The Icarus Plot

The Icarus Plot Ivana March runs a very special toy shop in the heart of Victorian London The last person she expects to see enter it is an earl Not that she has time to entertain him Someone is stealing children an

  • Title: The Icarus Plot
  • Author: Jenny Schwartz
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ivana March runs a very special toy shop in the heart of Victorian London The last person she expects to see enter it is an earl Not that she has time to entertain him Someone is stealing children, and the street kids whisper tales of a Metal Man Ivana must find the monster, rescue the children, and if the earl really wants to help, he can come with her Only, no oneIvana March runs a very special toy shop in the heart of Victorian London The last person she expects to see enter it is an earl Not that she has time to entertain him Someone is stealing children, and the street kids whisper tales of a Metal Man Ivana must find the monster, rescue the children, and if the earl really wants to help, he can come with her Only, no one warned her she d have to venture to places better left unexplored A good thing, then, that the new Earl of Somer is a noted explorer When the two of them join forces, what could possibly go wrong A short Steampunk novella

    • The Icarus Plot BY Jenny Schwartz
      348 Jenny Schwartz
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    1. Jenny Schwartz

      Jenny Schwartz is a hopeful romantic with a degree in Sociology and History people watching and digging into the past She lives in Western Australia and is working towards her dream of living by the sea.Contact Jenny via her website authorjennyschwartz SciFi Romance Her Robot WolfSpace magic, shifters and pirates A starship shaman kidnapped by a bounty hunter must work with him to defeat a galactic terrorist her grandfather dp B072M3Q555 99c or free in Kindle Unlimited Old School series Phoenix Blood Dec 2016 Phoenix Blood Fantastical Island Feb 2017 Fantastical IsStorm Road April 2017 dp B06Y2M2MR9 Fire Fall May 2017 Fire Fall Old The Collegium series Demon Hunter Djinn Justice Dragon Knight Doctor Wolf Plague Cult Hollywood Demon Alchemy Shift

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    1. Ivana March stormed out of the police station in anger, frustrated by the police and their uncaring attitude toward the local street kids. Reporting and requesting assistance was a waste of time; she had suspected it would be but now she knew for certain she would have to find the monster named “Metal Man” who was taking young kids off the streets of London herself.Andrew, Earl of Somer was in the same police station, also looking for a lost street kid. The sergeant directed him to see Ms Ma [...]

    2. This short romance set in a steampunk Victorian London was a terrific read. Ivana, the heroine of the piece is a fiercely independent young woman who runs a toyshop selling personal protection devices to other young women under the counter. She also looks out for the street urchins and when a young girl is snatched off the streets by a man the kids describe as a 'metal man' she recruits an explorer, Andrew (aka the Earl of Somer) to help her hunt him down. I would love to see more of Ivana and A [...]

    3. "It’s the traces of his humanity that add horror to the madness.”Children are disappearing from the streets of London and the whispers carry the tale that a "Metal Man" is to blame. Ivana runs a toy shop that has helped her gain the trust of the street children, so she is the first that they turn to for help. When Andrew, the newly minted Earl of Somer, goes to the police station to ask for help in finding his late cousin's bastard son the over worked coppers direct him towards Ivana claimin [...]

    4. The Good:It's well paced, with interesting and endearing characters. Even the villain is endearing in a sick, twisted way. The Victorian London setting really comes alive, despite (or because of) so much anachronism - this is steampunk. It's supposed to be like that.The Bad:The story is angsty and whiny. There is far too much inner monologue, not to mention the outer monologue, as the protagonist, her love interest, and the villain all preach at each other for the reader's pleasure.'Friends' cha [...]

    5. A short but good read. I like this author and recommend her. I've read a short book and this short story by her. Short but complete and well written.

    6. Bloody good!!I've read several of Jenny Schwartz's novellas and this one is my all time favorite!! (I think I say that after each new read.) Seriously, an interesting plot jumps to life and the sights and sounds of a dark, dreary English night are easily imagined. Ivana is a woman with passion, purpose, independence, and heart. She is the owner of a local toy store but Ivana is secretly trading more than children's toys. Ivana is filled with guilt and remorse over a past relationship. Unable to [...]

    7. I was provided a copy of The Icarus Plot in exchange for an honest review This was a very different kind of read for me I was skeptical at first, but at the end I was very happy that I took a chance on The Icarus Plot.The story is packed with mystery along with a bit of romance.When five year old Janey one of London's street kids becomes missing, supposed toy shop owner Ivana March seeks the help of the authorities when police to help and send her on her way she is boiling madWhen Andrew Grier t [...]

    8. What a great short story! I normally don't read historical but I have to say this one surprised me, it was really good. It's a mystery with a little bit of romance thrown in there as well. I loved the characters. Ivana and Andrew make a great pair and I loved how the author didn't make the story all about them and the side "love story". It has a great plot and the story is well written. The story has a little bit of dark in it but nothing too dark and it does have a good outcome in the end. I li [...]

    9. A short steampunk mysteryA great, short steam punk novella with a mystery plot. Ms Schwartz immerses the reader into an alternate lower London where the Metal man is stealing children. The H/h take it upon themselves to find the most recent captives. What ensues is a quick mystery with a smattering of romance thrown in. All to create an exciting novella that I wish had been an entire novel. I will look for more from this author.

    10. 8/10: Excellent read, well written, fell right into the fictional world created.These stories are great (this one follows The Lion & The Mouse.) But they're simply too short. They deserve more time spent with them. The characters have depth enough, the world building draws you in, and the plot could definitely handle a full-length novel.I would gladly read a series set in this world, but it's not to be. And sometimes novellas just don't cut it. I want more! Please, sir, I want some more!

    11. InterestingI really enjoyed this short story. There was just enough mystery, character development and romance to satisfy anyone and yet it was a quick read. Well worth it and fun!

    12. Review Courtesy of April HollingworthWonderfully brilliant. This is the first book I’ve read by Jenny Schwartz, and I devoured it. I was transported back into Victorian London, and I loved every minute of it. A must read story and a must read author. The story is wonderful, filled with danger and intrigue, in a time where a child going missing is thought nothing of. Where a woman of knowledge and determination are unusual, never mind an Earl wanting to help! Add all of that into a plot ripe wi [...]

    13. this was a good concept but the whole thing felt kind of awkward and rushed and just o convenient i guess. it started really well but then it felt like she just went 'oh i guess i should finish this now' and tied everything up in a few pageslike at the end when they catch the guy he's just like oh well let me give you my entire backstory/evil plot without you really even asking and then i'll conveniently run off and commit suicide so as to save you the moral dilema of what to do with me. i would [...]

    14. I was so incredibly disappointed by the ending of this story. I understand that it's a short story, not a full novel nor a moderate novella, but the completely sudden and cut off climax, with what felt like not three paragraphs of resolution was a huge disappointment. The details and thought that went into the beginning, with vivid descriptions and characters that had real personalities rather than mere masks of identity completely hooked me. But (view spoiler)[ when the Metal Man simply dropped [...]

    15. It was dark and had a great mystery. Ivana & Andrew cross paths and together they save the missing children society turned their backs on because they were among the poor & forgotten. Ivana & Andrew save each other with their love and decide to begin a life full of adventure together with the plan to make better for others & put their stamp on society and it's future. I don't know if everyone will enjoy this book as much as I did but I hope so. & they give it a chance !

    16. A short, sweet steampunk mystery romance that's good for light reading, though it touches on darker issues of how veterans and post traumatic stress disorder are treated today. Not to mention differing ideas about what's good for childrenPlenty of suspense fuels the mystery as the romance is more of a glaze over the top of this story, which is well worth a read. Five stars.

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