The Bastard's Pearl

The Bastard s Pearl When Sheyn a headstrong young aristocrat disobeys his parents and travels to the far east he passes through Kandaar an isolated country of strange customs He is abducted transformed by a mysterio

  • Title: The Bastard's Pearl
  • Author: Connie Bailey
  • ISBN: 9781632168795
  • Page: 265
  • Format: ebook
  • When Sheyn, a headstrong young aristocrat, disobeys his parents and travels to the far east, he passes through Kandaar, an isolated country of strange customs He is abducted, transformed by a mysterious ritual, and sold to a barbarian king as a pleasure slave When the king is killed by Kashyan the Bastard, dispossessed prince of Clan Savaan, Sheyn becomes Kashyan s posseWhen Sheyn, a headstrong young aristocrat, disobeys his parents and travels to the far east, he passes through Kandaar, an isolated country of strange customs He is abducted, transformed by a mysterious ritual, and sold to a barbarian king as a pleasure slave When the king is killed by Kashyan the Bastard, dispossessed prince of Clan Savaan, Sheyn becomes Kashyan s possession The Bastard expects Sheyn now called Pearl to behave as an obedient pleasure slave, but compliance is not in Sheyn s nature Nor does Sheyn s ordeal stop at being held captive by people he considers savages The Red Temple covets Sheyn as a living gateway to the demon realm and plans to use him to summon the God of Death Kashyan loathes Sheyn, and Sheyn despises Kashyan, but when the Red Temple kidnaps Sheyn, honor compels Kashyan to rescue his slave, and he starts a war in the process If they hope to stop the Red Monks from bringing hell to earth, Sheyn will have to accept Kashyan is than an uncivilized brute, and Kashyan will have to admit there s to his Pearl than a pretty, arrogant exterior.

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      Connie Bailey is a Luddite who can t live without her computer She s an acrophobic who loves to fly, a fault finding pessimist who, nonetheless, is always surprised when something bad happens, and an antisocialite who loves her friends like family She s held a number of jobs in many disparate arenas to put food on the table, but writing is the occupation that feeds her soul.Connie lives with her ultralight designer husband at a small grass strip airfield halfway between Disney World and Busch Gardens Logic and reality have had little to do with her life, and she likes it that way.

    256 thoughts on “The Bastard's Pearl”

    1. I have to admit I really enjoyed this book. Something about the characters' rawness drew me in. I'm always a bit disappointed when authors portray people as being one dimensional: either the perfect hero or despicable villain. In this story all the main characters are quite obviously flawed in different ways, which actually makes them much more interesting to me. There's a kind of roughness to the story that for whatever reason felt exactly like what I wanted to engage with at the moment. And wh [...]

    2. Something like 3.5 stars. I liked some of the creativity in this one. But, there were somethings that put me off. At certain areas in the book, it was too fast paced. Also, while I understand that this is fantasy, many parts of this I found to be psychologically unrealistic - which made it difficult to relate to the characters in the book. Psychological unrealisim done mostly through omission. It would have been entertaining to see in terms of character development. I feel this was omitted becau [...]

    3. I really enjoyed the first 3/4 of this book - the last 1/4 not so much, the ending just didn't work for me. There was nothing wrong with how the story ended, I just didn't find it satisfying. When I finish a book like this I want to close it and sigh and miss the characters. That didn't happen here it, was just meh for me, which was really disappointing because I really did like the rest of the book.

    4. 3.5 Heart Review by AshavanI struggled with this book.The main character is an arrogant ass. There’s a tremendous amount of time and effort given to the transformation of this character into someone the reader would root for. It’s a beautiful effort, but it starts in the middle of the book, and so for the first several chapters, too many chapters, I was stuck with this character who was perfect and given everything, and he was an arrogant ass. There’s a purpose to that, and not even a bad [...]

    5. A Joyfully Jay review. 3.5 starsI wanted to enjoy The Bastard’s Pearl a great deal more than I did and it took some thinking to untangle exactly why I didn’t. The book is well written and generally flows smoothly. There are few jarring transitions and the narrative has an effortlessness that I truly appreciated. I always enjoy when authors shake up their fantasies by mixing themes and layering the plot with multiple levels of conflict, which certainly sums up The Bastard’s Pearl. There are [...]

    6. ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****The Bastard’s Pearl is an epic tale of love and betrayal, good and evil, and all the shades of grey. It had tremendous world building and imagery. It is a fantasy story through and through even though there is not one sign of an elf.Sheyn was a hard person to like at first. He had so many prickly edges and his arrogance had no bounds. What was done to him was terrible and yet he managed to make it through and soften some of those edges. I seeing him co [...]

    7. Love, love, love this book!Out of all the books I have read, and I have read many, this has to be in my top 5.I had to force myself not to read in one sitting! I look forward to more stories similar to this from Mrs. Bailey.

    8. World building excellent. The beginning was slow but it picked up once the love interest was brought in. It was omnipresent POV. Which is cool sometimes. Let's you see snippets of other characters thoughts and actions. You have to like high fantasy to enjoy this.

    9. TSTL hero. He's like a pretty bird in a cage, knowing nothing but thinking he knows everything and be proud of that.Please, don't write this kind of character. It's scary. What could I learn from him? That arrogance and unkindness can lead you to HEA?

    10. In general, I enjoyed this. I would rate this closer to the higher end of a 3, but the last five or so chapters just didn't do it for me, and put it closer down to an 3.0. The POV was all over the place and the narrative kind of did too. There were a few things that I felt could have been left out, such as Luks heritage, as it didn't really add much to the story. I also thought it strange that whenever a boy was transformed into an daaski, they were asked if they were still pure, so I thought Sh [...]

    11. Egads, this book is a mess. The premise sounded interesting and there was a hint of decent world-building, but the amateur writing bogged it down.There is head-hopping galore, jumping from one character's POV to another to another within the same scene. There are scenes that are simply dialogue back and forth, until suddenly the narration mentions that such and such had just happened. Completely unimportant characters get names and backstories -- do I really need to know the name of the slave tr [...]

    12. Fantastic world buildingThis book is that type of book where you start out not liking the MC much, though you feel sorry for him at times, and then you meet the love interest and he's another one you can't like much. But they both change little by little and start to grow on you until you love them. This is where I tell you that this is also the type of book that rips out your heart and does a joyful tap dance on before it tells you sorry and squishes it all back into shape for you and hands it [...]

    13. I put off reading this book and all I can say is that it was a mistake. This book has it all; characters, story and writing are all fantastic. Very sensual with no long sex scenes. I still don't know whether to kick myself for not reading it sooner or pat myself on the back for saving the best for last. Either way, I loved this book.

    14. Rape victim completely overcomes his trauma (which was barely addressed to begin with) after having sex with his "destined one" once, never mentions it again. The rest was ok, even if the head-hopping got a little annoying sometimes.

    15. The dialogue was unnatural, stilted, and full of infodumping, and the characters were flat. I couldn't even make it through the whole kindle sample.

    16. ★★★☆☆½ ~ 3.5 StarsI waited too long to review - pretty good, action, drama, interesting world setting.

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