Eyes Unveiled

Eyes Unveiled Twenty one year old Emma Matthews lost the song in her heart the same night she lost her dad With an unfulfilled promise and an ultimatum shadowing her junior year of college maybe it s better that w

  • Title: Eyes Unveiled
  • Author: Crystal Walton
  • ISBN: 9780986288210
  • Page: 407
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twenty one year old Emma Matthews lost the song in her heart the same night she lost her dad With an unfulfilled promise and an ultimatum shadowing her junior year of college, maybe it s better that way You can t hurt if you can t feel But when the reflection she sees in musician Riley Preston s eyes borders dangerously close to the one she s spent the last five years sTwenty one year old Emma Matthews lost the song in her heart the same night she lost her dad With an unfulfilled promise and an ultimatum shadowing her junior year of college, maybe it s better that way You can t hurt if you can t feel But when the reflection she sees in musician Riley Preston s eyes borders dangerously close to the one she s spent the last five years searching for, Emma discovers her walls can t guard her heart from its fiercest desire Terrified of what she s experiencing, and even afraid of what she might lose, Emma grapples for the courage to hold on to one dream without abandoning the promise of another Clean romance novel Eyes Unveiled lets you relive those heartfelt moments when you don t know how you d survive a day without your best friend, when you re trying to figure out who you are and what you re supposed to do with your life, and when falling in love changes everything.

    • Eyes Unveiled ¦ Crystal Walton
      407 Crystal Walton
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    1. I felt so many emotions, including being annoyed with the characters to feeling their joy, sorrow, hopes, and dreams. Great emotion!Emma is dealing with a lot and a relationship is the last thing she needs, but she can't help being interested in Riley, a musician, while A.J. shows interest in her. There's a big love triangle in this one, which is an aspect of a book that I don't mind at all.I love that Emma has a great relationship with her brother and with her roommate. She is a kind soul and t [...]

    2. * ARC PROVIDED BY THE AUTHOR FOR AN HONEST REVIEW * First off, I should say that this is my first New Adult Contemporary book that's been labeled as Inspirational. I liked it enough, but there were a few things I just didn't get. But, maybe some of these things are common in books labeled as Inspirational, and it's me and not the book. So, this book revolves around Emma, who is in college. Right from the start, it felt a bit more like high school than college for me though. First off, when I was [...]

    3. A wonderful, inspirational novel!The "new adult" genre has been steadily rising in popularity in recent years, and this is one of the best I've read yet. Eyes Unveiled follows twenty-one year old Emma in her journey to discover herself and make life choices.A specific reason I enjoyed this book is because I saw myself in Emma. It wasn't too long ago that I found myself in similar shoes. What am I supposed to do with my life? What does living life to the fullest really look like? It didn't take m [...]

    4. A beautiful coming-of-age story This is a really beautiful story built upon the dreams, hopes, fears and zest for life that lives within the heart of young adults like no one else! And it's exposed and expressed brilliantly by this author with a sensitivity, vulnerability and reality that is respectful, refreshing and truly touching. It reminded me of my own dreams, hopes, heartaches and fears at the same stage of my own life's just THAT good!!! This story is definitely a character driven drama [...]

    5. While I love reading Young Adult fiction and romance, I haven't read much New Adult fiction. This is because much of what I've seen is overly focused on sexuality, and I want to read about love, not sex. So when Crystal Walton contacted me about reviewing her clean New Adult romance, I was intrigued.While love at first sight/instant attraction stories aren't my favorite, Walton did an excellent job of conveying the pull between Emma and Riley. I definitely felt like I was experiencing everything [...]

    6. I was given a review copy of this book, and I feel beyond privileged to have been able to read it before "the general public" was given the opportunity. While reading the book, I felt really connected to the characters, especially Emma. I found it easy to get lost in Emma's world. I think that most women would agree with me in saying that we all struggle with some of the insecurities that Emma does in the book, and as I was reading them, I really could feel what Emma was feeling. I felt many of [...]

    7. If you are looking for a book that is emotionally driven, this is your book. I went through a whole array of emotions while reading this book. This is a story about self-discovery, friendships and love.I loved the immediate interest and attraction Emma had when she saw and heard Riley sing. He spoke to her soul and I loved that. Riley and Emma share a connection through music but they develop a friendship that expands beyond just music.Emma was an easy character to relate to. She seemed very hum [...]

    8. Eyes Unveiled was one of the best books I have ever read. I was given a copy of this book in return for my honest feedback. The book captivates you to the point that you do not want to put it down. It speaks to women of all ages and is a clean romance novel that is relatable to the plight of the everyday woman. This author weaves the story together so beautifully that I can’t wait to read her next one. This book is at the top of my . Buy it, you will not be disappointed.

    9. Wonderful storyThis was a beautiful story. Probably one of the most beautifully written books I have read in a while. It was a book that was impossible to put down.

    10. Great imagery, few editing mistakes I really enjoyed this story. My favorite part was how descriptive the author was in her imagery. The language and phrases used were very poetic. It might be too “flowery” for some, but I really enjoyed it. There were a few editing mistakes, and I kept tripping over the best-friend’s name “Jaycee.” It must have been used one hundred times, and every time I had to read it multiple times. My brain wanted to say Jace, but then I would remind myself that [...]

    11. I don't quite understand how the title matches the story, which might be why I took so long to read this book, but I thought this story was interesting, although a little predictable, even in the parts where I could tell it wasn't supposed to be predictable. The characters are pretty silly for adults. They go out in what is forecast to be a terrible storm for an adventure and are lucky no one dies. Not my favorite story, but it was still fun to read.

    12. DNF @ 40%I just couldn't get into the story. I felt like I was drowning in pretty words but having no idea what they actually meant. Because of that, I didn't learn or like the characters, and just couldn't motivate myself to finish.

    13. Emma's story is truly amazing. The characters in this book are all very special people who would do anything to help each other. The way Emma and Riley help each other is truly remarkable. This book deserves a higher rating than a five star review. You won't be able to stop reading this book.

    14. My goodness I like this book.Friendship, faith and fun characters. I wish I could do college again with them. I really want to read more about them.

    15. It's Amazing!!This is a great book - oh the drama! Love, fear, future, unrequited love, friendship, art and music - you name it, this book has it!! Even though the characters are college students, the lessons of love cross any age bracket. Enjoy!!

    16. I read an advanced copy of this manuscript in exchange for an honest review, so here goes.The themes in this book are very relatable. Any girl / woman who has ever wanted so badly to make the right choices but felt a little (or a lot) of insecurity can absolutely relate to Crystal Walton's main character, Emma. Emma's character is written in such an honest way, you can't help but feel what she feels. If anybody reading this remembers how embarrassed you felt watching the scene in Dirty Dancing w [...]

    17. Emma and her friends are typical college students trying to find their way in the world. Friendships, dreams, misunderstandings, love and hurt all weave together to create a tale representative of many college experiences.Eyes Unveiled is told in first person. As Emma relates her story, the reader is limited (rightly so) to the information and understanding that Emma has of the situations. Thus when Emma is confused, so is the reader. I found this a bit frustrating through the middle portion of [...]

    18. The first time I tried to read this book I could not get into it. It was my fault; I was in a terrible mood and had no wish to read anything involving romance. Because I was in such a bad mood, I knew I wouldn’t give this book the chance it deserved. So I put it down for the time being to pick up again later. I am glad I did- the second time I really enjoyed it. While a major focus of the novel is the love story between Emma and Riley, other themes of the novel include friendship, and balancin [...]

    19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is a good book about love, friendship, and finding what you are passionate about and then having the strength to pursue that passion. I liked the overall themes of the book and thought that it had an extensive number of quotable sentences. I enjoyed being introduced to the secondary characters. Lastly, I appreciated how the book was a journey for Emma, which is exemplified in the work she achieves at her internships and i [...]

    20. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This was a heartfelt, YA/NA coming-of-age inspirational story but honestly it wasn’t for me. For some reason I couldn’t connect with the characters or the love story. The writing style was very clean and realistic but I found it a bit hard for the story to capture my full attention. Maybe it was because too many characters were presented at once in the beginning or because the flow of the story felt a bit choppy to me.Even [...]

    21. Wow! What a flash back to college days; remembering the struggles of keeping up with the pressures of academia, trying to meet so many expectations; as well as the joy of building life-long friendships and the thrill of a romantic relationship or two! You can't help but get caught up in the lives of the characters, as the author allows you to see into the hearts of two of the main characters, Emma and Riley. Then you just roll in laughter at the wit and friendly sarcasm between this tight group [...]

    22. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. Normally, I'm not drawn to books written in the first person. After reading Eyes Unveiled, it changed my opinion of that point of view. Crystal does a fantastic job of drawing us into Emma's world and it wouldn't have been the same if it'd been written in any other way. One of the most striking things about Crystal's writing is her ability to use words to paint vivid, descriptive pictures. I was invested in the story from early on and had a difficult time putting [...]

    23. Eyes Unveiled is a wonderful, heartfelt story written with great characterization and beautiful imagery. This New Adult novel shares the story of Emma Matthews, a vulnerable young woman who is afraid of being hurt. Because of this, she fiercely guards herself and her heart. However, when she meets Riley Preston, her world begins to change. Emma’s journey of self-discovery is enlightening, emotional, and a pleasure to read. Eyes Unveiled charmed me and left me eager for more stories from Crysta [...]

    24. I started reading this book and couldn't stop! Eyes Unveiled is Emma's coming of age story. She has to figure out how to keep her scholarship, how to get the right internship, and how to avoid any distractions. Emma's friends try to make sure she has a little fun every now and then and there are two guys determined to break her no relationships rule. Eventually she has to stop doing what she thinks is expected of her and determine what it is she's uniquely gifted to do. Encouraging and entertain [...]

    25. I loved this book, and I was so delighted to find out it was a series. The writing style is beautifully poetic and the characters are fun, relatable, and realistic. I often times wanted to crawl through the pages just to hug Emma and tell her everything was going to be OK, or to shake some sense into Riley. I laughed, cried, cringed, and sighed. When you feel so many different emotions after reading a book, you know the author did well in telling their story. This is one great summer read and I [...]

    26. I'm sorry to say but this book did nothing for me. I can stomach an instant attraction/love with one love interest but this girl has two model looking guys falling all over her the first time they meet her. Add in a THIRD dude and I'm done. I really hope some girls don't think this is an inspirational story. Emma seems to mope around a lot and then rely on every male she has in her life. She needs them for car rides, cheering up, finding intern jobs, being rescued from other love interests, basi [...]

    27. I received an ARC eBook in exchange for an honest review. This is the first book I have read by Crystal Walton and it most certainly won't be my last! This was absolutely the most beautiful, inspiring and sweetest romance I have read this year! Emma and Riley's story touched my heart with memories of discovering who you were and who you could be by opening your heart to finding your dreams. This was a clean romance, no explicit sex scenes or profanity. I highly recommend this book!

    28. This is a great book about friendship, growth, self discovery and love. I really enjoyed Emma's character and how she struggled with letting go and just living. A story about being true to yourself and enjoying lifending joy! I also liked Riley's character and how he played an important role in Emma's growth as well has how she helped him. I had a bit of a hard time connecting with the love connection in the story, however, the overall story was good.

    29. I really enjoyed this book. I definitely connected with Emma and thought she was a great character. I'm glad that she ends up with Riley, but I really did feel bad for A.J. because she strung him along for so long and he really did make a great friend to her. I wish he wasn't an unfortunate byproduct of Riley and Emma being together. I will definitely follow this series and look forward to reading more from this author.*Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review*

    30. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Im so glad to have had a chance to read this book its very relatable everyone is trying to figure out where their life is going are they making the right choices and thats what Emma is going through. Beautifully written story with amazing characters.

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