The Wolf in the Neighborhood

The Wolf in the Neighborhood Wolf in the Neighborhood Book One of Wolf Smitten is Phoenix Johnson s debut novella What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you

  • Title: The Wolf in the Neighborhood
  • Author: Phoenix Johnson
  • ISBN: 9781927415610
  • Page: 192
  • Format: ebook
  • Wolf in the Neighborhood Book One of Wolf Smitten is Phoenix Johnson s debut novella.What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you could overlook just to have him What kind of secrets could you learn to live with for true love Krissy has a hunky new neighbor with a dark secret Derek is a vet with an iWolf in the Neighborhood Book One of Wolf Smitten is Phoenix Johnson s debut novella.What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you could overlook just to have him What kind of secrets could you learn to live with for true love Krissy has a hunky new neighbor with a dark secret Derek is a vet with an interesting past They hit it off quickly but when Krissy s abusive ex, James comes to town, Derek shows a side Krissy never could have guessed, but James refuses to give up.Can Derek s secret save them, or will James have his revenge

    • The Wolf in the Neighborhood by Phoenix Johnson
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    1. Phoenix Johnson

      Phoenix Johnson has always been intrigued by the written word Even when she was a young girl, she usually had her nose stuck in at least one book, and her need to read would drive her to peruse the back of the same cereal box each morning at breakfast Paranormal and fantasy captured her heart, with tales about dragons, magic, and fanciful creatures sweeping her away to a wonderful new world where she felt she truly belonged While she dabbled in writing while in primary school, it wasn t until high school that she decided she should try her hand at writing her own book, and even gave poetry a try.She wandered away from writing for a few years, but was soon encouraged to return and, within months of picking up the proverbial pen, Phoenix first story, The Wolf In The Neighborhood, was accepted for publication by Naughty Nights Press While working on the rest of the Wolf Smitten Trilogy, Phoenix decided to take on a university degree, and is now in the final stretch of her Bachelor of Art s degree in Professional Writing and Publishing, with plans to continue on to her Master s degree.In early 2015, Phoenix was thrilled to discover she d made two Top 5 lists with three entries in the Easychair Bookstore Awards In June, it was announced she had placed first in Best Paranormal with Once Bitten Twice Shy, the second installment in her Wolf Smitten Trilogy, while The Wolf In The Neighborhood and Wolf Smitten placed third in their respective categories of Best Paranormal and Best Series.With her inclusion in the Alphas on the Prowl Box Set in 2015, Phoenix hit the top 100 bestsellers lists across numerous distributors, number 1 bestseller on several lists, and this was quickly followed by the announcement of her achievement of number 1 bestseller for her publisher, Naughty Nights Press, for the full second quarter of 2015 The awards and achievements have only served to strengthen her ambitions, and she is now aiming at reaching the bestseller lists for USA Today and New York Times Phoenix has been working hard to make 2015 her year, and has been busy organizing paranormal anthology Twisted Tales with seven other authors Its release at the end of June is greatly anticipated, and she is extremely excited to see where her writing career takes her next To follow other projects by Phoenix Johnson, please visit deaalmon87.wix phoenixjohn She can also be found on Facebook, where you can sign up to her newsletter, The Nest She is also on Twitter.

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    1. Phoenix Johnson's "The Wolf in the Neighborhood" was well-executed and charming. I loved her take on the wolf, Derek. It wasn't your typical "guy gets bit, guy grows fur, guy starts chasing the mailman and lifting his leg along the fence line" werewolf story. How Derek became the wolf was sad, but had a nice spin on it. I also particularly loved Krissy and Derek's "love at first sight" and how they handled it. Both were comfortable with themselves, caught up in the thrill of their new relationsh [...]

    2. The Wolf in the Neighborhood is the first installment in Johnson's new exciting The Wolf Smitten Series. After a seven year failed relationship and the upsetting death of his Mother, handsome veterinarian Derek moves to New York City for a fresh start. On his second day in his new apartment he finds his beautiful new neighbor, Krissy, sunbathing on the roof - in the nude! Oh my! No one ever comes to the roof that early, so when she caught without her clothes, she plays it cool. But Krissy is any [...]

    3. This book had a good premise, and a very sweet story. I really liked Derek and Krissy, and thought that they would be a couple that would work very well together. The author also did a very good job with making me dislike James quickly, and really like the secondary characters.My only issues with the book were in some cases where there were some things that were a bit hard to believe, and the first sex scene wasn’t as comfortable reading, sometimes distracting. However, as it went along, the f [...]

    4. The Wolf in the Neighbourhood (The Wolf Smitten Series)What a fun read. Krissy is a liberated woman who goes after what she wants. Meeting her new neighbor, Dereck on the roof of their apartment building started their relationship off in a revealing way. Derek frightens off Krissy vicious ex-boyfriend, James, but will he stay away? Derek a veterinarian from England has come to New York City to start over. His life in England stayed in England or did it. Derek has a dark secret that very few know [...]

    5. If you believe in love or lust at first sight then you will find The Wolf in the Neighborhood a delightful story.Derek is new to town and finds Krissy on the roof sunbathing nude. After the initial once over things tend to move along rather quickly for this couple. Heat and passion thrown in make for a good start to the relationship. Did I mention that Derek is hot and a werewolf? To complicate things Krissy’s ex shows up only to cause a bit of trouble. Krissy finds out about Derek and just ac [...]

    6. I requested to review this book from the author & I'm glad I did. Derek & Krissy have both recently gotten out of bad relationships. Derek moves in across the hall from Krissy & they meet under an embarrassing situation. It's lust (maybe even love?) at first sight. Then James, Krissy's abusive ex, enters the picture & major trouble begins. Can Derek & Krissy survive a dark secret Derek reveals? What happens when Derek's ex comes back into the picture?Find out when Once Bitten [...]

    7. This book was definitely not like any other I have read. I enjoyed all the love, angst, and lust that intermixed within this story. There were a few areas that I thought could have been a bit more developed but overall the story was good and I would recommend to anyone who likes a lusty paranormal read!

    8. Author Phoenix Johnson’s The Wolf in the Neighborhood is an exciting erotic paranormal romance. Krissy has been living a free, happy life since leaving her cheating ex James. Suddenly, a new neighbor, Derek, moves in and immediately captures her heart. Trouble brews when James decides to reenter her life and reclaim his most prized possession. Krissy fears for Derek’s life, but he steps up to protect her in wolf form as her knight. However, a nice touch is the fact that Krissy also needs to [...]

    9. " A neighbor you would not having yummy!"What an incredible book!. The characters are compelling!. The story line is amazing! While sunbathing "A La Natural" on the roof of her apartment complex Krissy meets her new neighbor Derek lol. What she does not know the sexy hunk who caught her is a werewolf. Derek and Krissy spend time the night together. The next day Krissy's ex. James shows up at her apartment and attacks her only Derek comes to the rescue , and turns all wolfy on James. After James [...]

    10. Krissy loves to sunbathe and one morning is caught by her new neighbor Derek. The attraction is immediate and they soon spend time together to get to know each other. But Krissy's ex boyfriend wants her back and he will do anything to get her back. Derek isn't what he seems and when Krissy's ex finds out what Derek is he makes plans to not only take Krissy but Derek as well. I had a hard time with this book, the heroine Krissy was very wishy washy to me one minute she would say one thing and the [...]

    11. I won a copy of this book from a competition on Facebook. I am a member of the review team @ The Paranormal Bookshelf.Category: werewolvesSpoilers: NoBook 1 in the Wolf Smitten SeriesKrissy is sunbathing on her roof when a throat is quietly cleared behind her. Caught unawares she turns to find a handsome man standing behind her holding her robe out for her to put back on. He's new to the building so she agrees to get coffee with him and show him around a little. They find each other intriguing i [...]

    12. After a long term relationship failed after a move the UK and the death of his mother, veterinarian Derek moves to New York. On moving in he finds his beautiful new neighbour, Krissy, nude sunbathing on the roof! No one usually disturbed her on the roof so she tried to keep calm. Since her break up with her nasty ex she has been kind of off men but Derek is a hottie and a nice guy to boot!!!But Krissy's ex, James is determined to get her back and is willing to do anything to have her - including [...]

    13. WOW. Brilliant. This book is FANTASTICThis book is a first time read for this author and now most defiantly wont be the last of her books. A story about Krissy fresh from her vacation 6 months ago, is sunning her self on the roof top hmm in the nude. Image her surprise that she finds she wasn't alone. Derek is new in town and is her new neighbor Over coffee they get to know each other which Krissy finds intriguing about him, he's almost too perfectDerek studied to become a veterinary assistant i [...]

    14. First installment, I have to admit I hate installments and prefer to read the entire story in one go as they leave me hanging.Derek is not your typical wolf and his back story was briefly touched on. Krissy is an independent woman and the two meet on the roof on their apartment block. It was love at first sight, or perhaps lust seeing as she was naked.Krissy's ex shows up and drama unfolds pretty much ending this story and leaving you hanging until the next installment, lucky me I have it waitin [...]

    15. I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Phoenix Johnson. This is book 1 of the series Wolf Smitten by the author.Krissy gets a new hunky neighbor and there is an attraction between the 2 from the start. Problem is her ex decides to show up to get her back and will do ANYTHING to make it happen. Now Derek is no angel himself and he has a dark past but when Krissy's life is in danger can his wild side be enough to save her from her ex.

    16. Derek just moved to Manhattan next door to Krissy. When her crazy ex James comes back into her life. James is threatening their future and can't take a hint leave them alone. Derek figures out that Krissy is his mate and he will do anything to keep her safe.

    17. Great short ReadUnlike most shifter stories, this is more of a partial shifter and his struggles.When Derek meets Krissy, and they both have the same kind of history with relationships, it's great to see they connect right away. So anxious to read book 2.

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