he wrote about it. Laugh out loud funny, genuinely touching, and containing some of the funniest Tebow jokes I've ever read or heard (and we make a lot of them, here in our living room), this would be a stell [...]

    14. A great book for any college football fan, especially someone who is a SEC fan and maybe even a Vols fan. It was a fun read and the stories on the college game days were great. The author followed the 2006 season by going to an SEC game at a different stadium every week. A few highlights that I didn't know:Hottest girls of the SEC- Ole MissFL girls have flabbing armsVan's Dean has been a Dean at 7 other schools and knows almost all his studentsLSU fans smell like corndogs and they pee on fans

    15. Dixieland Delight is the story of an author's football season traveling to all the SEC schools. I am from the south and went to an SEC school for college.If you've been to an SEC game, you know what the general atmosphere is like. Travis, the author, is no stranger to SEC football. His grandfather played for Tennessee in the 1930s.At times, Travis was a bit much. His thoughts come off as somewhat crass and sexist. Overall, the book is funny. If you haven't been to an SEC game and are interested [...]

    16. Dixieland Delight:  A Football Season on the Road in the Southeastern Conference by Clay Travis (Harper Entertainment 2007) (796.33263) is one of the best recent books about college football and more specifically, about the heart of college football: the Southeast Conference.  During the 1998 season, the author went on the road in the SEC, visited each member university's home football stadium for a game, and wrote about what he saw and learned.  It helps that, like me, the author is a Tennes [...]

    17. This is the story of a young attorney who spends the fall attending SEC football games – seeing a game in each stadium. Mid-way through the book I e-mailed the author and told him how much I liked it and asked him a question. He actually e-mailed back which was pretty cool. However, as I continued to read, I realized there were several VERY sexist comments by either him or his friends. He had a woman editor and I wondered why she did not suggest taking those out. Anyway – if you like SEC foo [...]

    18. I've come to like Travis's writing and commentary on the SEC and sports in general in the last couple of years. Glad I've read that stuff first, and not this book to begin with. Is "fratty" a word? I dunno. It's the best way I can describe the author, his travels and his friends. Very little insight into SEC culture, and more a look at how he and his jackass friends act during a series of trips around the SEC during the 2006 season. Occasionally funny, but offering little toward real insight tow [...]

    19. A fun read, but going in, the main audience will be the 17-35 male demographic (and is written that way). Still, for anyone who follows the SEC for college football, you might enjoy this read. I could certainly relate to the perspectives of a UT fan and the highs and lows of the 2006 season. All schools do get represented equally in this work, and while it will never win a Pulitzer, it is a fun read. Recommend reading this one during the off-season, while your teams are not playing.

    20. This book is laugh out loud funny, and like another SEC roadtrip novel, Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, the observations about SEC fans and customs are spot-on. Travis is an equal opportunity offender, poking fun at himself and his team (UT) as much, if not more, than anyone else. It was a bit crude for my taste in parts. Overall a very entertaining read that has introduced several new phrases to our household vocabulary ('Bama bangs and bicurious in particular).

    21. entertaining, not a really deep read (as you might imagine). as a ut fan i identified with most of what he said, thus making the book better in my eyes. my only complaint is that in his ranking of the "hottest girls in the sec" (by school), he ranked tennessee #7out of 12! there's no way lsu girls are prettier than tennessee girls. sorry, that just can't be possible. and vandy girls? that's arguablee what i mean about it not being a deep read?

    22. I debated whether to give this book 2 stars or 3 stars. It wasn't that I didn't like it. I just don't think it captures the rich tradition and culture behind SEC football. Most of the chapters read like a frat daddy telling stories about he and his friends at ball games. Enjoyable at times, but not really what I was hoping for. Best part about reading this book was it helped me have a mental buffer between the crazy busy-ness of work and settling down to sleep!

    23. I came to know of Clay Travis from listening to him on the radio and following him on twitter and even though he can infuriate a B1G fan because he is such an SEC homer, I had to read this book and it didn't disappoint. Going to 13 football games in 14 weeks is like a dream come true and I liked the breakdown of the trip to and from, tailgating, the "scene" and the game at each place. Great read and would be a dream come true to do the same thing!

    24. The author, an internet sports columnist, chronicles his adventures attending a football game at each of the SEC conference schools during the 2006 season. Learning about each stadium and the various traditions of each school was interesting but the writing was definitely targeted to a twenty-something male audience which became a bit tedious at times.

    25. A fun read! The author spends the 2006 SEC football season on the road hitting every stadium in the conference. He is a little frat-boy in his humor at times and we get ityou went to Vanderbilt Law Schoold your wife is hot.d your grandfather played football for the Tennessee Vols, but still it's a funny and informative read. Well worth any college football fan's time.

    26. As a rabid SEC fan, this book was a fun read. I loved the historical tidbits sprinkled in with the trash talking and his adventure of taking on a football game in each SEC stadium. The SEC is truly the best football conference and he did an excellent (albeit completely biased) job of explaining why.

    27. I was sent a copy of this by the author, probably due to my surfeit of posting on the inimitable Every Day Should be Saturday pageI've not very high hopes for it (football writing, especially college football, tends to be not just bad but very, very bad), but I do want some candywriting to finish out this Year of Our Lord 2008.

    28. Obviously read this upon a strong recommendation from the man of the house. It was pretty interesting and Clay is pretty funny. Not my kind of book, and it could have been shorter but I'm feeling generous and give it 4 stars. I was glad to see that he didn't take a complete dump on the Big 10, as this OSU girl was expecting!

    29. When I moved to SEC country (and before my hometown became a part of SEC country), a friend loaned me this book to help me better understand the new culture I was going to encounter: SEC Football. A world unto itself, the SEC is made up of 12 (now 14) distinctly quirky families. This was an incredibly helpful look at how to understand the family dynamics and interaction.

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