All Our Pretty Songs

All Our Pretty Songs This is a story about love but not the kind of love you think You ll see In the lush and magical Pacific Northwest live two best friends who grew up like sisters charismatic mercurial and beautiful

  • Title: All Our Pretty Songs
  • Author: Sarah McCarry
  • ISBN: 9781250027092
  • Page: 135
  • Format: ebook
  • This is a story about love, but not the kind of love you think You ll see In the lush and magical Pacific Northwest live two best friends who grew up like sisters charismatic, mercurial, and beautiful Aurora, and the devoted, watchful narrator Each of them is incomplete without the other But their unbreakable bond is challenged when a mysterious and gifted musicianThis is a story about love, but not the kind of love you think You ll see In the lush and magical Pacific Northwest live two best friends who grew up like sisters charismatic, mercurial, and beautiful Aurora, and the devoted, watchful narrator Each of them is incomplete without the other But their unbreakable bond is challenged when a mysterious and gifted musician named Jack comes between them.His music is like nothing I have ever heard It is like the ocean surging, the wind that blows across the open water, the far call of gulls.Suddenly, each girl must decide what matters most friendship, or love What both girls don t know is that the stakes are even higher than either of them could have imagined They re not the only ones who have noticed Jack s gift his music has awakened an ancient evil and a world both above and below which may not be mythical at all We have paved over the ancient world but that does not mean we have erased it The real and the mystical the romantic and the heartbreaking all begin to swirl together in All Our Pretty Songs, Sarah McCarry s brilliant debut, carrying the two on journey that is both enthralling and terrifying And it s up to the narrator to protect the people she loves if she can.

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    1. Have you ever had dreams where they were so surreal and weird that they didn't make sense at all? Those kind of dreams where the most random of things meshed together in a gruesome way, making them visually look like Dali's paintings, except only ten times more bizarre? It's this book. A huge sloppy mess that gave this out-of-the-world feeling, like you're frozen in time and surrounded by distorted faces and deformed objects. I wish I could describe it better, but in a nutshell, this was how All [...]

    2. “This is a story about love, but not the kind of love you think.”This was a bit of a strange story, but at least it was quick.Firstly, I don’t like that the main character doesn’t have a name – or rather we’re not told her name, but either way – she’s a human being! She deserves to have a name! So for that reason I’m going to pretend her name is Jane. Anyway, I felt quite sorry for Jane and Aurora in this story, their father’s were completely absent (Aurora’s father was dea [...]

    3. Original review posted on The Book SmugglersAll Our Pretty Songs: an unnamed (and unreliable) narrator, a love story (but not like you expect) and a retelling of the Orpheus myth (but not like you know it).All Our Pretty Songs: almost too good to be true. How is this a debut work? With this level of awesome prose? And gutsy storytelling? And by gutsy I really mean: simply writing a story that follows young characters who experience life – sex, drugs and rock & roll – in a way that is as [...]

    4. The 17-year-old No-Name Narrator (NN) of this story thinks she's pretty tough. She's spent her whole life taking care of her best friend, Aurora, the poor-little-rich-girl daughter of a dead-by-suicide rock star and a heroin addict, as Aurora flirts with following in her parents' footsteps. But when Jack, a beautiful and talented singer/guitarist, enters their lives, followed by a powerful and creepy music mogul, NN's toughness -- and her love for Aurora -- are tested to their very limits. This [...]

    5. 2.5 stars - Boy oh boy, I'm so sad right now because up until 2/3 of the way through this book I was certain it'd be a new favorite. The writing was dreamy and stunning. I loved the depiction of friendship, the weirdness and otherworldly vibe. I think, however, it falters when it begins to make the fantasy elements more literal. It almost felt like a totally different book.

    6. This is one of those times when I'm almost completely stumped as to how to reflect on a work I've read. I debated in my head what I wanted to rate this book because there were times when it had me, there were times it completely lost me, and yet somehow in the go-betweens, I found a way to push through the narrative enough to care where where it went to the end. Note to all, though, I don't think this book will strike home with everyone who picks it up. And I'm wondering just how much of a fit t [...]

    7. ‘Aurora and I live in a world without fathers,’ – so begins this tale by an unnamed narrator, about her and Aurora living on the edge until one of them falls in. Aurora is the daughter of a famous and deceased rockstar; a Cobain-esque legend who left behind a wild daughter and her junkie mother, Maia, in a too big house with plenty of cash but no moorings. Our anonymous narrator is the daughter of Cass, once Maia’s best friend who was there in the rockstar hey-days and saw her best frien [...]

    8. 2.5First, what didn't work for me: I don't get why this is a trilogy. The writing is absolutely beautiful and lush and enveloping, but it did remove me as a reader from the story. And there's not a whole lot of story because the story is in the writing. This could have been expanded to be the entire story in one volume and not lost the style at all.I also do not understand why it's set in the 90s. Maybe because the 90s teen age life is before my own time as a teenager -- I turned 13 in 1997, whi [...]

    9. ** DNF ** I got to admit that at first I though the prose of the book was just poetic and lovely! An don't let me start on the cover, I was instantly drawn by it! *so pretty*I ended up building high expectations of it, the story and the prose sounded unique. BUT the longer I kept reading, the less I kept interested in it.For me it was just one of those cases that a sneak peek would leave me contempt but a full length novel, was excruciating!!Sadly, it was just not the book for me!*ARC kindly pro [...]

    10. 1.5/5 starsWhen I first came across this book I was immediately drawn in by the beautiful cover. I loved the colors and vines and was immediately curious as to what it would be about. After reading the synopsis I was definitely intrigued- ancient evil? A world both above and below? I thought it would be right up my alley. However, as beautifully written as this book is, I found myself bored for the majority of the time. I felt there was entirely too much description and found it to be unnecessar [...]

    11. Sarah McCarrys "Metamorphoses"-Auftakt "Ein Lied, so süß und dunkel" ist mir bereits mehrfach empfohlen worden. Kein Wunder also, dass ich auf die Geschichte neugierig wurde und dieser unbedingt eine Chance geben wollte. Ich muss zwar zugeben, dass ich nicht unbedingt die höchsten Erwartungen hatte, allerdings hat es das Buch am Ende doch tatsächlich geschafft, dass ich es letztendlich mit einer gewissen Enttäuschung beendet habe.Der Schreibstil ist speziell, denn ich habe einige Zeit gebra [...]

    12. Ugh.I wish I could give this book zero stars. It's unreadable. I didn't even get a hundred pages in before I started skimming to get to the end. I am glad I did that, but would have preferred never having picked up the book at all. It's pointless, nearly plotless, and a waste of time. The central characters are Aurora and a nameless narrator. It's a toss up as to which is more annoying. Both are badly written characters - self-obsessed, self-involved, better than everyone else, and so, so gifted [...]

    13. I cannot describe this book. it was so confusing that I don't even know what genre it is. One word comes to my mind. WEIRD. This book was just plain weird. A lot of strange things and an even stranger plot. What's even stranger is that I don't know the name of the main character in the book. The one who talks in first person. The one that the whole story is about. The author NEVER mentioned the name, so I will go with the initial "A". A and Aurora have been friends since forever. They did everyt [...]

    14. Read This Review & More Like It On Ageless Pages Reviews!"Do you know what it's like to be a girl pieced together by appetite and impulse?"- All Our Pretty Songs, p.18This review is probably going to end up quite short -- I don't have a lot to say about All Our Pretty Songs and almost none of what I do have to say is good. All Our Pretty Songs has a great premise. It also can boast some truly amazing prose. When the mood strikes/the planets align/etc,. McCarry can create some truly visual an [...]

    15. As I started to read this novel, I found myself engulfed and enraptured by both the descriptive language and the relationship that seemed to exist between the two main characters; Aurora and our Narrator. We aren't given a name for the eloquent and artistic Narrator, whose words and experiences lead us through the tangled maze of this story. At first, that is to say, for the first two-thirds of this novel, I thought I was reading an amazing coming of age tale; a story similar in vein to _The Out [...]

    16. Confuzzled. On the one hand the gritty feel in this drew me in. How they’ve only got each other (or at least, how she thought they only had each other). Then there’s how oddly lyrical things went… because of said darkness, it’s moody and descriptive, but at times too much. Points of this, had me questioning the images conjured, was it them tripping in a bad way? (Good) Or was this trying too hard to be atmospheric and whimsical/ fantastical? (Not good.) That split set aside, this was fil [...]

    17. One word: WEIRD.In the first place, I assume that this will be a fast read but I'm afraid it's not. I found it hard to devour every bit of this book maybe because of the writing style which is somehow lyrical in nature (though really amused me) or I'm just used to simple writing style lately.Chapter 1 was very long. Descriptive. The narrator managed to tell the past. Quite boring. Hints were the story will lead through, bubbled under. Chapters 2 to 5, though quite short now, were still quite con [...]

    18. this is the book. this is the book i spent my whole adolescence fantasizing that my life was like. i want to live in this book.

    19. ***Review posted on The Eater of Books! blog***All Our Pretty Songs by Sarah McCarryBook One of a trilogyPublisher: St. Martin's GriffinPublication Date: July 30, 2013Rating: 1 starSource: eARC from NetGalleySummary (from ):Set against the lush, magical backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, two inseparable best friends who have grown up like sisters—the charismatic, mercurial, and beautiful Aurora and the devoted, soulful, watchful narrator—find their bond challenged for the first time ever whe [...]

    20. Es gab einmal zwei Mädchen: Aurora und sie. Sie waren so unterschiedlich wie Tag und Nacht, aber so eng befreundet wie Schwestern. Beide waren ohne Väter aufgewachsen: Auroras war tot und sie kannte ihren nicht. Die eine Mutter existierte so gut wie nicht, die andere war fast ein bisschen zu fürsorglich.Eigentlich lebten die beiden ein normales Teenie-Leben, bis zu Auroras Geburtstagsfeier. Aurora lernt Minos kennen und sie den Musiker Jack. Zuerst ist alles toll, aber dann folgen Jack und Au [...]

    21. This was an okay read, although at times I did feel bored or confused. I felt more bored in the first half as very little happened, but more confused in the second half. I'm glad this didn't feel that long.

    22. Haunting and gorgeous, strange and heartbreaking, ALL OUR PRETTY SONGS is a beautifully written book that I won't forget easily. It hurt me in all the right places, and left me feeling inspired. Easily a 2013 favorite.

    23. Beautiful writing, but unfortunately, slight in story. Full review is on the blog: themidnightgarden/2013

    24. Basically, the book is about two girls who share a special connection with each other, almost like sisters. Then, a musician named Jack comes, and with the power of his voice, attracts not just both girls but a dark mythical figure. Suddenly, both girls must decide whether their friendship is strong enough to keep them together. The plot itself was not all bad, but there were some parts of the book that gave no excitement and instead were very dull and monotonous.

    25. Beautiful prose. I appreciate that friendship is more important than gender in this book. (view spoiler)[I love that the moral is basically you can't save anyone; you're not a hero in a myth; everyone is responsible for themselves; everyone has to save themselves. (hide spoiler)] I not sure what to say about this book besides that I loved it. And now I have a lot of new bands I need to listen to.

    26. Personally, I was really disappointed in the plot of this book. What did I just read. However, the writing is beautiful.

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