PennyJelly: The School Show

PennyJelly The School Show This young and funny picture book introduces the soon to be star of her school talent show Penny Despite her desire to knock everyone s socks off Penny s having a tough time deciding on what talent s

  • Title: PennyJelly: The School Show
  • Author: Maria Gianferrari Thyra Heder
  • ISBN: 9780544230149
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This young and funny picture book introduces the soon to be star of her school talent show Penny Despite her desire to knock everyone s socks off, Penny s having a tough time deciding on what talent she might have With a little help from her dog, Jelly, Penny tries out various talents from dancing to unicycling, fashion designing to snake charming with disastrous resultThis young and funny picture book introduces the soon to be star of her school talent show Penny Despite her desire to knock everyone s socks off, Penny s having a tough time deciding on what talent she might have With a little help from her dog, Jelly, Penny tries out various talents from dancing to unicycling, fashion designing to snake charming with disastrous results That is, until she realizes that she and Jelly have a talent to share that s unlike any other Readers of Pinkalicious and Ladybug Girl will swoon over the talent of Penny Jelly.

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    1. Review originally published on The Children's Book and Media ReviewAll of Penny’s classmates are participating in the Peabody Elementary School Talent Show, but Penny isn’t sure what she can do to participate. She can’t sing. She can’t dance. She makes a list of possible other talents, but they get crossed off her list one by one. She doesn’t give up, though. She decides that she is going to be a doggy fashion designer with the help of her dog, Jelly. When that doesn’t succeed either [...]

    2. This story follows Penny, a girl who is going to be in the school talent show. However, she realizes she doesn't have a talent so she tries and tries to find but with no success. Until her dog, Jelly, gives the idea of singing a duet together. They perform and win the Best Friends Award at the show. This book touches on the idea finding oneself and knowing what is important to one as well. This is a funny, yet conventional, story that can entertain many readers with the relationship of Penny and [...]

    3. In “The School Show,” Penny wants to be in the School Talent Show, but first she must figure out what her talent is. In Penny’s trademark list-making style (this is a fun element in both books), she goes through every possible talent, from tuba-playing to yodeling, and from doggy fashion designing to ballroom dancing.  All the while, her furry friend, Jelly, is by her side. Eventually, Penny realizes that she doesn’t have to be good at the same things as everyone else; that sometimes th [...]

    4. @kidlitexchange #partner All of Penny's friends are participating in the talent show and Penny wants to participate too. She creates a list of potential talents and begins to practice. Playing the tuba, yodeling, and baton twirling among other things are not talents Penny has. She expands her list and continues to learn she that she cannot design fashion, or ballroom, or be a magician. Penny doesn't give up. With the help of her best friend, her dog Jelly, Penny learns that they can "sing" a due [...]

    5. I read about Maria Gianferrari and her Penny and Jelly books and picked up this title. I was surprised that Penny wants to participate in a talent show at school and cannot find a talent that would enable her to enter the contest. But after trying many things and giving up, an idea comes to her in her closet with her best friend and pet Jelly. Penny is good at trying to find something she and Jelly can do together showing how she doesn't give up easily and persists at finding something she wants [...]

    6. She stood on all four legs on the console between the seats for nearly thirty minutes. Her body leaned into mine as I drove carefully and slowly, her head, heavy from sedation, hung over my shoulder. From time to time she would let out a low whimper or groan. As soon as we arrived home, I carried her into the house placing her in her bed next to my desk. She immediately fell into a deep sleep. How she managed to stand next to me as she always does when riding in the car is a testament to her str [...]

    7. This is a book that all young children can relate to! It's easy to get discouraged when you see the hobbies and success of others when you're struggling to find something you're good at. Who doesn't want a talent to show off? I'm not sure who the bigger talent show star was in this adorable picture book- Penny or Jelly!

    8. Anyone who has ever been nervous about the school talent show or had a furry best friend will identify with Penny and Jelly. Penny is a girl who is full of optimism and energy as she tries to decide on an act. Everyone else at school has a talent to demonstrate up on stage, but Penny can't seem to find the one for her. She tries everything from tuba playing to snake charming and through it all, Jelly is right there to support her. Okay, so there was that one time when Jelly hid under the bed whi [...]

    9. It’s time for the talent show at Penny’s school but she can’t think of a single talent that will actually work. She tries talent after talent, with some minor disasters here and there, but nothing seems to be a good idea for a performance. She eventually gets discouraged and almost decides not to do the talent show at all. That is, until, Jelly gives her an idea that ends up winning them the best prize of all! This book is super cute and is very creative in how the illustrations support an [...]

    10. I love friendship stories, and when one of the friends is a dog--I cannot resist. In Penny & Jelly: The School Show, Penny makes list after list, trying to find a talent for the annual school show. She tries everything on her lists with the help of her best friend Jelly--from tuba playing to fashion designing, but none of these talents work out quite like she hopes. Ready to give up after she's crossed everything off her lists, Jelly steps in and reminds Penny that she does have a pretty awe [...]

    11. It takes persistence for a child to find their talents. Penny is no different, and with her trusty dog Jelly by her side, she exhausts her list of possibilities as the talent show nears. The tender relationship between Penny and Jelly drives all of Penny’s efforts throughout the entire story and leads her into an unexpected solution. Penny & Jelly: The School Show explores the underlying themes of never giving up and friendship in a tender, relatable way for children. The warm colors and s [...]

    12. The premise of this narrative is really friendship wins the day. Peabody Elementary is having their annual talent show. All the students are getting ready to showcase their own talent. Penny does not have anything she can do. She goes through a delightful process of trying to find her talent but with little luck. In the end she joins with her puppy and does a duet. I was glad to see she did not win the best talent- but instead she won best friends award. Too often we give kids awards just becaus [...]

    13. This is a cute book about a little girl that desperately wants to find a talent so she can perform in the school show. It makes me remember the days when we would audition for the school talent show. I would always try to sing something, but I would get nervous and perform terribly. The illustrations in this book are colorful, detailed, & heartwarming. I love the expressions on the dog's face as Penny tries each of her different talents! I think this will be a fun book to have in my classroo [...]

    14. Pretty good, but I'm not sure what the take-away is. Penny tries and tries to find a talent for the school show, but nothing really works. Her persistence is good, though, so there's a lesson. She never gives up.But eventually, she howls a duet with her dog and gets a "Best Friends" prize (which just screams that everybody got a prize so nobody felt bad) which makes them both happy.Which is good - you don't want the book to end on a down note, and they got rewarded for what was important to them [...]

    15. Oh the fun that can be had when performing your talent for the school talent show. But for Penny, she cannot think of one single talent she has that she can share with the school and she has made list after list. Her faithful dog, Jelly gives her many clues but Penny seems oblivious.A silly and fun picture book written by Maria Gianferrari, illustrated by Thyra Heder and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. This book is sure to please young and old alike.@HMHkids

    16. Penny is anxious to find a talent that she can perform at the Peabody Elementary School Talent Show, but everything she tries seems to go wrong. She tries Doggy Fashion Designer, ballroom dancing and a magic act, all including Jelly as her partner. But the acts just don't work. Finally, with a little help from Jelly, Penny discovers the perfect act.Should make a fun read aloud. The illustrations lend themselves easily to inferring.

    17. I love books that show that a character has to try things over and over in order to succeed. I love the illustrations and the text flows really nicely, I would read this to preschool aged children and older.

    18. Cute! Cute! Cute! Penny wants to be in the talent show. She tries EVERYTHING from bubble blowing to baton twirling. But Penny can't find her talent. Just when she's ready to give up and hide in her closet, her dog Jelly howls and Penny gets the perfect idea.

    19. Sometimes I think about reading these books to kids and I think, but you can't take a dog to school. How do I explain that when my six-year-old wants to take our dog to her school talent show? But it was definitely cute. Everyone has a strength.

    20. A fun story with loads of visual humor. The list-making, persistent Penny and loyal dog, Jelly, make a memorable pair, including the ultimately sweet resolution.

    21. Penny needs to find a talent for the school talent show. It seems to take forever but finally Jelly her dog and her are in the talent show.

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