Somewhere to Dream

Somewhere to Dream From Genevieve Graham author of Sound of the Heart comes the tale of two strangers living with the Cherokee one with a warrior s heart the other with deadly dreams The Cherokee call her Shadow Girl

  • Title: Somewhere to Dream
  • Author: Genevieve Graham
  • ISBN: 9780425265574
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From Genevieve Graham, author of Sound of the Heart, comes the tale of two strangers living with the Cherokee one with a warrior s heart the other with deadly dreams The Cherokee call her Shadow Girl A white woman adopted by Indians, Adelaide is haunted by the dark dreams she hides of her murdered family, of the men she fears, and most of all, of the ones that foretell tFrom Genevieve Graham, author of Sound of the Heart, comes the tale of two strangers living with the Cherokee one with a warrior s heart the other with deadly dreams The Cherokee call her Shadow Girl A white woman adopted by Indians, Adelaide is haunted by the dark dreams she hides of her murdered family, of the men she fears, and most of all, of the ones that foretell the future After her visions cause her to make a terrible mistake, she renounces her power and buries her dreams deep in her soul.Until Jesse Black is captured by the tribe His life is spared because the Cherokee believe his warrior spirit belongs to their fallen brother Though he hates all Indians, Adelaide illuminates their way of life for him, just as he shines light into her shadowed heart But when her dreams return, Jesse must help her face them or die trying

    • Somewhere to Dream by Genevieve Graham
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      Genevieve Graham Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Somewhere to Dream book, this is one of the most wanted Genevieve Graham author readers around the world.

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    1. Actually a 4 1/2We meet Adelaide Johnson first in UNDER THE SAME SKY, the first amazing book by Genevieve Graham, which is her sister Maggie's story. Finally, we have Adelaide's saga with SOMEWHERE TO DREAM, which comes forth out of tragedy and heartache.After losing her family to a band of miscreants, a broken Adelaide and Maggie are taken in by the Cherokee, who heal their wounds and adopt them. While Maggie goes off to her own life, Adelaide remains safely ensconced away with her Cherokee fam [...]

    2. Also posted at my blog, TBR Mountain Range, with a photo taken by me. Rated 3.5 Stars.A young women is taken in by the Cherokee with her sister, after a terrible tragedy. A young man is captured by the Cherokee and embraced as the soul of one of their lost warriors. Can two people with painful pasts find peace in a new way of life?This is the third book in THE MACDONNELLS trilogy. I did not read the first two books, so my review may be completely different from someone who knows the back-story. [...]

    3. Read my full review HERE at Into the Hall of Books.I've read both of Genevieve Graham's previous books in this series and been properly schooled in and swooned over the MacDonnell family. I've loved both of the previous stories LIKE WHOA and I've waited patiently for the chance to read about sweet Adelaide, sister of Maggie. Every time Author Genevieve Graham publishes, I wonder if I can possibly love a book as much as the one before it (I say that all the time, but that feeling started with thi [...]

    4. 3.5 Last year I read and enjoyed Sound of Heart book two in Genevieve Graham’s MacDonnells series and truly enjoyed the tale. In Somewhere to Dream we meet Adelaide, a young white woman adopted by the Cherokee Indians and named Shadow Girl. Mini review: authentic, heart-warming and powerful.We meet Adelaide and her sister Maggie after they and their family are attacked by a group of outlaws and rescued by a group of Cherokee. The two young girls are mended and accepted into the tribe. Struggli [...]

    5. I generally read about 4-5 books a week. Many of those books are parts of a series and, at the end of the book, I generally write that I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out. Time goes by, many books are read in between, bits of the initial storyline fade and by the time I get the next book in a series, I have a difficult time recalling key parts and characters. I sometimes even forget an author's name and the next book in the series that I was interested in reading. I have NEV [...]

    6. I was utterly taken back by this book. I wish I could have read the first two books first. But it wasn’t hard to catch on to this third book in the series. I will have to go back and read the first two. I loved Dancing With Wolves and I love the Indian cultures. I live in South Carolina next to the Catawba reservation. So, I have some knowledge but I was so engrossed in this tale. Ms Graham’s descriptions of the scenes had me feeling the wind through every piece of hair on every character. I [...]

    7. I was so happy to get back to the beautiful writing style of Genevieve Graham. When I read Sound of the Heart, I was drawn in by her descriptive and emotional historical settings. I was not let down with Somewhere to Dream.From the beginning of this story, I adored Adelaide's character (though I have not read Under the Same Sky yet). She is a quiet mouse of a woman, the shadow girl they all call her. So fearful, yet so comfortable living among the Cherokee. Her life was uprooted, yet she found s [...]

    8. Genevieve does it again! She is just awesome! This is another fantastic book and I am honored to be on her book tour with a REVIEW!!Review: I can't say this enough but Genevieve is an amazing author, she again takes us on a powerful journey through the life of Adelaide.This book is filled with love, honor, adventure and strength. We are now taken on a powerful, emotional and spiritual journey in history through the life of Adelaide. Her and her sister were rescued and taken care of by the Cherok [...]

    9. We return to the Cherokee village once more, but this time we are along side Maggie’s sister Adelaide – also known as Shadow Girl. Timid and fearful, young Adelaide has struggled with her gift, her life with the Cherokee and her sister moving away to a near by town. A vision changes everything for Adelaide and the lives of the Cherokee. The man she was destined to marry is killed, and a captive is taken. The moment she sees Jesse she knows things will never be the same. The Cherokee believe [...]

    10. Graham does a wonderful job weaving fiction into a very realistic and historical world with The Cherokee. I was extremely grateful that the author set up the background to Adelaide's story, especially for those of us who are new to the series.Adelaide was a character that it took a bit for me to grow used to. She's extremely reserved because of her past, but I found that she had a strength even in her quietness. I really enjoyed reading her love story with Jesse Black and watching both of them o [...]

    11. Loved this third book in the MacDonnell’s series by Genevieve Graham. Finally we have Adelaide’s story who we first met in Book #1 Under the Same Sky. Adelaide is still living with the Cherokee Indians and must overcome her fear of the white man. Again this is an interesting historical story, gripping storyline, a touch of the paranormal and I highly recommend the final book in this series.

    12. I thoroughly enjoy every novel that Genevieve Graham has written, CAN NOT wait til I have her next installment of the MacDonnellswell as any other story she sets her sights on her stories grab hold of you and make you feel like you are part of the storyline.This novel will be as wonderful as the others, I cant wait for the paperback to come to my door.

    13. I have desired to read this author's work since her first book came out. When I saw this one, I decided this was my chance since it seemed to only have loose ties to the two previous books. This is another one of those instances where I could kick myself for waiting so long. The author's style, the historic details blended with the mystic aspect, the plot and the way she developed her characters just make me greedy for more of her stuff. Definitely going back for those yummy Highlanders. The sto [...]

    14. When the heroine and her sister came to live among the Cherokee, her sister thrived with the People and her outgoing and adventurous personality had her eagerly intermingle with the culture. The heroine on the other hand is nothing at all like her sister. She is withdrawn, timid. She does not accept relationships with others well and when her sister began to carve a life for herself that didn't revolve around the heroine, the heroine became sad and even more reclusive. She doesn't accept the dre [...]

    15. 4 stars.I received this as an Advance Reader’s Copy, not knowing it was one of a series written by Genevieve Graham. I wish I had known; it would have made the opening sequences far less confusing.Somewhere to Dream is the story of Adelaide, a young white woman who is called Shadow Girl by the Cherokee, the Tsalagi. She and her elder sister, Maggie, survived unconscionable abuse at the hands of white men who killed their mother, and Adelaide—Addy—feels safer among the Cherokee than she doe [...]

    16. I was a little stunned when I discovered Genevieve Graham hadn’t thought about writing Adelaide’s story in this series. Though both sisters were so brutalized when we first meet them, it’s Adelaide who is the most tortured as a result. And it’s those tortured characters who always make the best stories in romance; therefore, I’m so very glad Ms. Graham listened to this woman who needed her turn at healing and love.Adelaide has come far since the day she and Maggie lost everything, most [...]

    17. Somewhere to Dream by Genevieve GrahamGrade: B+“I don’t hate many folks, Adelaide. Truth is, I don’t like many either. But you’re different. You are the only person on earth that really matters to me.”Adelaide has suffered many horrors at the hands of white men and chooses to stay with the Cherokee people who saved her and her older sister’s life. Like her sister Maggie, Adelaide is also able to dream of the future something she has always hidden from. As her dreams become stronger s [...]

    18. Every time a Genevieve Graham title comes through, I’m on it. I really like the MacDonnells series, and I’m glad I picked up the first title, Under the Same Sky as well as the second title, Sound of the Heart. I’m excited that the series keeps getting better for me, with subsequent titles. While Ms. Graham appears to be a kindred spirit, bringing the Scots as well as Native Americans into her writing (personal areas of interest), she does so respectfully and with accuracy. What I adored ab [...]

    19. I read this one in the midst of my finals, and it was a very refreshing break from studying! It's been a while since I've read any historical romances, but I really enjoy them, so it was fantastic to pick one up and become immersed in Adelaide and Jesse's world. This was my first time reading one of Genevieve Graham's books, but I have been meaning to start this series for quite some timed with the release of Somewhere to Dream, I couldn't resist any longer. I made sure to squeeze in some readin [...]

    20. Amanda‘s ‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review5 STARSSomewhere to Dream is an epic tale of love, trust and longing. It was a story that captured my heart and filled it with hope. Genevieve Graham wrote Adelaide’s story dealing with her struggles to move on with her life after a brutal attack from white men. After the Cherokee rescued her, she’s been living with them ever since. Suddenly her world is shaken up when the Cherokee capture [...]

    21. The Saga of the American Frontier Continues with Adelaide’s Story. Set entirely in America, beginning in 1746, it is the story of 16-year-old Adelaide, who was taken captive by the Cherokees when her mother and younger sister Ruth were killed in a brutal attack (not the Cherokees). Adelaide and her remaining sister, Maggie, now live among the Indians who rescued them where the girls’ gifts of sight from dreams becomes known. In turn, the Indians accept the sisters into their tribe and gift t [...]

    22. 4.5 stars. "Somewhere to Dream" is yet another swoon-worthy historical romance from Genevieve Graham. It's the third book in the MacDonnells series. While you can definitely enjoy "Somewhere to Dream" without having read the other two novels in the series, you should definitely consider reading the other two books in this series because they are good and you, dear reader, deserve good things. This book will captivate my fellow historical romance lovers!This book follows Adelaide, the sister of M [...]

    23. Somewhere to Dream is a rich, sweeping story that weaves a fictional love story with American history. Ms. Graham’s writing is so descriptive that we feel we are watching a time in history that can be beautiful as well as brutal.Adelaide’s life changed when she was sixteen, a brutal attack on her family left her mother and youngest sister dead and Addy and Maggie at the mercy of evil men until the unthinkable happened and they were rescued by the Tsalagi or Cherokee.The Cherokee healed the t [...]

    24. SOMEWHERE TO DREAM by Genevieve Graham is an interesting Historical Romance set against the backdrop of the Cherokee nation during the American Colonial era. Follow Jesse Black, a captor of the Cherokee tribe,spared a certain death because the Cherokee believe he has a warrior's heart. And Adelaide and her sister Maggie was rescued by the Cherokee from a brutal attack that killed their mother, and other siblings. They are adopted by the Cherokee. Adelaide, is call Shadow Girl by the Cherokee. Sh [...]

    25. I read both of Ms. Graham's other books and absolutely loved them and this third installment in the MacDonnell series did not disappoint! The main character, Adelaide, has been through a lot in her short life and her overwhelming pain hides a strength that she doesn't know she has. These are my favorite types of characters: the ones who go through a major change throughout the book right before your eyes. I was able to connect with the characters in this book and really felt like I knew them and [...]

    26. Powerful and captivating!I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest opinion! "Somewhere to Dream" was a powerful novel! I really enjoyed reading Genevieve Graham's first two novels in The MacDonnells series. She has done it again! If you have read Under the Same Sky, then you have met Adelaide Johnson, Maggie's sister. Somewhere to Dream is Adelaide's story. She has a special gift and had always tried to hide it. Adelaide and Maggie are taken in by the Cherokee and taught their way [...]

    27. Something happens to me when I read a book by Genevieve Graham. Seriously, I cannot eat, drink, or move from the place of reading and I drift back to another time and place. I had read Ms. Graham's first two novels " Under the Same Sky" and " Sound of the Heart" last year and "Somewhere to Dream" was absolutely everything I dreamed and more.This book follows the story of Adelaide Johnson, the younger sister of Maggie, from "Under the Same Sky". Adelaide lives with her protectors the Cherokee and [...]

    28. Adelaide is called Shadow Girl by the Cherokee Indians that she lives with. She suppresses her dark dreams that hold so much pain from her past in order to survive in her present. Jess Black was captured by the tribe and brought back to their village. One of the Cherokee warriors believes Jess holds his dead brother's spirit and therefore is actually the warrior's brother. Since the warrior's brother was betrothed to Adelaide before he died, the tribe believes that Jess and Adelaide are now betr [...]

    29. I want to send my thanks to Genevieve Graham, author and to First Reads Giveaway for the copy of Somewhere to Dream that I won.Two sisters rescued from evil white men became part of their tribe. Adelaide stayed with the Cherokee and was called Shadow Girl because of the sadness she carried with her. She feared her dreams that told of the future but she kept dreaming of a golden man with cougar eyes.Jesse Black was captured by a Cherokee war party and became a brother to replace on lost in battl [...]

    30. Somewhere to Dream will capture your heart, move you in more ways than one. Graham offers Adelaide's story, one that lovers of the series are quite familiar with and new readers will discover. Somewhere To Dream, with it's tortured heroine, unleashes the struggles and the strengths of one woman and one man. Both will face adversity and hardship uniting to become reborn in each others arms. Graham depicts an accurate and beautiful picture of what the first settlers and the Indian tribes had to en [...]

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