Blake Blake Morgan former detective turned slave rescuer cold blooded killer Wealthy and free from any legal constraints I can unleash my monster on those who traffic women I had one job go in and save m

  • Title: Blake
  • Author: Alaska Angelini
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Blake Morgan, former detective turned slave rescuer cold blooded killer Wealthy, and free from any legal constraints, I can unleash my monster on those who traffic women.I had one job go in and save my client s daughter But what should have been a routine rescue, wasn t Not one slave Three And one of those women was Kaitlyn Summers.With each slice of my blade, I watBlake Morgan, former detective turned slave rescuer cold blooded killer Wealthy, and free from any legal constraints, I can unleash my monster on those who traffic women.I had one job go in and save my client s daughter But what should have been a routine rescue, wasn t Not one slave Three And one of those women was Kaitlyn Summers.With each slice of my blade, I watched the cover model unleash a darkness equivalent to mine She seduced the beast I held within, and I knew I had to have her Her damage only I can heal, but to do that, she ll have to become a slave all over again My slave But someone from Kaitlyn s past is hell bent on destroying her, and this time it s not only to ruin her public image They ll stop at nothing to take her away from me I can t let that happen You see, I fell in love with my slave, and I ll do anything to keep her.Warning This book contains very graphic violence, disturbing situations, and very strong language.

    • Blake : Alaska Angelini
      212 Alaska Angelini
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    1. Alaska Angelini

      Alaska Angelini is a Best Selling Author of dark, twisted happily ever afters She currently resides in Wisconsin, but moves at the drop of a dime Check back in a few months and she s guaranteed to live somewhere new Obsessive, stalking, mega alpha hero s anti heros are her thing Throw in some rope, cuffs, and a whip or two, and watch the magic begin.If you re looking to connect with her to learn , feel free to email her at alaska_angelini yahoo, or find her on Facebook.

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    1. GIVEAWAY link at the bottom of review Starting 7am cst 4/13 Another amazing read by Alaska Angelini. An author that, a couple of months ago I knew nothing about, now has me hooked. I loved Slade’s story inSlade: Captive To The Darkbut Blake’s story is utterly amazing.So HOTSo INENSE So RAWI couldn’t put it down. The writing is great. The details are gritty. And the passion if fierce.Blake, a former detective, now devotes his time to finding slaves that have been kidnapped only to be sold t [...]

    2. Do yourself a favor, and heed the warning in the book description. The graphic violence and disturbing situations were exactly that. This book contained scenes with blood play, cutting and breath play, among other other things (no rape scenes). Vigilante justice, Stockholm Syndrome, hero worship and S&M are just a few words I would use to describe what I read. Both Blake and Kaitlyn had some extreme kinks. She needed pain, and he was a sadist. I think what surprised me the most was Blake's c [...]

    3. Deliciously Wicked!!Blake(Captive to The Dark)if I could only give it 6 stars ****** I positively would!A Fabulous read, totally “Engrossing you won’t want to put it down”. Blake is a deliciously Wicked Alpha male who knows exactly what he wants and gets what he wants. He is an ex policeman who is rich and uses his riches to rescue & free kidnapped girls. That’s his job and he does it well.Blake’s heroine is Kaitlyn she is a total sweetheart who is a hot mess from being captured &a [...]

    4. Honestly i LOVED IT! Blake Mr. Morgan Sir he has it all he soft love for the girls he saves and the cold killer, but Slave well she makes him break all of his rules and he has rules.

    5. 4.5 This is some good shit. For real tho. You know shit is good when you don't want a book to end. Lord, when is the next one coming out? Now, right?

    6. Review for Blake: Captive to the Dark Series by Alaska AngeliniBlake is the second book in the Captive to the Dark Series by Alaska Angelini and it is one of the best freaking books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The storytelling skills that Alaska Angelini have blow my mind — each of her characters have such a distinct voice and each book, while in the same genre, all have a different feel to them. Kaitlyn was a cover model before she was taken, sold, owned. Life as she knew it was [...]

    7. Another great book by Alaska! In the second book of the series Captive to the Dark, you get to know Blake and Kaitlyn. Blake rescues girls who have been kidnapped and most have become slaves. When he's on a mission to find a girl from a wealthy family, he happens across Kaitlyn first and it's instant trust and attraction between them. But as life progresses for these two, there is still someone who has it out for Kaitlyn and makes it where she is not completely safe yet.What made me love this bo [...]

    8. 5 stars, read it in 2 days and loved it……dark, scary, violent, gritty, hot, sexy…everything I look for in a dark read and love. Blake is scary, scary sexy and Kaitlyn is a strong female! You will not be disappointed!!!BlakeAlaska Angelini

    9. Second book in the Captive in the Dark series. Good read, with a little mystery thrown in. This is a dark romance but does have an HEA. I will be looking out for next book in the series.

    10. Good writing, but I haaated the story. Hated it. This slave/master thing is a load of bollocks. Also, depressing.

    11. I was not a huge fan of this book. I enjoyed reading Slade, but found this book to be way too dark and disturbing for me. Not sure if I will read any further books in this series.

    12. WOW never admitted to having a book boyfriend but if so, blake would be my guy! Jordan WHO? This was an excellent read and surpassed the first one! Can't wait to see what Alaska Angelini has next!

    13. DNF 65% I liked this book, for the most part. I enjoyed Blake's character and I found him very intriguing. I did not, however, like Kaitlyn. She was very stubborn and I didn't like how she refused to believe that she was beautiful. You are a model for crying out loud. The book wasn't bad by any means. It just lost my attention and I couldn't deal with Kaitlyn's personality anymore. It definitely grabbed my attention in the beginning, just not enough to keep me hooked.

    14. THE BEGINNING STARTED OUT GREAT, BUT LATER IT BECAME OH TOO PAINFULLY PREDICTABLEE RELATIONSHIP, THE PLOTYEAP NOT SUBTLE AT ALL, SO I COULDN'T BRING MYSELF TO FULLY IMMERSE IN THE ENTIRE THING. IF YOU'VE READ THE FIRST BOOKIT'S ALMOST THE SAME AS THIS, MAYBE SOME TEENY DIFFERENCES, BUT SAME NONE THE LESS.OUR HERO was on a rescue mission by a patron who paid him to find his abducted daughter who was more or less sold into human-trafficking. During his mission, he discovers our heroine first and s [...]

    15. 5 Twisted as Fuck Stars.Holy-fuck-a-moly. It's been a while since I've read a book that's this raw and intense. Most people may find this book depressing or disturbing due to its heavy dark elements, but hell, it freakin worked for me. I still can't believe I have the guilty pleasure for loving this book, I couldn't help it. I have to say I'm in love with this author. Ms. Alaska Angelini is like a magnet and I'm this metal who's irresistibly drawn to every words she write. The story was compelli [...]

    16. I can't get a feel yet for the attachment that Blake and Kaitlyn have for one another. I'm surprised at how quickly she trusted Blake knowing nothing about him. Blake walks into her room and yet she does not scream. I have not figured out yet where Kaitlyn pulls her strength from. This is no background information on her other than her being a model. I'm eager to continue reading to discover what kind of woman Kaitlyn turns out to be.How can Blake feel any attraction to Kaitlyn when he does not [...]

    17. Although Blake grew up in a very wealthy family, he never wanted their money. He believed in making a living by working and earning the money he needed with his own hands. When his partner's daughter is kidnapped by sex traffickers, he helps find her. He realizes this is the job he's meant to have and quits the police force. Now, he searches for girls who have been kidnapped/sold into slavery and brings them back to their families. On a mission to Russia to find a missing girl from Texas, he fin [...]

    18. I love her books i do, they are great!! And i will always keep reading whatever she publishes. this book was dark and raw, it had violence with rough sex and strong characters that have been through a lot, finding love with each other. I’m glad i got to read this. If you like dark books then this one is for you, But beware that it does have dark themes in this book as well. Some BDSM not a lot but a little bit. It was a great read and i can not wait to finish this wires when i get the chance t [...]

    19. I just finished Blake and I enjoyed it. It's apart of the Captive to the Dark series and can be read as a standalone but trust me you so don't want to miss out on this whole series. Blake saves girls that have been kidnapped. He had rules. 1. Do not give security in contact. 2. No emotion. 3. Never fall for a slave. He had these rules for a reason. What he doesn't expect is to break these rules with Kaitlyn. He sees her and understands what she needs but it will be about Kaitlyn healing and trus [...]

    20. This is a reread for meHero, Blake = 5/5Heroine, Kaitlyn = 5/5Secondary Characters = 5/5Chemistry = 5/5Sex = 4/5Plot = 5/5Mystery = 5/5Action =  5/5Darkness = 5/5Humor = 1/5Stars =  4 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆Would I recommend this book = Yes Would I read future books by this author = YesIf you like an extremely dark romance and can handle kidnapping and other dark themes then this book is for you. This book is part of a series but all can be read as standalones.I love a good dark romance. I get fascina [...]

    21. This is the 2nd installment of Captive to the dark and I must say I was very surprised and liked this book way more than the first one! This story has both POV of Kaitlyn and Blakee POV changes between Blake and Kaitlyn is smooth and well written. It's yet another great book from Alaska!! I felt in love with Blake immediately (need to find myself one hell of a dark handsome man like him :)It's the story of Kaitlyn and Blake. Kaitlyn is a supermodel who is kidnaped and sold as a slave to an awful [...]

    22. Another great read by Alaska!I adore books where the hero is part monster, part angel. That is Blake. He is a killer. He makes no bones about. He is a sadist and dares you to complain; in fact, you love him for it. But, he is also a savior. A savior of women taken against their will and it allows him to exercise the killer in him.He meets his perfect match in an unexpected rescue by the name of Kaitlyn Summers. I loved her from the beginning and that is saying something. I often get irritated wi [...]

    23. The second book in The Captive of the dark series.It's not a continuing story each are complete story. This one is Blake he saves girls that have been taken to be sold. On one of his missions he rescues Katlynhe sees her darkness and she sees his. He needs to fix her and she need/wants to be fix.Blake decides she will be his slave and in that process set her free. Fast read, I liked the story and if there are any more I will probably get those to read:))

    24. 2.5 starsI just couldn't get into it. He cuts her and he loves her. He just rescued her from slavery and makes her his slave to help her. She's so effed in the head she craves this and falls in love with him. I mean it just felt off. He does help her accept herself as beautiful even with scars so there's a plus, but it's how he does it that turned me off. Idk, but there it is, some people loved it so who knows.

    25. Blake and Kaitlyn can be read as a stand alone.Pay attention to warning if you aren't into kinky things, knife, blood, and human trafficking this book might not be for you.Blake meets Kaitlyn while attempting a resume and from there the sparks flyAs you know once things hit that boiling point, Alaska throws some ice cubes at us. This book has plot, chemistry, and great writing.This is also a great message about beauty being more then looks.I got these books in the boxed set.

    26. I'd give this book 2.5 - 3 stars.I just felt it was too long and a more heavier bdsm than I could enjoy reading. It was really really rough, sort of brutal. For me anyway.I wish Blake was a bit softer he had barely any compassion. There's just so much to this book. I don't even know where to start or end. For those who like the heavier more painful BDSM reads with a very rough Dom this is totally for you.

    27. A dark twisted tale of a captive and her rescuer. Having been a slave in the sex-trade, Kaitlyn really doesn't have anyone to fight for her to get back. Even though she is a highly paid model she is all alone, no family to speak for her, to be her voice. Blake, the rescuer has an intriguing reaction to her when they first meet while he is looking for another slave. Another dark and twisted romance with a lot of pleasure, a lot of pain and wickedness by this author.

    28. Good readbut very hard to read. So much emotional struggle, heartache and pain. But in the midst of it was the beauty of overcoming ugliness and embracing an imperfect reality. I took weeks off from reading this book because it was a hard read. The title kept rolling across my Kindle and the pain of the story echoed through my brain but I knew if I trusted I would get to something satisfying. In some ways it is similar to the heroines journey. No fluff here.

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