Omega City

Omega City City of Ember meets The Goonies in the first novel of an exciting new middle grade series from acclaimed author Diana Peterfreund Gillian Seagret doesn t listen to people who say her father s a crackp

  • Title: Omega City
  • Author: Diana Peterfreund
  • ISBN: 9780062310859
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • City of Ember meets The Goonies in the first novel of an exciting new middle grade series from acclaimed author Diana Peterfreund Gillian Seagret doesn t listen to people who say her father s a crackpot His conspiracy theories about the lost technology of Cold War era rocket scientist Dr Aloysius Underberg may have cost him his job and forced them to move to a cottage inCity of Ember meets The Goonies in the first novel of an exciting new middle grade series from acclaimed author Diana Peterfreund Gillian Seagret doesn t listen to people who say her father s a crackpot His conspiracy theories about the lost technology of Cold War era rocket scientist Dr Aloysius Underberg may have cost him his job and forced them to move to a cottage in the sticks, but Gillian knows he s right and plans to prove it.When she discovers a missing page from Dr Underberg s diary in her father s mess of an office, she thinks she s found a big piece of the puzzle a space themed riddle promising to lead to Dr Underberg s greatest invention Enlisting the help of her skeptical younger brother, Eric, her best friend, Savannah, and Howard, their NASA obsessed schoolmate, Gillian sets off on a journey deep into the earth, into the ruins of a vast doomsday bunker.But they aren t alone inside its dark and flooded halls Now Gillian and her friends must race to explore Omega City and find the answers they need For while Gillian wants to save her dad s reputation by bringing Dr Underberg s secrets to light, there are others who will stop at nothing to make sure they stay buriedr.

    • Omega City BY Diana Peterfreund
      301 Diana Peterfreund
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    1. Diana Peterfreund

      Diana Peterfreund has been a costume designer, a cover model, and a food critic Her travels have taken her from the cloud forests of Costa Rica to the underground caverns of New Zealand and as far as she s concerned, she s just getting started Diana graduated from Yale University in 2001 with dual degrees in Literature and Geology, which her family claimed would only come in handy if she wrote books about rocks Now, this Florida girl lives with her husband and their puppy in Washington D.C and writes books that rockHer first novel, Secret Society Girl 2006 , was described as witty and endearing by The New York Observer and was placed on the New York Public LIbrary s 2007 Books for the Teen Age list The follow up, Under the Rose 2007 was deemed impossible to put down by Publisher s Weekly, and Booklist called the third book, Rites of Spring Break 2008 , an ideal summer read The final book in the series, Tap Gown, will be released in 2009 All titles are available from Bantam Dell.She also contributed to the non fiction anthologies, Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned from Judy Blume, edited by Jennifer O Connell Pocket Books, 2007 , The World of the Golden Compass, edited by Scott Westerfeld BenBella Books, 2007 , and Through the Wardrobe, edited by Herbie Brennan BenBella Books, 2008.Her first young adult novel, Rampant, an adventure fantasy about killer unicorns and the virgin descendents of Alexander the Great who hunt them, will be released by Harper Collins in 2009 When she s not writing, Diana volunteers at the National Zoo, adds movies she has no intention of watching to her Netflix queue, and plays with her puppy, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever named Rio.

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    1. THIS IS OUT NOW!!!!I'm sure that everyone is well aware that the Middle Grade demographic has a lot of adventure books. We have Rick Riordan for example, or the Seven Wonders series by Peter Larangis, and it feels like a new one pops out every year, all following a bunch of kids try to save the world or solve an extremely old riddle that would lead to a secret civilization or something. I love that kind of premise (National Treasure, anybody? That one with Nicolas Cage? I watched that countles [...]

    2. Goonies meets City of Ember? Sold! (view spoiler)[But you could say Goonies meets anything and I'd probably be interested. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    3. 'Omega City' by Diana Peterfreund quickly became one of my new favorite adventure books! Plus, it's comparison to one of my all time favorite movies 'The Goonies' didn't hurt either! Unlike lost pirate treasure, this treasure comes from a scientist who worked at the height of the Cold War- Dr. Underberg, whose worked was the better man. Until one day his simply vanish or died leaving behind alot of unanswered questions.Gillian Seagret's father career has recently been ruined after his Dr.Underbe [...]

    4. ”Great idea, Gillian. Just get the pizza delivery guy to drive his little brother, you, and two of the people you love most in this world out into the middle of nowhere to look for something bad guys with a lot of power are willing to ruin lives over. There’s no way this could all go wrong.”Synopsis: Just when Steve Harrington thought he was done keeping those little shitheads safe, they stumble upon a Cold War conspiracy instead, prompting him to gather up his nailed baseball bats and bec [...]

    5. 2.5 stars Arc provided by Balzer + Bray through Edelweiss Release Date: April 28thThe author's series "For Darkness shows the Stars" _ well I hope it is a series, and not a duology _ is amongst my favourites reads, so despite this being labelled as a middle grade story, I couldn't resist requesting it.Also I've read pretty amazing books labelled as middle grade oriented, so I had pretty high expectactions for this book.What I found was truly a middle grade storyCan I complain that it was more mi [...]

    6. What's that you say? This book doesn't even come out for six months? So how could I possibly review it? Well, HA HAHAHAHAHAHA! I got to read the manuscript!Sorry, just had to gloat for a minute. I love Peterfreund's YA books, so naturally when Balzer & Bray asked if I would possibly blurb the book, I jumped at the chance to read this middle grade novel in advance.And I was not disappointed. This is a fantastic adventure that went in directions I absolutely did not expect. Since this was a bo [...]

    7. Review originally posted at Mostly YA LitOmega City has been described as similar to City of Embers and The Goonies, and having Googled these movies (didn't watch them - I KNOW, the Goonies is on my list), I think this description is very apt. It's a rollicking adventure full of surprises, twists and turns. I would describe it as X-Files meets Indiana Jones for 8-12 year olds.One of Diana's strengths has always been complex plotlines that weave together seamlessly, and this one is no different. [...]

    8. Ehhhh. There's some interesting worldbuilding here, but absolutely no character growth, which really irks me; I kept waiting for someone, anyone, to make a mistake, and no one did. And the characters are pretty unrealistic to begin with. Also, this book explained the Cold War. At least three times. I feel old and talked down to simultaneously.

    9. Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Seeing the children explore such the strange but wonderful Omega City was deliciously satisfying.Opening Sentence: It started with a fire.The Review:Gillian’s father has been ruined. He’s been a popular author and historian for years, but when his primary source for his newest book was destroyed by the water pipes flooding, he had no evidence to back himself up when people started calling his theories a fraud. But Gillian is starting to [...]

    10. Originally posted here at Random Musings of a bibliophile.Omega City is Diana Peterfreund's first MG novel. Billed on as City of Ember meets The Goonies, my expectations were pretty high. The Goonies is one of my all time favorite movies. And this book delivered on that promise. Big time.Gillian's father is in disgrace. He wrote a book about famous scientist Aloysius Underberg that was immediately discredited and that he couldn't back up because a broken pipe destroyed all of his research. Now [...]

    11. Omega City is one of those books that are kind of unrealistic- the kind of book where you just can't take everything seriously. I feel like this is fine considering it's a middle grade novel, and supposed to be exciting and "unrealistic" in the sense that it's not something that would happen to the average person. But I can't say that this didn't impair my enjoyment of the the novel a little bit, because it did, however much I tried to escape it.Omega City is an adventure novel, and it definitel [...]

    12. 2.5 stars. This book fell just a little flat for me, unfortunately. I wondered if I was just too old to enjoy it, but no, I enjoy many middle grade and even children's books, so I think this story was just missing a little OOMPH. It was almost as if Peterfreund was trying to make it too safe and that made it less enjoyable. I imagine it's really difficult to find the right balance between being too stressful or too lackadaisical, but I found that the presence of an older person (Nate) prevented [...]

    13. I needed to change it up a bit and find some more YA to read and i'm a fan of Diana Peterfruend so i figured no harm in reading this series. So what we have is the intro to a story that takes us on a journey of a family that's been broken apart because their father is an author of a book that tried to debunk mysteries behind a scientists work and his notes were destroyed so he can't prove the facts. Because of this, their mom left, the kids have had a rough life moving away from what they know a [...]

    14. An engaging plot and riveting story line. It's relentless and breathless pace that caused me to read it in one sitting – there simply wasn’t a moment to stop, I had to know what happened! I read it in almost three hours and was sticking my eyeballs back in manually by the time I was finished, but it was too exciting to stop. There was a surprising amount of good characterization done in this breakneck story – and Omega City had an interesting, quirky and believable cast of kids. A hair-rai [...]

    15. Omega City  Some secrets are small -- the size of a battery, or a button, or a scrap of paper. Other secrets are so big they can bury a man alive, or tear apart a family or even destroy the world. Omega City was both. Gillian's dad is a historian who specializes in Cold War conspiracies and wrote a book about Aloysius Underberg, a brilliant Cold War engineer. But Dr. Underberg is missing and Gillian's dad has been discredited. When Gillian is faced with an opportunity to solve Underberg's gre [...]

    16. I really really enjoyed this book. A little bit of a slow buildup, but once they got to Omega City (30% into it) it really picked up and was enjoyable. I liked the characters, they weren't perfect but they were good characters over all, I really really liked the City, it was quite unique and I enjoyed their exploration of it. Definitely will read more.

    17. Continuing the trend of this years fine-but-not-amazing middle grade, Omega City is a pretty okay story. The mystery has lots of twists and turns but I did see a lot of them coming, some things were fairly fun (rocket; scuba diving up a lift chute) but I wasn't that interested, the characters are fine even if they don't stand out, but they do have a genuine motive for what they do, even if it's just wanting to get out of the city, or Gillian wanting to clear her dad's name. I liked that it wasn' [...]

    18. An impulse pickup from the library because one of the librarians put it on the "Featured Kids Books" shelf. My older two kids both read it and liked it, and I kept putting it off (and renewing it) for almost three months. It has to go back by next week at the latest so I finally decided to try it. I should have read it sooner! My kids were right: this is very good. Thanks to the librarian who featured it! Also, I'm sorry I've kept it out of circulation for three months.It's been described as "Go [...]

    19. Diana Peterfreund can do middle-grade! (But please write more older books too.)When 12-year old Gillian and her friends embark on a search for the "hundred-year battery," their motive is just to clear their dad's reputation, but what they find is more than they could ever have imagined. Many gems are tucked into this wonderful adventure novel: Cold War conspiracy theories, and lost treasures, and more. It's full of puzzles and riddles like those in The Mysterious Benedict Society, as well as exc [...]

    20. Meh? Not really. I loved the historical fiction aspect especially in a middle grade story talking about the Cold War. The relationship with Gillian and Eric was very sweet. I hated Savannah and how she pretended to be "dumb." I guess the point was to show people how intelligent you really are and you don't pretend to be anyone else. Although, these days kids try to appear superior than others, so again not sure how that concept fits in. Overall, another adventurous historical fiction story. Is i [...]

    21. A different kind of book for Peterfreund. I wouldn't have guessed it was by her!I thought the first part of this was a LOT of fun, but I'm not a huge fan of the action part of action-adventure books, so the second half dragged for me. It just seemed to go on and on.I liked the characters, though. I'll read the next one, I think.

    22. I thought this book was absolutely amazing! It did start out a little bit slow, but once it picked up pace, I couldn't put it down! I have read it several times now, but last night I read the whole thing. Took me until about 1 AM, which probably wasn't the best idea with the Spanish test in the morningWARNING: SPOILERS.This book is about a group of five kids who were searching for a lost invention of the Cold War era scientist Dr. Underberg. However, they find something much bigger than they ima [...]

    23. To be honest, I couldn’t finish this book. It’s well written, the characters are interesting and the dialogue is good. I think it’s just that the concept itself didn’t grab me. It didn’t grab my daughter’s attention either. DunnoI don’t think Cold War conspiracies are all that interesting to young adult readers.

    24. My Review: I am so glad I got the chance to read this book, with a description that says it's similar to Goonies I knew this was going to be a fun book. I was a little worried, the beginning had a lot of info and it was a tad bit slower than I would have hoped it could be. HOWEVER I loved it regardless. This story had the Goonies feel and sometimes I would see the comparison which was great but the story isn't the same. This was a lot of fun and the characters were so funny. It had everything yo [...]

    25. I have low expectations for the adventure genre. It’s not a genre that you can possibly love if you have high expectations. But I do indeed have expectations. It’s not entirely unexpected that an adventure oriented novel like Omega City is lacking in character development, depth of storyline, and realistic villains. Such are the perils of the genre. But it’s also lacking in the one thing that the genre provides to make up for these things, the one thing I expect. It’s not fun. Gillian’ [...]

    26. Gillian and her brother Eric are trying to make a go of living with their scatter brained father after their mother has left. Because their father's book about a Professor Underberg and his inventions has been criticized and his research doubted, he has lost his university job, and the family is now living in their summer cabin while he earns a small living giving lectures and classes. Their father is dating again, but Gillian suspects that Fiona has other motives in going out with her father. G [...]

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