Take A Look At Me Now

Take A Look At Me Now How far would you go to make a new start When Nell s on off boyfriend Aidan calls her into his office losing her job is the last thing she expects Heartbroken and unemployed to boot she makes a radi

  • Title: Take A Look At Me Now
  • Author: Miranda Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9781847562357
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • How far would you go to make a new start When Nell s on off boyfriend Aidan calls her into his office, losing her job is the last thing she expects.Heartbroken and unemployed to boot, she makes a radical decision to blow her redundancy cheque and escape to the untested waters of San Francisco.But is the glamour of the city too good to be true And can Nell leave her past bHow far would you go to make a new start When Nell s on off boyfriend Aidan calls her into his office, losing her job is the last thing she expects.Heartbroken and unemployed to boot, she makes a radical decision to blow her redundancy cheque and escape to the untested waters of San Francisco.But is the glamour of the city too good to be true And can Nell leave her past behind

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    1. Miranda Dickinson

      Miranda Dickinson has always had a head full of stories Coming from a creative family where stories and songs were always present, it was perhaps inevitable that she would end up adoring words A songwriter for over 15 years, Miranda has successfully penned over thirty songs, delivering both live and recorded performances in a range of venues across the UK and Europe Her first solo project album, About Time is due for release this year To hear her music, visit mirandadickinson and be sure to leave a message if you like it Miranda began writing in earnest four years ago with her first novel, Coffee at Kowalski s a romantic comedy set in New York s Upper West Side This was spotted on HarperCollins site for unpublished authors, Authonomy at the end of 2008 and was released by Avon part of HC as Fairytale of New York on 12th November 2009 She has also written several short stories, scripts and novel excerpts, many of which are published on Helium Miranda is also a regular contributor for myvillage writing a range of local interest articles for the Birmingham area and national film and festival reviews.

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    1. Warning- do not read this book if you are dieting !Although the warning above is in jest I did eat more while reading this book. I made french toast with cinnamon and then went on to make pancakes. It had me craving pots of coffee which I never drink but maybe I'm just very easily led.This book begins with Nell being made redundant and the news is delivered by her ex boyfriend Aidan just when she thinks they may re unite. Rather than face the depressing dole queue with her friend Vicky she throw [...]

    2. A heart-warming, uplifting read full of sincerity that's ideal for the New Year ! As we approach the start of a new year and a ‘brand new you’ I would highly recommend Miranda Dickinson’s fabulous book to start 2014 with a bang! Take a look at me now is a tender romance full of poignancy that will bring tears to your eyes, as you fall under the spell of true love. Full of optimism and warmth this is a book that will make you smile, as the author reaches out and ’gets’ inside her reader [...]

    3. This is an entirely predictable chicklit tale. Everyone's beautiful, everything's amazing and perfect. There are many descriptions of food and parts of San Francisco. The heroine, Nell, is the kind of woman who everyone loves instantly and takes to their hearts. Nell loves everyone back, especially if they're handsome. Nell has no self-confidence, but is uber-talented and has to be told as much by everyone she meets, the poor thing. But Nell also has an annoying tendency to jump to conclusions, [...]

    4. Blurgh. That was my reaction to this book. It's such a shame, the cover is so pretty and the blurb sounded interesting so I thought it seemed promising. Instead, it is very very blurgh. Everything about it SO cliched. I hated how Nell made instant friends with everyone in San Francisco because everyone there is so lovely and wonderful. It was just so unreal. Max was a completely boring love interest, there was no appeal to him at all and out of everybody his dialogue was the absolute worst for b [...]

    5. I'm a huge fan of Miranda Dickinson's books having loved all of four of her previous books so have been really looking forward to her latest book, Take a Look at Me Now, ever since she started tweeting details of it earlier this year. When Nell Sullivan turns up for work the last thing she expects is to be told that she's being made redundant especially by her on/off boyfriend Aidan. She has no clue as to what to do with her future but heads off to a local travel agency where she decides to book [...]

    6. iheart-chicklitOh, my life! I was so thrilled when I got a copy of Miranda's latest for review. You have no idea how much I love her books and Take A Look At Me Now is so far her best! I read this book in two days, these two days which I should be studying, but hell, Take A Look At Me Now is one of my most anticipated books this year and I simply couldn't wait!Take A Look At Me Now follows the story of Nell Sullivan, a thirty-two year old assistant planning director who is made redundant, alongs [...]

    7. No matter what the 'official' definition of chick-lit (and believe me there are many) I personally always think of it as being a light read (often verging on the fluffy) that, usually with a romantic edge, is written for women about women (albeit generally about women unlike any I've ever met).A book that ticks all the boxes and then some. Sadly Take A Look At Me Now took 'light reading' to a whole new dimension in that the story required no imagination whatsoever, every word, thought and action [...]

    8. Miranda Dickinson is one of my favourite Chick Lit authors, period. Since she burst onto the scene in 2009 with the fabulous Fairytale of New York, I’ve read and enjoyed all of her other novels as soon as I’ve been able to. She’s Chick Lit personified and manages to get us into the heads of her characters so well that you feel as if you know them personally. Her love stories are immense, and if I was to ever write a book I’d like to write one like Miranda’s books. She just has a way wi [...]

    9. This book is well timed for this day and age. There are oh so many people loosing their jobs and two years ago my son was one of them.Nell arrives at work one day only to be told the news that she is going to be made redundant. To anyone this is a horror story, to Nell, it means her 5 year plan has not got a dent in it!Nell thinks for a fraction and decided to use her redundancy money to get away from it all. She heads for San Francisco. Her cousin Lizzie lives there so she won't be entirely on [...]

    10. This is my First Miranda Dickinson book I am really enjoyed it. You could see San Francisco from the words that were written on the page. Just when you think you know what is going to happen the plot suddenly changes. I like this aspect of the book because it keeps you as the reader guessing. I was rooting for Nell the whole book and hoping that she accomplished her dream. There is also a love story weaved into the book.

    11. I've given up with this one. It's a guide book of San Francisco, and the MC has a veeery boring love interest, and she is just not likeable. Ugh.

    12. Thanks to NetGalley for the preview.So Nell loses her job and her on/off boyfriend (sort of) in one fell swoop, and decides that instead of hanging around looking for a job and being sensible like always, she's going to use her severance and visit her cousin Lizzie in San Francisco.I actually wanted to give this book 2.5 stars, because I thought it was cute, and I liked the premise and for the most part the story itself, but there was just too much stuff that bothered me for me to genuinely say [...]

    13. Prior to reading Take A Look At Me Now I had read and enjoyed It Started With A Kiss as well as a few short stories by Miranda. I also have When I Fall In Love and Fairytale Of New York ready and waiting for my crimbo treats to start. I missed a few out last year so I am hoping to start indulging on crimbo fiction from November 1st this year and these are already on the top of my to be read pile.WOW WOW WOW! It was a true honour to be a part of #TeamNell. This book should come with a number of h [...]

    14. Title: Take a Look at Me NowAuthor: Miranda DickinsonPublisher: HarperCollinsPublication Date: 24th October 2013BlurbHow far would you go to make a new start?When Nell’s on-off boyfriend Aidan calls her into his office, losing her job is the last thing she expects.Heartbroken and unemployed to boot, she makes a radical decision to blow her redundancy cheque and escape to the untested waters of San Francisco.But is the glamour of the city too good to be true? And can Nell leave her past behind? [...]

    15. onmybookshelf.bloogThis is the second book by Miranda Dickinson that I have read and while "It Started with a Kiss" hasn't worked for me at all, I am happy to say that "Take a Look at Me Now" belongs to book that I have really enjoyed.I was immediately attracted by the sparkly, colourful, beautiful cover of this book, it is so optimistic and eye - catching. Then I read the blurb and wanted to read it asap.The main character in the book is Nell, who has her life under control, everything is neatl [...]

    16. I LOVE Miranda’s books, I’ve read each one and treasured every single word of hers, so I was very much looking forward to her latest release – Take A Look At Me Now.Nell has always been known as the girl with a plan, so she isn’t expecting her life to suddenly change in one day. She turns up for work as usual, to find herself not only made redundant but suddenly single too. Needing some air, Nell wanders out of work and into a travel agents where she spends her redundancy money on a trip [...]

    17. ReviewsTake a look at me now - Miranda DickinsonSource: Review copy courtesy of AvonWhat a difference a day makes…Nell Sullivan has always been known as ‘Miss Five-Year Plan’. But when she finds herself jobless and newly single on the same day, Nell decides it is time to stop planning and start taking chances.Nell blows her redundancy cheque on a trip of lifetime to a place where anything is possible – San Francisco. There she meets a host of colourful characters, including the intriguin [...]

    18. I am a huge fan of Miranda Dickinson, and find her books comforting and inspiring. Her characters are full of drive and verve and the settings are always described so evocatively that you can immerse yourself in a place that you have never actually been. I also love how the importance of a supportive family is portrayed in her books.Take a Look at Me Now has been highly anticipated by fans. It was one of the books I have been most impatient for during 2013 and I desperately wanted to love it. An [...]

    19. This book isn't just about the main character's journey after she is made redundant, but it's about the author's obvious passion for the city of San Francisco and boy did it make me want to go and visit (it's now on my bucket list!) Her obvious enthusiasm for so many different areas of that part of California was contagious. As for the story itself, I was totally smitten. I couldn't put the book down – finishing it in two afternoons! I love the way Miranda writes, it's so true to life, if you [...]

    20. In one day, Londoner Nell Sullivan finds herself unemployed and single in less than one day. She decides to take her redundancy ( that's severance or unemployment for us Yanks) . She decides that an adventure is in order. Nell flies "across the pond" to San Francisco to see the town and stay with her cousin. Nell got more than she bargained for and finds that she must make some life changing choices.Take A Look At Me Now is definitely "chick lit". It's a great choice for easy summer reading. Mir [...]

    21. This author was recommended to me by a friend and as I was in the mood for something a little different I decided to give this book a go and I'm glad I did ! This book was a fantastic journey to San Francisco and back to London, the description in this book was so amazing I felt I'd been to SF and after reading this book I definitely want to go, I want to visit the places Nell visited and meet the people she met to. I fell in love the the authors words, the story and the characters this book is [...]

    22. Loved this book. Nell goes to stay with her cousin in San Francisco for 8 weeks after losing her job and finds it's just what she needs to decide on her future. the author had obviously been to San Francisco as her description of the city is incredible. Made me want to visit for sure! Nell was very likeable and I rooted for her to find happiness.

    23. My first Miranda Dickinson book and I loved every page of it. I am so excited because I am hoping to go to San Fran in August and this book has made me more excited and intrigued by the whole place - want to follow in Nell's footsteps. I will definitely be reading Miranda's other books - pure chick-lit heaven, my guilty pleasure :)

    24. Having been through the trauma of unexpected and involuntary redundancy myself, I could really relate to the main character. The only time I got ticked off with her was when she refused to let her love interest explain himself I thought she was more grown up than that.

    25. Okuyun, okuyun, okuyun! Kitap beni okuyun diye bağırıyor duyuyor musunuz?Bir puan kırdım çünkü sonu çok durağandı ve oldu bittiye geldi bence. Ama kitap genel olarak çok güzeldi.

    26. Sunny, summery, effortlessly warm feel-good novel which will make you want to go to San Francisco and find your own gorgeous dark-haired art director. And also eat a lot of French toast.

    27. Kitap sıcacık bir sevgi hikayesini anlatıyor. Nell'i tebrik ediyorum. Hem hayallerinde ki iş yerine hemde hayatının erkeğine kavuştu fakat kitabın sonunu beğenmedim.

    28. Loved it. Loved San FranciscoReally Really want to go thereLoved the characters especially Max and Tyler Even Aiden grew on me. Fab story.

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