Worth The Risk

Worth The Risk This book is no longer available Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past Molly Simpson arrives at a beautiful provincial park ready to spend the May Two Four holiday cam

  • Title: Worth The Risk
  • Author: AnneLange
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book is no longer available.Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past Molly Simpson arrives at a beautiful provincial park, ready to spend the May Two Four holiday camping with friends This weekend is the highlight of her year or it was, until Tanner Daivies showed up Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he s demandingThis book is no longer available.Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past Molly Simpson arrives at a beautiful provincial park, ready to spend the May Two Four holiday camping with friends This weekend is the highlight of her year or it was, until Tanner Daivies showed up Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he s demanding answers answers Molly isn t sure she can give him She had her reasons for leaving him all those years ago, but now, sex with Tanner is scorching, and when they re together, it s clear they were never meant to be apart But the past doesn t want to stay buried, and Molly isn t sure reliving it is worth the risk

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    1. If you've read the blurb, you have a good idea of what this story is all about, so I'm going to jump right into my review. I'm a sucker for second chance love stories. There's something romantic about "the one that got away". Molly and Tanner's past and present alternate throughout the story to help us get acquainted with them, their love and their heartache. The beginning of the end came around for them shortly before graduating from university, so they were young and made understandable mistak [...]

    2. 4.5 StarsWorth the Risk is my first book by Anne Lange and I loved it. For a short story it piled on the personality and hot scenes. I never felt like anything was being rushed along because of the length of the book. Molly Simpson and Tanner Davies dated throughout college and had a wonderful relationship. They often talked of their futures together. That is until out of the blue Molly told Tanner she couldn’t be with him anymore. Thrown for a loop and dealing with a broken heart Tanner walke [...]

    3. Review of Worth the Risk by Anne Lange5 starsA smoothly-written and well-executed erotic romance novel, “Worth the Risk” immediately captures the reader’s attention and emotions and maintains that grasp throughout until the ending, leaving the reader to relax in satisfaction with a “well done!” to the characters and the author. Some ten years earlier, Molly and Tanner, lovers for some years, were about to graduate from University and move on to their new, “adult,” lives. Tanner ful [...]

    4. Anne Lange has crafted a sweet reunion story. I felt more connected to Molly than Tanner, but they had great sexual tension from the very beginning. The time jumping from present to ten years ago was a little jarring at first, I felt like it might have been the author's way of getting to put in a lot of backstory without it sounding like backstory. I really would have rather had more present day before the jump.The dynamic between the group of friends was great and I could totally see myself han [...]

    5. This is a story of time helping to bring two people back together and coming to grips with a 10 year old selfish decision. Tanner and Molly were college sweethearts and destined to be together, suddenly prior to graduation Molly breaks up with Tanner with no explanation, no communication, just wants him gone. Fast-forward 10 years to the annual reunion camping trip with friends: Tanner attends the camping trip for the first time. Molly is forced to face the sexual tension as well as the memories [...]

    6. Worth the Risk by Anne Lange is a story of second chances and a delightful read. The story of Molly and Tanner, high school sweethearts with their whole lives ahead of them until Molly makes a decision to set Tanner free. 10 years later they are reunited, questions are answered and they have a second chance at happily ever after.A short novella, but packed with bitter sweet moments and heated scenes, I would recommend this book! It tugged at my heartstrings.

    7. Worth the Risk reunites former college lovers 10 years later in an emotional and steamy journey towards forgiveness after a secret tore apart their HEA that had just begun. Can old hurts be overcome or will uncertainties about the future continue to hold them back? In the capable hands of Anne Lange you get to experience Tanner and Molly's pain as you root for them to be reunited in an immensely sweet and satisfying HEA.Tanner thought he and Molly would be together forever until she blindsided h [...]

    8. The first time around things were great. Until something went wrong in the relationship that caused Molly to pull away and call it quits. Heartbroken Tanner couldn't deal with even being in the same area so he just up and disappeared. Until now when both Molly and Tanner end up one a camping trip together with friends. It goes back and forth with what happened then and what's going on now flawlessly and gives you a deeper understanding of what this couple has gone through and is currently going [...]

    9. Molly and Tanner are college sweethearts. One day out of the blow, she looks at him and says she wants to move on. Mind you this is after they get physical. I thought that was a VERY guy move on her part. I was like is Molly the woman or the man in this situation? Go forward ten years and a group of friends all get together for what do you think, a wedding? a baby shower? NO they get together to go camping!!?? You get to know abit about these two people. The thing that annoyed me was the constan [...]

    10. Second Chance in Love!Worth the Risk, written by Anne Lange, is a hot steamy romance. This is the first book that I read by this author and am already looking forward for her next one. This is the perfect novella that you can read in a couple of hours, it's a real page turner and as soon as I started to read it, I could not put it down. This is a great erotic romance starring two lead characters who will get a second chance in love. I loved Molly and Tanner! Their story began, ten years ago, whe [...]

    11. If second-chance romances are among your favorites, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. The author, Anne Lange, did a remarkable job of creating a startling intense contemporary romance; supported by realistic dialogue. Both protagonists have an unexpected amount of depth and character. I enjoyed the comradely but felt that the author could have written in more moments that included the secondary characters. The main reason this did not earn a higher rating was the predictably. While there are some twists [...]

    12. Worth the Risk is a contemporary second chance romance set in Canada. Anne Lange does a fantastic job with her imagery and she has a descriptive ability that allows you to feel like you are in Molly's place. The story takes us through the early relationship between Tanner and Molly, the break up and this chance to be together again when they go on a camping trip with friends. Molly has to have a real soul search to see if she can bring herself to explain her actions from 10 years ago that left b [...]

    13. After the WTH moment at the start, I thought this one was sweet. I had a feeling I knew what was going on, turns out I was close. Knowing things from Molly's perspective I get why she did what she did, but wished that she would have told Tanner, he lost everything but didn't know why. I was glad to see that Tanner decided to go after what he lost by inviting himself along on the camping trip. It did seem odd that they jumped back into sex after so long and after the secret came out, but it did m [...]

    14. First, I really dislike flashbacks to "the way we were" especially when it seems like the only real reason to have a flashback is to give the reader more sex scenes. There were enough sex scenes without the past sex scenes. 88 pages of story do not need 4+ sex scenes, okay?Second, I fucking hate what Molly did to Tanner. The way she broke up with him was horrible. As if that weren't enough, the reason she broke up with him was so god damn ridiculous, I wanted Tanner to beat the shit out of her a [...]

    15. It's sad when the heroine doesn't have enough faith in the man she claims to love, that she lies to him rather than tells the truth and hopes for his support. It was bittersweet.

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