Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven After a high school football star dies in a late night motorcycle collision with a wild pig the boy s wealthy father comes up with a creative scheme to rid Blanco County of the feral pests He tattoos

  • Title: Hog Heaven
  • Author: Ben Rehder
  • ISBN: 9781490536910
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • After a high school football star dies in a late night motorcycle collision with a wild pig, the boy s wealthy father comes up with a creative scheme to rid Blanco County of the feral pests He tattoos the ear of one particular pig, then offers a 50,000 reward for anyone who shoots it Game warden John Marlin is not pleased chiefly because the bounty is likely to bring aAfter a high school football star dies in a late night motorcycle collision with a wild pig, the boy s wealthy father comes up with a creative scheme to rid Blanco County of the feral pests He tattoos the ear of one particular pig, then offers a 50,000 reward for anyone who shoots it Game warden John Marlin is not pleased chiefly because the bounty is likely to bring a wave of poachers and trespassers to the area The tension rises even higher when the death of the local boy turns out to be complicated than it originally appeared.Fans of Ben Rehder s earlier comic mysteries will be in heaven Hog Heaven.

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      Ben Rehder wanted to become a writer ever since he was dropped on his head as a toddler As he grew into a young adult and the vertigo gradually dissipated, his passion for literature grew Ben longed to craft the type of soul stirring prose that would touch people s lives and help them explore new emotional horizons But he went to work at an ad agency instead.Throughout his rewarding and fruitful career in the ad business, Ben has been known to write such imaginative and compelling phrases as Act now , Limited time offer, and Compatible with today s rapidly changing network environment However, there eventually came a time when, as unbelievable as it sounds, writing brochures and spec sheets simply wasn t enough to satisfy Ben s creative urges Ben knew It was time to write a novel But what kind of novel Ben asked himself, drawing stares from passersby.A mystery A thriller A work of suspense Ben had read hundreds of books in these genres and loved them all But nothing had sparked his creative juices enough to try it himself.Fate played a hand one day when Ben s father in law tossed him a copy of a Carl Hiaasen novel And then it hit him It literally hit him, right in the forehead When the swelling went down and Ben had a chance to read the book, he discovered a type of fiction he had never experienced before the comic crime novel He loved the wacky characters, the zany plots, the interesting writing that threw a good deal of humor into the mix.So Ben set out to write his own novel After many grueling minutes in front of a computer, Ben was proud to present Buck Fever Like many best selling classics, Buck Fever has lots and lots of verbs, prepositions, adjectives, and the occasional gerund It was even nominated for the Edgar Award for Best First Novel Next came Bone Dry, Flat Crazy, Guilt Trip, Gun Shy, and Holy Moly Best of all, Ben is now releasing the earlier novels in ebook format at the low low price of just 2.99 What a deal

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    1. Ben Rehder's new book HOG HEAVEN is like a chance to go back home again. To his readers dismay, we believed after the first 6 Blanco County Mysteries, there would be no other. But the readers spoke and Ben listened and took us back to Central Texas. Getting to hang out with Red O'Brien and Billy Don Craddock, the trailer park crowd, Game Warden John Marlin and his wife and the elite of the area run into serious and hilarious encounters when a local high school player gets involved with the seedy [...]

    2. This great light mystery uses the unusual and creative angle of a rural Texas county game warden as its detective. It covers a lot of bases - betrayal, hunting, game laws, rural Texas life, sports, drug use, social issues, and even a sexy Russian almost spy - with a big heart and great good humor.I paired this with the WhisperSync audio book; it was marred by a narrator who apparently believes that Southerners are all hicks who talk v--e--r--y s--l--o--w--l--y. That made for a long, ponderous, [...]

    3. REVIEW: HOG HEAVEN by Ben Rehder (Kindle edition)Reviewed by Walter Danley 20 November 2013REHDER RAINS!Ben Rehder’s latest installment in the Blanco County Mystery series is just as masterly as all the others, maybe better. His characters are fully developed with a loving touch of someone who knows them intimately. With a touch of country humor, Rehder weaves a web of mystery sure to please any fan of the genre.In telling the tale the author offers two distinct life lessons; the sad results [...]

    4. A pig with a $50,000 reward up for grabs, red-necks, cheating spouses, a new way of taking pain-killers, a sociopath, a beautiful Russian, crooked high school football coaches, a crazed Booster and a game warden being shot atah this can only mean one thing; a welcome return to Blanco County and the craziness that is Ben Rehder.The author is back in top formhighly recommended with some genuine laugh out loud moments.

    5. Perfect blend of humor and action. Even the serious law enforcement officers do not always go by the book. For humor we have a feral pig hunt. A $50,000 bounty will be paid to whoever gets the pig with the tattoo in its ear. Naturally this will attract miscreants from all over, including 3 from East Texas who think they are the bull of the woods. The idea, of course, is to drastically cut down on the feral pig population. I will leave it to your investigative skills to figure out who ends up wit [...]

    6. Feral pigs and pigskins of the football variety and a game warden for a protagonist—what’s not to love?Setting aside the obvious (and trite) Carl Hiaasen-goes-Texan comparisons for a bit, “Hog Heaven” is a crafty, somewhat loopy novel that brings to the fore the two things Texans seemingly care about most: hunting, and high school football. Throw in a well-drawn cast of Bubbas, lawmen, poachers, and opportunists, and throw in a smokin’ hot Russian “sports agent,” and you’ve got a [...]

    7. Another rousing tale of adventures in Blanco County. Funny and serious at the same time.As usual for Ben, this tale covers some alarming aspects of billing as well as a lot of other stuff happening in this country. Not to mention the involvement of game law, but law in general. The Texas Game Warden is in the position to enforce a mirid of laws of the land. Ben Render manages to twist them to get a chuckle out of his readers and keep our interest up 'til the end. Looking forward to more Blanco C [...]

    8. This was a quick, fun read. The mystery isn't all that mysterious, but the cast of quirky, larger-than-life Texas characters kept me turning the pages. A high school football player dies in a collision with a feral pig, his heartbroken father places a bounty on a pig's head as a way to seek justice, and hilarity ensues. I really liked the relationship between Red and Billy Don (the Dumb and Dumber of Blanco County, TX), and Billy Don's genuine friendship with Armando the florist.

    9. I'm a displaced Texan and whenever I get homesick, I look for a book set in Texas. This book had some of the things that were big when I was young - high school football and hunting. There was also a liberal dose of humor, interesting characters, and an investigation into what first appeared as the accidental death of a young man with a promising college football career in front of him. Recommended.

    10. Texas is known for its deep love of football, and this book shows just how far some people will go to get star high school football players into college programs. It's a fun read with a good plot and interesting characters. This is the first Blanco County Mysteries Book (#7) I've read, and I look forward to reading more of them.

    11. Interesting tale centered around the sport recruitment industry -- high school athletes, University reputations being protected, big money and big egos, and a murder worth investigating. The characters are developed at a good pace to have substance and believable dialog. I'm not even a sport fan but I enjoyed this book for the skill demonstrated by the author.

    12. Hog Heaven BookI've read most of his books. I find them crazily entertaining. I like the characters in his books. I like Red, Billie Don. Marlin, and all the trouble they get into. This book twists and turns, and in the end. Well, read the book. I have a very hard time laying this book down, so I can sleep! That is the sign of a good book!

    13. This was an entertaining book which caused a few "laugh-out-loud" moments. The writing is similar to Carl Hiassen's books. I listened to the audio-book and the narrator gets the southern drawl and swag just right. There are quite a few books in the "Blanco County Mysteries" and yes, I would read another.

    14. I loved this one! The previous novel (Holy Moly) was my least favorite, but Hog Heaven was hilarious and I couldn't finish it fast enough. Not to mention the brief reference to my home town (Wichita Falls!) AND the fact that this one introduces Roy Ballard as a minor character. (Roy is the main character in an offshoot series by Ben Rehder, and I love those, too!)Good times. Fun read. :)

    15. If there's a bad Ben Rehder book I haven't read it. I started reading the Blanco County Series with Buck Fever and haven't missed one yet. All the characters are great, he's the Hiaasen of Texas without the soapbox!

    16. No disappointment here.This is the seventh book in this series that I have read and enjoyed. Each has been different with a lot of twists and turns. Keeps up the writing and I'll keep up the reading!!.

    17. I absolutely love the Blanco County books. Great stories with lots of twists and turns, well written characters that grow and evolve with each book, and lots and lots of laughter. And Red and Billy Don, my favorite fictional rednecks. Hog Heaven was a fun filled, five star read.

    18. Probably more of a 3 star book because it is such a light read, but it takes place in the Hill Country of Texas so that gives it another star! I've enjoyed all Rehder's books in this series about a Blanco County game warden. Funny characters and a storyline that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    19. Ben Rehder is a terrific writer, he has the most creative plots and great characters, serious issues and yet he sees the humor in so much. Highly recommend.

    20. Almost enjoyable storyI enjoyed this book so much, couldn't put it down! Ben Rehder just gets better and better. There is tension, humor, intrigue--what more could a reader want!

    21. A heck of a lot of fun! Very good building of suspense, with a cast of memorable characters. I'll be looking for more books from this author.

    22. What a fun read. Loved the cast of quirky characters. Being a Texan, where football and hunting reign, this book seems a lot like home.

    23. Loved ItNot my first book by this talented author & certainly not my last. If you like a good mystery with a tongue in cheek angle, you too will love this book.

    24. I nice little mystery infused with humor although nothing necessary brilliant. I do like reading about a place I know well.

    25. that was again a great story, I wspeciaaly like the growth of the 2 rednecks Red and Billy Don(ald). But I was very disappointed about the Narrator of the audiobook this time

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