Luna's Heart: A Nymph's Heart

Luna s Heart A Nymph s Heart I bet you ve probably heard about a nymphor not Maybe you heard about them in a class back in like fourth grade Maybe it was in one of those movies that you watch with a box of popcorn Well their vers

  • Title: Luna's Heart: A Nymph's Heart
  • Author: Christine Woo
  • ISBN: 9781491006641
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • I bet you ve probably heard about a nymphor not Maybe you heard about them in a class back in like fourth grade Maybe it was in one of those movies that you watch with a box of popcorn Well their versions are definitely wrong Movies are a pretty bad source of information when it comes to creatures like us Nymph s are really beings created with the Earth itself WeI bet you ve probably heard about a nymphor not Maybe you heard about them in a class back in like fourth grade Maybe it was in one of those movies that you watch with a box of popcorn Well their versions are definitely wrong Movies are a pretty bad source of information when it comes to creatures like us Nymph s are really beings created with the Earth itself We are the keepers of earth After we become of age we reach our maximum power For ages, Nymph s have shaped the world that it is today Well, this isn t the other nymph s story, it s mine Luna s life has been burned to ashes, literally All of her family except for her brother has died in a horrible fire caused by the narcs, a race of paranormal hunters For centuries they have killed beings like her, but that was twelve years ago Now Luna is sixteen and living a normal human life with her older brother, Jay Of course she can never be really human for she is a half nymph, but she tries That peaceful life that they ve created is shattered when Jay goes on a business trip Luna faces a new dangerous power, love She meets Kaden A narc that is handsome and caring Together they face an enemy who steals Luna s necklace that keeps her humanity in check, without it she can go insane Kaden and Luna try to sort out their teenage hormonal selves and the paranormal ones as well When Sam, their enemy, cuts the necklace he shreds Luna s sanity It turns her into something that she feared about for years Can she still love Can Kaden save her

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    1. Christine Woo

      Hi My name is Christine Woo and I am a seventeen year old author who loves not likes to but loves to read It s what got me into writing in the first place I finally published my first book and am dancing my butt off over it And when i m not buried in my books or writing in my roomI am being a normal teenage girl with a loving family So yeah, check out my book Luna s Heart You can find me on twitter, instagram, d facebook Facebook name Chris WooTwitter chrislunawoo

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    1. This was a nice first effort by the young Christine Woo. I applaud her for completing a novel at such a young age. She has a vivid imagination and she does a great job creating an interesting fictional world. With a few more years of learning and experience, I'm certain she will grow into a fine writer.

    2. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.A book about a nymph? Ok sure, I’ve read plenty of books about fairies, vampires, and werewolves, but never a nymph. The idea of getting to read a story from the perspective of a lesser discussed magical creature sounded like a good idea. I have to give the author props for publishing at such a young age, however, she asked me for an honest opinion… The author’s age shows in her writing, mostly in her sentence structure which [...]

    3. First off, I'd like to congratulate Christine Woo for publishing a book at age 17! That's absolutely amazing, and something that I could've never done at that age (or even at my current age for that matter).Luna's Heart is unique. I don't think I've read a book about a nymph before. It really needs to be edited though. All the spelling and grammar issues really made it difficult to focus on the story. The bare bones of the story were there, but I think it could be fleshed out a little better as [...]

    4. This book was given to me by the author for a honest review:Oh my god, this book was really good. It started off with the typical boy meets girl, girl falls head over heals in love. But they both have a secret. The pace of the book was fast. I read the entire book in 4 hours. Although I read fast, it's still a great fast paced read. It's a coming of age story, with a Romeo and Juliet twist. It's also a paranormal romance. I highly recommend this book and I can't wait until the rest of the series [...]

    5. Chris Woo is a brand new author and Luna's Heart is her debut novel. Luna's Heart will transport you into a world of enchantment with mystical and mythical creatures and how they are among us and they live their lives and fall in love. Chris Woo shows great potential as an author, I look forward to seeing her succeed!

    6. Favorite Lines “Tonight he wasn’t only my brother, he is also my hero.”“I love you too and no one is going to change that. Luna, I promise you that I will always find you and I will always love you”“What happens, when you hurt the one that you love with your entire being, to save them”“No more pain. No more sadness or love. Just eternal peace.”What an emotional ride this book lead me on!Luna is a nymph who's parents were killed by Narc's. They are supernatural killers. One day [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewLuna's heart has a really great plot and it's characters are oustanding and smart. Luna fights for survival and we all admire her for that. I am sure that she and Kaden will be able to have a life full of romance and love that will be beyond the evil of this world.Even though it is a great story that needs a lot of fantasy to create, it has severe grammar issues. I am not going to be a grammar nazi but I think that ,at least, the str [...]

    8. I received this book from Ms. Woo in exchange for an honest review. She has an amazing imagination. The story flows well, despite multiple errors in grammar and usage. When this young lady finds herself a good editor she will really take off. Her characters are well thought out and you don't have to backtrack through the book to figure out what is going on. She sticks to her plot well. Ms. Woo is able to bring you the teenage perspective on life and romance because she is a teenager herself. The [...]

    9. I have received a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.First of all, my bookshelf is pretty much about werewolfs, fairies, vampires, trolls, warlocks etc. But no nymphs. I have heard of a nymph before, but never actually know what they do and this book is really fresh for me. Moving on, Luna's Heart is an interesting read for me which is so fun and very light. The characters are easy to love and the plot is just an interesting ride. There are some cliche's but overall its very good [...]

    10. I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.I enjoyed the core (or heart if you want to get punny! *rimshot*) of Luna’s Heart. Great characters, an imaginative mythology and “world” set the stage for a forbidden love storyline that makes up Christine Woo’s first book. The plot goes off on some unnecessary and confusing tangents, but they don’t last very long fortunately as we get to get right back into the thick of things.I understand book two is in the works at thi [...]

    11. This book has given me so many memories! Writing Luna's Heart was challenging at times and trust me there were challenges! Of course, I absolutely fell in love withh my chracters! Each of them (even Sam and Zane) stole a piece of my heart. And I can honestly say that no matter what happens in the future, Luna's Heart is my baby and will always follow me anywhere I go!

    12. I enjoyed Luna's Heart. I've read other stories with nymphs in them, but never as the main character so that was interesting! I thought the story was quite unique. There were times when the story did get a little too complicated and somewhat difficult to keep up with, but nothing too major. Overall I thought this was a great story especially with such a young author!

    13. **I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Lovers of Paranormal**I wanted to love this book, the blurb intrigued me, however I simply could not! There were so many issues that I found it difficult to finish. Luna is only four when her parents are killed, and her home set on fire by Narcs. Narcs are evil supernatural hunters who seek out paranormal creatures and kill them, so that they can sell their magical properties. Luna had lived her short life in the family tree house but [...]

    14. To say I finished this book confused is a huge understatement I kind of feel like I have absolutely no idea what I have just read. Not to say I hated it I just am very confused / annoyed with it, but my annoyance did start early; I mean come on, she just met this Karen guy and straight away they are in love WHAT?!! Needless to say I am not a hopeless romantic who believes in that love at first sight debacle. The main character is Luna, she is a nymph of some sort whos parents were killed by a no [...]

    15. First off, props to Christine Woo for writing a book. I only know Christine through interactions on , but she has a passion for reading and writing that is awesome to see. I read a lot, but I've never written a book and admire anyone who takes on the challenge. It takes a lot of heart, especially considering how you put your soul out there to face criticism and rejection.Luna's Heart is a fantasy story about a nymph - that's awesome. I can't think of any other fantasy books I've read that have b [...]

    16. I received this book from the author for an honest review. First of all I would rate it more like a 3.5. In the beginning of the book the writing was a little distracting. There was a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. As the book continues it wasn't to bad. Another thing I didn't like was I felt I a way the book was a bit disconnected. Tyler who in the very beginning mentioned as one of the main characters good friends appears towards the end of the chapter but only briefly. He is ne [...]

    17. It's more like a Romeo and Juliet type of story. Luna's a nymph who fell in love with Kaden, who's family are Narcs, and they are the hunters that killed Luna's parents and other paranormal creatures.Their story was actually sweet and that instant kind of love. At the same time, I find it funny and corny but still sweet. Now, although I liked Luna's Heart it needed more polish. Although I got an edited copy there were still some grammar errors that needed some fixing. As much as I like the chara [...]

    18. It's targeted audience is definitely early teens. I feel like this book has a lot of potential. However, a lot of the plot points were rushed through that needed to be explored further or elaborated. Like when characters popped in and suddenly there was a story line but it gets cut off before you knew what happened. I also understand that there is a love story between Kaden and Luna but it seems superficial at times, mostly in her references of how hot he is versus actual attraction and love for [...]

    19. I received a copy of this story in exchange for a honest review. This was a nice easy to read young adult story revolving around a teenage nymph. The story has the classic teenage drama within. The author is young and it shows throughout the story. Strong potential to see great writing in the future. Looking forward to book two in the series and hopefully there will be less typos. Great start for a budding young author.

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