Further Out Than You Thought: A Novel

Further Out Than You Thought A Novel Combining the eloquence and raw sensuality of Jeanette Winterson with the romantic renegade spirit of Patti Smith Further Out Than You Thought is a taut and erotically charged literary debut set ag

  • Title: Further Out Than You Thought: A Novel
  • Author: Michaela Carter
  • ISBN: 9780062292377
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Combining the eloquence and raw sensuality of Jeanette Winterson with the romantic, renegade spirit of Patti Smith, Further Out Than You Thought is a taut and erotically charged literary debut, set against the chaos of the 1992 L.A riots, about three people searching for identity and meaning from award winning poet and indie bookshop co founder Michaela Carter.In the NeveCombining the eloquence and raw sensuality of Jeanette Winterson with the romantic, renegade spirit of Patti Smith, Further Out Than You Thought is a taut and erotically charged literary debut, set against the chaos of the 1992 L.A riots, about three people searching for identity and meaning from award winning poet and indie bookshop co founder Michaela Carter.In the Neverland that is Los Angeles, where make believe seems real, three dreamers find themselves on the verge of transformation Twenty five year old poet Gwendolyn Griffin works as a stripper to put herself through graduate school Her perpetually stoned boyfriend Leo dresses in period costume to hawk his music downtown, and seems to be losing his already tenuous grip on reality And their flamboyant best friend and neighbor, nightclub crooner Count Valiant, is slowly withering away.When the city explodes in violence after the Rodney King verdict, the chaos becomes a catalyst for change Valiant is invigorated, Leo plans a new stunt walking into east L.A naked, holding a white flag and Gwen, discovering she is pregnant, is confronted by troubling questions Can Leo become a good, dependable father Can she leave the club life behind, or will the city s spell prove too seductive Combining poetry and sensuality with an edgy urban sensibility, Further Out Than You Thought is a celebration of life and a haunting story of love, friendship, and one woman s quest for redemption.

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    1. Michaela Carter

      Michaela Carter is an award winning poet and writer She studied theater at UCLA and holds an MFA in creative writing, and her poetry has been nominated for two Pushcart Prizes, won the Poetry Society of America Los Angeles New Poets Contest, and appeared in numerous journals Recently she cofounded the Peregrine Book Company, an independent bookstore in Prescott, Arizona, where she works as a book buyer and storyteller She lives in Prescott with her two inscrutable children and teaches creative writing at Yavapai College.

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    1. "Further Out Than You Thought" creates a time and a place. The anarchy of Los Angeles, post Rodney King, mixes with a young woman's circumstances and life choices. I won't say much more other than Ms. Carter offers an interesting blend: some erotic heat, sordid night life, the ambitions of some individuals that are trying to sort out what it means to have a creative lifestyle, uniquely written passages that come off as the sincere voice of a sophisticated protagonist. (Confession: I wish she was [...]

    2. It is obvious that Michaela Carter is a poet, since so many of her images and phrasing capture the essence of good poetry. This story has moments of sheer beauty in spite of it being told in a far-from-beautiful setting. At times I found it difficult to believe, especially the question of if Gwen should leave Leo, because it seemed obvious that she should but that being said, perhaps the author was trying to convey that we do not get to choose who we love and why we love, despite logic and will. [...]

    3. Ms Carter's first novel is a beautifully written expose of three young adults during a vulnerable and pivotal time in their lives. It was a page turner for me, I couldn't get enough. Her exquisite use of language flowed effortlessly throughout the story. I highly recommend this heart wrenching, beautiful, funny and sensuous story seen through a young women's eyes. It has it all!

    4. “Further Out Than You Thought” promises a road trip, but renders the mapping of young woman's evolving soul instead. This story takes place during the 1992 riots in Los Angeles and examines the way they impacted three artnicks who are closing a life-cycle as the mayhem erupts. The narrator is a young woman in her mid-20s who works as a stripper for money, but has made concrete, if tentative, steps towards being a poet. Gwen's boyfriend Leo is a musician and free spirit who shares an apartmen [...]

    5. Gwen, Valiant, Leo. Diverse futures spread before them. But, in the present, does that future matter?For Gwen, the future includes the complication of an unborn child and all the unanswered questions growing alongside it. Should she stay with Leo? How long will she be able to continue her lucrative career in stripping? For Valentine, the future appears bleak, inebriated and short-lived. Suffering from AIDS and alcoholism, his future could end that day for all he knows. For Leo, the future depend [...]

    6. This review originally posted at More Than Just MagicFurther Out Than You Thought is the story of twenty-five year old Gwendolyn Griffin. Life has not been easy for her recently. In order to put herself through grad school she started stripping. It was only supposed to be temporary, but with her boyfriend out of work and bills piling up it’s gone on longer than expected. To make matters worse she’s just found out she’s pregnant and the LA riots have broken out. It’s a tumultuous time and [...]

    7. Further Out Than You Thought, the debut novel from August Indie Next Pick author, Michaela Carter, burns as vividly and savagely as the rioting Los Angeles it describes, blazing with light- and life-filled characters, acrid with smoke and sweet as orange blossoms. Lyrical and illuminating, Carter’s novel takes the reader on a sensual, visceral, empathetic journey into the whole wide world of Gwen, a young woman working in a seedy strip club near the airport, caught in the crossroads between a [...]

    8. 3.5 stars. In "Further Out Than You Thought," Gwen wants to become a poet. She knows that it is going to require a lot of work and she has started taking steps towards her dream. Meanwhile, she is stripping to make a living. The book takes place in Los Angeles in the 1990s right around the time of the famous riots that would change the city and its citizens. This is definitely a story of growth and change. Gwen wants so badly to change her life and to live the life of her dreams but there seem t [...]

    9. This is post-apocalypse LA, if the apocalypse were the 1992 LA riots, post-Rodney King. Three dreamers are at the center of this world: an actress-turned stripper-turned poet, a lounge lizard struck by AIDS, and a drugged-out singer who dresses daily in a Revolutionary War outfit to hawk his CDs to music executives driving by. All seem to have lost their way, when the political event of the moment -- the burning of LA -- seems to put everything into perspective, enabling them to make transformat [...]

    10. It was a long, hard slog for me to get through this one.The characters absolutely bored me to tears. I could empathize with Stevie/Gwen sometimes and I was interested in her story every so often, but more than not, I found her tedious and tiresome. And the people around her also did not interest me. In fact, I thought they were kind of pathetic--just lazy and uninterested in engaging with life in a meaningful way. I wasn't able to connect with any of them.Moreover, Carter's writing style didn't [...]

    11. Like tasting a fruit for the very first time, reading Michaela Carter's Further Out Than You Thought is an experience both bracing and sumptuous, a challenge and a treat. We follow Gwen, who strips at a seedy bar near the airport (under the pseudonym Stevie, a nod to the poet Stevie Smith), and her boyfriend Leo, an artist propelled by impulse and oblivious to his obligations. We meet Count Valiant, an AIDS-afflicted lounge singer whose body ails as the Rodney King riots rend LA unrecognizable. [...]

    12. What draws me to a book and keeps me going are the moments that stop me in my tracks. Much like in real life when something grabs my attention and jolts me from the stories playing in my head, something understood better with the senses than the mind. Further out Than You Thought offers up a generous dose of such moments. Gwen, the protagonist takes us on an inner journey as she navigates a life unraveling under the glare of a city on fire. Lyrical, intense and sensual this book delivers on all [...]

    13. Michaela Carter’s first novel is like eating a bar of dark chocolate with Mexican chilies and raspberries within - you never know if you're going to get the seductive sweet erotica on your tongue or the painful hot burn to scorch your senses. It’s languid poetry in motion. The story of main character Gwen/Stevie is about feeling the cold ocean mist, the mesmerizing death grip of rip tides, and the steady pace of the rhythmic waves licking your senses alive. Readers will come to understand th [...]

    14. This was a new genre for me, not something I would have picked off the shelf in the bookstore but was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the story and how wonderfully written it was. I didn't know exactly where this story was going and it just pulled me along on the journey that the main character was going on. Carter writes scenes that are rich, visual, and full of feeling. In one word.essive.

    15. I couldn't wait to receive my copy of Michaela Carter's - Further Out Than You Thought and was not disappointed. Her first novel was such a vivid journey of three people during such a tumultuous time. I often felt i was apart of the novel feeling the crisp descriptions given it was easy to fall into anyone of the characters in the creative flow of this book. A pleasant and good read! Highly recommend and can't wait for her next one!

    16. This is everything I could have wanted in a novel. Lush prose unwinds a queer friendly tale of love and loss in a historical semi post apocalyptic setting with a strong female lead. I'm not very good at reviewing, but I wanted to get this out there. This book is great, it's exactly what I wanted out of a female narrator. She's a realistic woman who follows the hero's journey without lowering any of her vivacity.

    17. Beautifully written and lyrical. This book made me glad I'm not 25 anymore -- in any era -- although the characters' mid-twenties were identifiable for me in particular, as I share their generation and remember those days. My lifestyle back then wasn't as unpredictable as Gwen/Stevie's, but I certainly remember the feelings of uncertainty that seem almost universal at that time in one's life. A satisfying book by a talented author.

    18. With prose that could only have come from the mind of a poet, this story catapults almost immediately. This book was finely honed over a couple of years to make it the pearl it is today. From one of the nicest people you will ever meet comes a story so real you will find it hard to put down.

    19. I think in the history of literature only Hamlet took more time to make up his mind; of the last six chapters any one of them could have ended the book, but it just kept going past the point of my caring. A tad overwritten.

    20. Beautifully written with some moments I truly connected with that I have not read in other books. Her poetry background informs the writing of this book. A great literary fiction book for anyone who likes to take their time with moments.

    21. Lush gritty language. Carter’s images take you into the harsh reality the strip clubs and streets of 1992 Los Angeles. As young Gwen takes side roads on the path you hold the hope that she’ll choose well and write the poetry in her heart.

    22. Set in the midst of the LA Riots a young Gwendolyn try's to navigate her future trying to decide if she stays with her fly by the seat of his pants boyfriend, or move on due to her pregnancy. It is an interesting story of self discovery. There are some parts where it lags a but I feel like the ending saves it.

    23. They had come to Los Angeles as dreamers, eager to imbue their lives with the magic of Neverland, and hoping to fulfill those dreams.Gwendolyn Griffin, 25, has been putting herself through graduate school, and her job as a stripper was her way of paying for it. Living with Leo, the boyish man she had fallen in love with a few years before, she is now beginning to question her choice, as his perpetually stoned state leaves him no closer to his dreams as a musician and has put her in charge of pay [...]

    24. At the beginning of this book I thought I may have chosen the wrong book. Reading about strippers is unusual for me. Soon I realized that this book was about so much more.Set against the Rodney King riots of 1992 in Los Angeles, Gwendolyn is wondering how this became her life. She is living with her musician boyfriend who spends his days dressed as a Revolutionary War veteran, trying to sell copies of his music on the street. He's constantly high, preferring to spend what little money he has on [...]

    25. I wanted to like this book more than I did. I think the author shows promise and it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't read any of her future efforts. But despite the backdrop of the L.A. Riots (which I remember well, living in California at the time), I kept thinking there would be more to this book than there was. The book was basically filled with characters that I didn't like very much, didn't understand their motivations and dreams, and really didn't understand why they were together.And I'm gen [...]

    26. This novel tells the story of a young woman who was living in Los Angeles during the 1992 riots following the savage Rodney King beating. She is going to college but is also stripping for a living; she has a druggie artist for a boyfriend and their best friend is gay nightclub singer who is dying of AIDS.This is an unusual book, part poetic, imaginative prose and part erotic interludes, and there are some literary references thrown in for good measure. In the end, it just didn't seem very cohesi [...]

    27. This book is set against the backdrop of the 1992 LA riots; even though it has a very contemporary feel to it. Gwen is paying her way through college as a stripper. With the discovery of her pregnancy, she is at a pivotal point in her life with her boyfriend Leo who is in a drug induced stupor much of the time. She must decide if her relationship with him can continue now that they are to become parents. Michaela Carter's writing is lovely and she captures the emotions of the people living in th [...]

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