Reckless Point

Reckless Point From the bestselling author of The Gentry Boys Angela Durant never saw a future in Cross Point Village her fading New England hometown She got out as soon as she could and fought her way to success i

  • Title: Reckless Point
  • Author: Cora Brent
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From the bestselling author of The Gentry Boys Angela Durant never saw a future in Cross Point Village, her fading New England hometown She got out as soon as she could and fought her way to success in the Boston business world, playing it safe all the while Until now Jolted by an unexpected betrayal, Angela retreats to Cross Point for a long summer weekend That s wFrom the bestselling author of The Gentry Boys Angela Durant never saw a future in Cross Point Village, her fading New England hometown She got out as soon as she could and fought her way to success in the Boston business world, playing it safe all the while Until now Jolted by an unexpected betrayal, Angela retreats to Cross Point for a long summer weekend That s where she connects with Marco, the biker bad boy from high school yesteryear Sexy, volatile and utterly uninterested in playing anything safe , Marco seems to be intent on getting his curvy neighbor to loosen her inhibitions But reckless desire has consequences And what began as casual lust can turn deep and complicated In the heart of everything she always wanted to escape, Angela just might find the life she never knew she d been searching for This sexy novel takes place in the late 1980s and is filled with pop culture references of the time Intended for readers over the age of 18 as adult language and mature themes are explored.

    • Reckless Point By Cora Brent
      467 Cora Brent
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    1. Cora Brent

      I love wild romantic stories, grunge era flannel, my vintage Ken sewing machine, embroidered dishcloths and absolutely everything that has to do with 1980s pop culture i.e leg warmers, scrunchies, big hair, early Madonna, boom boxes, wood paneled walls, stonewash jeans, etc.If you believe in Happily Ever After and the unique magic of a John Hughes film, chances are I ll love you too Email corabrentwrites yahoo

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    1. You like the 80's? No mobile phones, no such thing as internet and cassettes are still in. Then this is a lovely flash back to the past. 3 Marco "Banger" Bendetti Stars.Ever lived in the sticks? Well I have and I did anything I could to get out. This is also the case for Angela Durant. She lives in Boston has a job and is leading the high life or so she thinks. For the 4th July weekend she goes back to CPV "Cross Point Village" to where she meets Marco Bendetti. They have been neighbours forever [...]

    2. This was a surprise readsweet story of small town escapee, Angela, returning home from big city life due to her boyfriend shenanigans and falling for the bad boy across the street -Marcus. I loved that they had history of childhood behind them, which is remembered at moments of need and reasoning. After the discovery of an event, Angie decides her future and it's Marcus and home. Epilogue was fitting, but I so needed more there more to come???? Set in 1987 and being a girl of the 80's, I love th [...]

    3. OMFG the people of CPV have the worst communication skills EVER. I have a feeling that probably in another time I wouldn't have like this book as much. The H was an asshole well a hot asshole but an asshole none the less and the h was a bit whiny but today for some reason I couldn't stop reading it I really wanted to know how their releatiochip would play out. And you know what I actually enjoy it and to be more frank, I hope she writes a book about the biggest asshole in the book Tony I really [...]

    4. This was not like my typical romance novels that I normally read. I am glad a gave it a shot. I brought back memories of the 80's. Great music mentioned throughout with a not so typical blooming romance between the biker and the stuck- up. Great how they came together.

    5. "If you asked ten thousand couples you'd hear ten thousand tales. And they might all be pretty damn close to the same love story, with slight variations, each perhaps told a little bit differently. This was mine." Angela Durant, the heroine of Reckless Point's final thoughts rang so true for mee reading this debut novel from Cora Brent brought back such vivid memories for me of my childhood, growing up in a time when parents treated their adult children like they were still teenagers and going " [...]

    6. What a wonderful story about finding your other half. Angela and Marco grew up as neighbors and although they were around each other, they never considered themselves friends. Angela's big brother threatened all the guys to stay away from his sister and they listened. She's been gone for seven years now and when she comes home to her parents for an Independence Day street party, she sees him. Marco was a bad boy growing up but the attraction between them now cannot be denied. After a hot encount [...]

    7. I have read most of Cora Brent's books, and for the most part, I have enjoyed them. This book has a very different feel to it than her other books. I can see why some readers found it boring if they were used to the more graphic and drama ridden books Brent has written. I actually found this book more enjoyable and much more peaceful than her other books.Reckless Point has no horrify childhoods or highly damaged adults clawing their way back from despair. It just has two moderately screwed up pe [...]

    8. Loved this romantic tale of two people who grew up on the same street but never really connected. Then as young adults they leave everything behind hoping to find a better life elsewhere.The tug of their childhood homes brings them both back to find vast changes with the town and their friends . Angela's crush for her childhood neighbour resurfaces and Marco's feelings are re-ignited for his friend's sister. Their road to romance is sorely tested and fraught with misunderstandings.A great start [...]

    9. This was a great read. It was set in the past. The author spent a few chapters setting up the background story. This was interesting but went on slightly too long. The author mentions at the end that it was her first story.Once the heroine went back home I loved her thoughts on going back to her home town, her tension with her parents and other members of the community and, also, as the hero said, her slightly snobby attitude. The romance with the bad boy was fantastic, I loved it. Fantasy time, [...]

    10. BrilliantI thought I had read everything Cora Brent had written then I came across this book. It is brilliant, I was pulled into this book right from the start, making me feel as though I was part of the book.I would highly recommend to book. To say it was the first book Cora had written it truly was magical. Cora Brent is one hell of an author and I am so glad I found her books. I hope at some point she does do another book to this one as it would be good to find out what happens to some of the [...]

    11. Just got sucked right into the 80's! I liked this book. Very well done with childhood flashbacks. Crude language & a lot of super charged behavior a very reckless "me,me,me" decade. I laughed a little at the description of clothing & hair. If your a child of the 80's and don't mind a gritty, crude love story, you'll like this. If your offended easily, don't even pick it up. The 80's were very offensive on their own. :)

    12. Reckless PointReckless PointThis book brought make memories of my small hometown and the feelings of wanting to escape. I knew exactly how Angela felt, but she was able to leave her town. Problem was when you get to living life, it's no different: same people, same streets, same job same same same.Ms. Cora, you wrote a beautiful book. I loved the characters especially Marco. If only I had lived on Polaris StreetDebra

    13. This must have been written early on in the author's career. I totally got where she was going with the story and even some of the characters. The hopping back and forth between past and present needed better transitions. I liked many of the characters - really wanted to understand more about Tony (maybe there will be a sequel to this that tells his story?). The biggest surprise in the book was how the author transformed my perception about Angela's parents.

    14. It was ok. Maybe it was me but I felt nothing for the characters. It was kind of boring. It received a 2 because it wasn't that distracting or entertaining. I found myself skipping pages about 2/3 through just to get to the end. We got to see a lot about Angie but not rally much about Marco. This was a little worse than insta love as this was one weekend and it wasn't as it the memories showed some type of real attraction or reason these two got together.

    15. Great readI really enjoyed this book. Mrs. Brent moved from present to pass flawlessly and that is important, it sets the flow of the book. The love story was believable, not over the top. The Main characters were likeable and made you root for them. I hope she decides to write additional books within this story line.

    16. I just realized, I inadvertently, have bought a few books from this author, however, this one is the first one I have read. The story was good. Many back and forth, that confused me at times. Too many names and descriptions, that could've been avoided. If you take all that aside and focus on the actual core of the plot, it is a nice, and light, and another HEA LOVE story.

    17. Man I'm happy I didn't read this before the other books I read from this author or I would have stopped here. I found this book so boring and I had to force myself to finish. It started out great with the sexy as heck Marco but then besides the dragging, it just got so frustrating. I had to speed read this book to finish.

    18. Angela and MarcoThis is a good story it just seemed to drag a little bit. Good chemistry between Marco and Angela though. I really enjoyed all of the 80s references (the story is set in that time frame). I really wish there were a second follow up book though because I'm curious about Angela's brother Tony.

    19. ExcellentI loved this book life has a crazy way of righting itself. Angies boyfriend cheating then she really finds an incredible kind of love while she is visiting her childhood home.

    20. Pretty goodThis book was pretty good. I felt it had some parts that were a bit repetitiveAnnie doesn't like her home town, Marco has a bad reputationblah, blah, blah!Other than the few things that were played out, I enjoyed it!

    21. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I thought I was getting an erotic romance with the bad boy meets good girl theme. Color me happy that this was so much more. A sweet and retrospective story about family, expectations, and finding oneself.

    22. I LOVED this book! If you are a child of the 80s, you will so enjoy reading this. It was awesome to read about so much of what I lived. It has a great story and I recommend it to be added to your TBR list if not read right away!

    23. This took me awhile to get into! I loved the story but hated all the flashbacks or whatever they were! I think the story would have been better if it focused more on the present and not so much on everything in the past!

    24. Maybe my mistake was reading the Gentry Boys books first. While I liked it well enough, the story did not come up to that standard.

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