Celtic Fury

Celtic Fury Celtic Fury has been Revisited and Reedited May In th Century Scotland amid Highland Feuds and Clan division rugged men fight for their birthrights and their place in history The MacCollum

  • Title: Celtic Fury
  • Author: Ria Cantrell
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  • Page: 434
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Celtic Fury has been Revisited and Reedited May 21, 2013In 14th Century Scotland amid Highland Feuds and Clan division, rugged men fight for their birthrights and their place in history The MacCollum and Campbell Clans are bitter enemies, especially for the son of the Laird MacCollum, Rory, the fabled and lethal Wolf of the Highlands When his betrothed is killed at the hCeltic Fury has been Revisited and Reedited May 21, 2013In 14th Century Scotland amid Highland Feuds and Clan division, rugged men fight for their birthrights and their place in history The MacCollum and Campbell Clans are bitter enemies, especially for the son of the Laird MacCollum, Rory, the fabled and lethal Wolf of the Highlands When his betrothed is killed at the hands of his enemies, Rory has sworn vengeance on all named Campbell Darkness pervades this warrior to the point of poisonous destruction Each day the darkness creeps forth, changing him and em battling his psyche Each day, the blackness is becoming harder and harder to quell Only Love can save him from the impending darkness, but his heart is walled.After years of self enforced exile in England, Rory returns to Scotland to seek his own destiny On his journey, Rory aids and rescues a young woman who is broken and battered from a terrible accident Rory knows he has to save her In saving her, is it possible to save himself His heart gradually opens, only to find this woman is his most sworn and hated enemy Amid lies and betrayal, can Brielle s love save Rory from the Darkness that seeps through his veins Can her love prevent him from the self destructive course he has been destined to run

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      434 Ria Cantrell
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    About “Ria Cantrell”

    1. Ria Cantrell

      Ria Cantrell lives with her English rock star husband on the sunny shores of Southwest Florida When she is not writing, Ria is busy singing and performing with her husband in local venues She is a classically trained vocalist with a specialty in baroque and early music, but she can rock out with the best of them Her dreams came true when she met her husband Paul in 2010 after speaking to him via internet for nearly three years They married in May, 2012 Ria would say that their love story was as good as the fictional ones you read and in fact, she may tell it in one of her upcoming books Ria has always been drawn to the distant past and so it seemed only fitting that Celtic Fury was set on a medieval stage She began writing at a very young age and one would rarely find her without her trusted notebook scribbling her romantic musings She hopes you enjoy the Celtic Saga with the Clan MacCollum at the forefront Look for her prequel, Celtic Tempest, which should be completed by February Celtic Traveler, is already in the works where the present, past and future collide.

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    1. Such a good read. A bit repetitive but still good. Ruiri MacCollum is known as the highland wolf after watching his betroth die at the hands of his enemies the Campbell. Vowing to avenge her death, he slowly become apart of the darkness that surrounds his heart.Gabrielle "Brielle" Campbell has been sold off to marriage by her brother. But after the man she marries dies. She begins to miss the green vastness of her home. Deciding to return back to the highlands, she doesn't know that fate and a l [...]

    2. UGGH, needed an editor, especially for the dialog. Hard to enjoy a story when you can't tell who is speaking. And the dialog was way over the top. The couple seemed to switch back and forth between 14th century Scotland and current times with their manner of speech and their vocabulary.

    3. This was an awesome book from start to finish. There was suspense, romance,and a great story line. Ria did a great job with the characters. At times I caught myself actually mouthing the words because I was so caught up with their emotions. I will definitely be reading this again and again. To all of you readers out there, if you are a Highlander fan then this story is for you!!!!!!!!!!

    4. I totally loved this book, sweet and loving. Yet at times it was dark and brooding. Rory & Brielle has everything against them, Clans, hatred, and love, yet they are able to over come everything thrown in their path.Rory's first love died at the hands of a Campbell and he blames himself. After years he has built up a dark part in him and it is almost taking overBrielle is in a loveless marriage and has been abused by her brothers for years, yet she is still a forgiving loving person.Take a r [...]

    5. Celtic Fury is the first book in the Celtic Storm series by Ria Cantrell, and is classed as a paranormal romance. However after reading this story it is a romance novel with whispers of the paranormal. The story follows the Ruiri MacCollum who on his way back to the Scottish Highlands stumbles on the carriage accident and discovers a very injured young woman – Brielle Val Cour. Compelled to help her Ruiri takes her under his protective wing as their story becomes complicated by a long standing [...]

    6. The book was good and I did like H and h. The romance was also good. It had great potential, the thing I didn't like was the redundancy. What I mean is that it had the same sentences, in other words same wording with a different scene throughout the book.I just wish there had been more of a story.

    7. This one was sitting in my Kindle for some time. I tried before to read it but couldn't get into it. Now I can see why--cardboard stock characters amid rambling redundant purple prose galore, plus the most dreaded of all romance novel stereotypes--the Too Dumb To Live Heroine! Okay, there was also a TDTL hero. If you would cut away the two thirds of useless fat to just the one third of lean meat and give Brielle a brain transplant, you might have come up with an okay novella. What was the weird [...]

    8. This third book in the Celtic Storm series is all about Rory MacCollum, brother to Bronwyn from the previous book. It's a really good story and I found it an entertaining read. The reason it lost one star as compared to the first two novels was the repetitive nature of the love proclamations and back and forth between "I love him" and "I have to tell him I hate him to save him" dialogue. I thought much of it could have been edited out and still have had a strong impact. Other than that, I enjoye [...]

    9. Silly as it may sound, I enjoyed this book simply because the feuds in this story reminded me of a Scottish version of the Hatfields and the McCoys and I always wondered what a love story between them would look like. Personally, I felt like the evil brother had too easy a death after all the suffering he caused but her other brother accepting his responsibility for what happened to her was touching even if she didn't accept his apology. Almost makes a girl want to move to the Highlands herself. [...]

    10. just finished Ria Cantrell's Celtic Fury, it was an awesome book ,it grabbed me from the first page , i couldn't stop reading in , i read it on my computer and it was worth the kinks i got in my neck ,but i couldn't stop reading , if you want a good book i suggest you read this one , it will keep you spell bound , thank you so much Ria , it was an awesome book i stayed up until 2 in the morning to finish , can't wait for the next one

    11. Good story, but repetitive. It seemed like if you cut out the stuff that kept being repeated or shortened it that the book would have been half its length. I'm fine with sex scenes, but it should not be six pages of cheesy lovemaking every few pages. The constant love talk and sex really takes away from the overall story.

    12. It took me quite a long time to read this (most unlike me) as it did start a bit slowly, but mainly because I kept going back to reread something over and over.It is beautifully written, I love the characters and the romance made me feel all slushy.I will be looking out for more by this author, and I will defo reread this.Highly recommended.

    13. A story of true love, tested by histories filled with hurt and loss. I loved the character connections and wonderfully written story line. Sultry and suspensefulI couldn't put it down!

    14. This book was okay, not real memorable, not too steamy. I kind of didn't care for the hero. It was just okay, I would try another book by the author though.

    15. I enjoyed the story, however a few scenes felt repetative, a fact she put right in celtic tempest, I cant wait to read the third book as the characters are lovely.

    16. Two rival clans find love. It began as a sweet tale and then quickly turned sickly sweet. It's an up and down story that could've been much shorter if half of the love proclamations got cut out.

    17. You will want to read more once you get started! Great story line, love and suspense all in one! Again this author has shown her talents!

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