Confrontation Several months have passed since the dead began to walk The first winter has taken its toll in ways than one as humanity continues to struggle to survive Not every threat to humanity comes form the un

  • Title: Confrontation
  • Author: T.W. Brown
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  • Several months have passed since the dead began to walk The first winter has taken its toll in ways than one as humanity continues to struggle to survive Not every threat to humanity comes form the undead as so many have discovered man s ability to sink into depravity with the absence of law and order Time and again survivors have fought, run and regrouped Yet, tSeveral months have passed since the dead began to walk The first winter has taken its toll in ways than one as humanity continues to struggle to survive Not every threat to humanity comes form the undead as so many have discovered man s ability to sink into depravity with the absence of law and order Time and again survivors have fought, run and regrouped Yet, there seems to be no respite, and as winter draws on.s become and difficult to endure A new threat seems to materialize even before the last can be dealt with And if the physical toll was not enough, the hours of isolation and the time left with one s thoughts can become just as destructive How much can you take

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      Tucked away in the Pacific Northwest with my wife Denise, a Border Collie named Aoife, a guitar collection, and an increasing number of aquariums sporting a variety of fish cichlids are my new favorites , I live for football season when I can cheer on the Oregon Ducks and be disappointed by my Seattle Seahawks once again I am a fan of Cookie Monster, KISS, and Dr Who along with most things British.As a person who always dreamed of writing as well as one completely enthralled by all things zombie, it is hard to believe that I never once considered writing in the genre It is true I wanted to be mainstream The first novel I actually wrote is titled Dakota as Todd Brown It is about a pair of DEA types tossed back in time to just prior to the start of the Civil War They are in Charleston, South Carolina, and one of them is an African American.The zombie thing really started when I wrote a short for a college Creative Writing class The teacher, Ms Bose, pulled me up and told me I had an obvious love for the subject and a real talent for the style I decided to give it a shot.The first thing I cobbled together was Zomblog I wrote it as a warm up for the project I had brewing in the back of my mind It is a journal account of the apocalypse The funny thing is that it was never intended to be published A few things happened and it ended up being presented to me as a gift in book format by my wife for a Christmas present There was something I will never forget about holding the copy of that book in my hand the first time.Because it gained a readership, and those readers asked for , I made it a trilogy Zomblog, Zomblog II, and Zomblog The Final Entry It is also because of those fans that I have returned to the Zomblog universe and just released the sixth and FINAL book in the series on Halloween of 2013 Zomblog Snoe s Journey I freely admit that I will sellout my plans to write what the fans ask for I really want my DEAD series to be what I am known for, and in the last year, it has really taken off However, I will say that with the release of the fourth book in the DEAD series DEAD Winter , the numbers started to pick up beyond my wildest dreams.The DEAD series DEAD The Ugly Beginning, DEAD Revelations, and DEAD Fortunes Failures, DEAD Winter, DEAD Siege Survival, DEAD Confrontation, DEAD Reborn is scheduled to be a 12 part epic series It is told in three rotating chapters One is from the first person perspective of Steve Hobart, a man thrust into the role of leader for a group of survivors struggling to keep alive One chapter follows a group of four self professed zombie geeks who initially believe that the zombie apocalypse would be fun and soon discover that it is nothing like the movies The third of the rotating chapters is called Vignettes and is a series of snapshots from all around the world Some of the vignettes are single chapter episodes, others are continuing threads that carry on for several chapters A few are merged into the Steve story or the Geek story line.Last year,I began my horror comedy series, That Ghoul Ava and have found it to be my new guilty pleasure.My blog can be found at twbrown You can contact him at twbrownydecpub gmailYou can follow him on twitter maydecpub and on Facebook under Todd Brown, Author TW Brown, and also under May December Publications.Book Links DEAD Dead The Ugly B.on Dead Revelation.on Dead Fortunes F.on Dead Winter ebo.on DEAD Winter TW.on DEAD Siege Surv.on DEAD Confrontat.on DEAD Reborn TW

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    1. REALLY?!? You broke my heart Lol. I actually was yelling at this book. I don't write summaries of books just what I think. Excellent addition to the series. Finally glad to see Aarehu get what was coming to him and Beers. Mr. Brown has quickly become one of my favorite writers and the group of characters in this series are great. I would like to see more of Juan and Mackenzie though. There's more to them I think. I Like the whole Emily zombie thing. I was sad when she died. Glad she was in it (i [...]

    2. Better than the last book but still in the bad decision rut. Some of the side stories seem to get more silly, some more pointless and some running in circles (still). Worth reading? If you finished 5 then read 6. If you are reading all the reviews before you decide if you want to start the serieswait till you see my review on 7+.In case you didn't read my review for #5 I'll repeatThe Series started off being based on people making reasonable decisions based on the knowledge they have. So as the [...]

    3. This series is still goodBut by this point, book six on a twelve tome series, the kinks should have been ironed out. Normal people use contractions in everyday conversation; so should the author. The glaring typos and misspellings are just as abundant half way through as they were in the beginning. In prior reviews I skipped mentioning these issues because the storyline was so engrossing: now it's just getting on my nerves. Minus two stars for not cleaning up the manuscript. Huge issue: this las [...]

    4. I absolutely love this series. And I could write the same review for each of them, they are that well-written. Trust me. Even if zombie lore isn't your thing, these novels will grab your imagination and won't let go. They are so much more than just zombie books Brown has a way of writing that pulls you in immediately. His scenes are rich and vivid. His characters are fully developed, including the secondary ones. By the time you reach the sixth book in this series, you feel like you know these c [...]

    5. The first few pages are dedicated to catch up with our far flung groups, quick flash backs in the style of individual memory PoV is a great way to review!These slowly start to extend and you get pre Zompoc glimpses into their lives, not all of them show the characters in a favourable light; be prepared to wince a little.Just for a change it wold be nice to see Steve's group have some peace - but I guess that would be boring and after all, this is the DEAD series, not Little House on the Prairie. [...]

    6. Wow! This series keeps getting better. So, while brushing my teeth this morning and having those random thoughts as one does, I ponder on how to best describe how I liked this book. Yeah, there is character development and the plots and vingettes are great but I'm a simple man. I just want to be entertained on my long commute to and from work and I prefer to do it with zombie and science fiction audiobooks. So I will relate this. I'm listening to this book on my hour long commute to work in my c [...]

    7. Zombie books are all about survival, the best/worse of humanity and the fact that nobody is safe. Yet in most zombie books/ series that's not really true. Usually the main character (or group of main characters) makes it to the end. The best part of the DEAD series is that NOBODY and I mean NOBODY is safe. This series will rip your heart out, give you faith in the kindness of people, make you disgusted with people and keep you hooked until the very end. You will root for some and hope some get t [...]

    8. Excellent zombie series.I'm really pleased with Mr Brown's take on the zombie apocalypse. Unique ideas, multiple perspectives, and the use of familiar themes play out extremely well. He is also not afraid to kill off main characters and introduce new ones. Dialogue is relatively smooth and overall believable.

    9. It wasn't as bad as the last few books, but it was boring. It kept dragging and I'm tired of most of the useless side characters. Billy is okay, but Jake and Jon nope. The only person I like from Kevin's group is Heather. Vix and the two teens are okay. The rest, including Juan, can go now.

    10. Great storyAs time goes by, the survivors learn that sometimes you have to compromise your humanity in order to do the right thing.

    11. 4.9I just can't give 5 stars considering who was taken away. I was left dumbfounded, like, noooo, it can't have ended already!!! I need more, more, more:0

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