On the Merits of Unnaturalness

On the Merits of Unnaturalness Be aware my good Reader that this Pamphlet no matter how controversial its content must never fall into enemy Hands The most important piece of clairvoyant literature written in the twenty first c

  • Title: On the Merits of Unnaturalness
  • Author: Samantha Shannon
  • ISBN: 9781408881903
  • Page: 227
  • Format: ebook
  • Be aware, my good Reader, that this Pamphlet, no matter how controversial its content, must never fall into enemy Hands.The most important piece of clairvoyant literature written in the twenty first century, On the Merits of Unnaturalness is a pamphlet first published anonymously in 2031 by Jaxon Hall, the voyant who would later become the mime lord known as the White BindBe aware, my good Reader, that this Pamphlet, no matter how controversial its content, must never fall into enemy Hands.The most important piece of clairvoyant literature written in the twenty first century, On the Merits of Unnaturalness is a pamphlet first published anonymously in 2031 by Jaxon Hall, the voyant who would later become the mime lord known as the White Binder.Hall was the first to index both known and supposed forms of Unnaturalness, resulting in the classification of the Seven Orders This controversial piece of literature spread across the voyant underworld like a plague, revolutionising the syndicate but also creating discord in the form of brutal gang wars between the newly divided categories, the scars of which can still be seen today.Revelatory and subversive, On the Merits of Unnaturalness is a must read for any reader with a desire to further immerse themselves in the incredible world of Samantha Shannon s The Bone Season.

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    1. Samantha Shannon

      Samantha Shannon was born and raised in West London She started writing in abundance when she was twelve, started her first novel when she was fifteen, and studied English Language and Literature at St Anne s College, Oxford, from 2010 2013, graduating with a 2 1 In 2013, she published The Bone Season, the internationally bestselling first installment in a seven book series of fantasy novels Its first sequel, The Mime Order, was published in 2015, and she s currently editing the third book in the series, The Song Rising She is also working on a high fantasy novel Film rights to the Bone Season are held by the Imaginarium Studios, Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox Note I don t generally answer messages on , but please feel free to contact me on Twitter say_shannon , Tumblr sshannonauthor , or my blog.

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    1. This pamphlet is a stunning work of modern genius and cut-glass wit; in fact, I would go so far as to say that it is the most original and well-written piece of literature to have come out of the Republic of Scion in its entire history. It boldly sets forth one obscure writer's theory on the Seven Orders of Clairvoyance, backed up by meticulous research and framed by insightful and humorous footnotes. Beautifully presented by the Spiritus Club, it is the only pamphlet you need ever own, and I sh [...]

    2. This is a super helpful guide to anyone with some interest in The Bone Season series. I'm glad that this has been made available as an Ebook. It provides you with tons of details about the orders of clairvoyance and the many types of voyants in this series, not to mention has little side notes throughout that are straight from the mind of Jaxon Hall.Would recommend this companion to anyone who has read or is planning to read The Bone Season, because it can be a confusing series at the beginning. [...]

    3. Gdy po raz pierwszy spotkałam się z twórczością Samanthy Shannon wiedziałam, że jest zdolna do wielkich rzeczy, a jej wyobraźnia nie ma końca. W swoim Czasie Żniw młodziutka autorka stworzyła niespotykany dotąd podział na rasy, wśród których wyróżnia się różnych wróżbitow - od tych posługujących się kartami, przez wróżenie z fusów, na wizjach z wnętrzności zwierząt kończąc. Kontynuowała tę przygodę w Zakonie Mimów, gdzie nawet na moment nie zgubiła się w [...]

    4. This was actually so helpful in understanding aspects of the Bone Season world and it adds a lot to the world-building!

    5. Great little edition to The Bone Season series. Especially from Jaxons point of view, as flawed as it is. I helps clear up any confusion you might have within any of the books about the differences between clairvoyants. Great read and was very quick. 5 stars.

    6. It was interesting and boring at the same time. Same voyances where obvious since they are well known in the real world and others were new to me. However, you can definitely go without reading this "pamphlet".

    7. Review originally posted on my book blog:afrolicthroughfiction.wordpre RATED 4.5/5 STARS! *I received this book as a giveaway prize*Readers of The Bone Season will have heard of Jaxon Hall, and the pamphlet he wrote that shaped their modern society – called On The Merits Of Unnaturalness.Well, in case you hadn’t guessed already, this is that pamphlet.I honestly can’t get over how great this idea is. To publish the pamphlet, I mean. I’ve said countless amounts of times that the whole sett [...]

    8. like i really want to read this series but the first chapter has always confused and terrified me so upon discovering this exists and looking at the reviews, i have purchased this and am now ready to start reading this series soon i hope

    9. Wow, that was actually really useful. I wish there'd be an online version or something published at some point so that everyone can read it. Thankfully I took part in the preorder campaign so I have my own copy, but I know there'll be people out there who won't have a copy because they didn't know about the campaign, or didn't get in the first 500 or something.

    10. I was looking for something quick to read, with that fantastical element that I love, and this definitely hit the mark! I've been told to read The Bone Season for months now, but I heard that the magic system was pretty complex (at least, in regards to keep up with all the different clairvoyants). I love it when authors do things like this, when they go out of their way to make add that extra little bit of content. I loved how Samantha Shannon gave us insight into all of the different clairvoyan [...]

    11. I find it quite hard to rate things like this, because however good they may be's not a full book.That being said I really enjoyed this little novella (is that what we can call this?). Not only because it contains so much useful information, but also because we get some hilarious (although sometimes, in my humble opinion, flawed) notes by Jaxon Hall. These notes really transformed this novella (?) from an informative glossary into an interesting addition to this wonderful series for me.If you ar [...]

    12. Interesting look at the different psychic abilities in "The Bone Season" 'verse. Samantha Shannon has done an incredible job of building a future world where psychics are outlawed and hunted. Hunted by their own government, and hunted by creatures from the Aether. This pamphlet, "written" by Jaxson Hall, gives in-depth and detailed information on the different types of Voyants, what abilities their gifts bring, and how they utilize them. Really looking forward to the continuation of the series.

    13. An excellent addition to the series as it expands a bit more on the orders of clairvoyance and may help to lessen confusion while reading the other books in the series.

    14. it was good to know all of the info and it helps understand the bone season a little better, but i was bored while reading it. good thing it was super short

    15. Wine Pairing: Pour yourself a nice glass of Cabernet Sauvignon to rival the dry wit of this pamphlet's fictional author, the infamous Jaxon Hall, and settle in to learn everything you ever needed to know about the Clairvoyant world of The Bone Season series.It's rare for a companion text to be not only as necessary as this one is but, more importantly, as entertaining. Shannon truly embraces the character of Jax in this short work. His character shines through not only in the writing style but a [...]

    16. This was so much more than I expected when I grabbed a copy off a random table at The Book Con in May! It provides loads of details and information relevant to The Bone Season and The Mime Order and it gives some insight into the mind of Jaxon Hall which I, personally, loved. I only wish I had read it sooner so I could have had this info in my mind while reading the first two books!

    17. Personally, I found this pamphlet to be very illuminating! I am pretty familiar with the orders of clairvoyance, and the different types of voyant in the series, but it was really cool to take a look into this pamphlet that has influenced their regard of each other and themselves.

    18. Easy and quick read. Really informative and helpful to the series - it gives you a better understanding of the different clairvoyants and what each of them do. Now I'm just really interested to see what type of clairvoyants will make appearances in future books.

    19. This pamphlet helped me understand Samantha Shannon's book a lot better! It's a great little book to carry in your bag when you don't have a lot of time, but want something to read. Thank you Jaxon!

    20. „O wartościach odmienności” to broszurowy dodatek do serii „Czas Żniw” autorstwa Samanthy Shannon wydana w formie ebooka w 2016 roku. Broszura jest wspominana na kartach powieści już od pierwszego tomu i została napisana przez Jaxona Halla, ówcześnie używającego pseudonimu Mało Znany Pisarz.Ta kontrowersyjna ulotka ukształtowała obecny system jasnowidzenia i częściowo podzieliła to społeczeństwo. Przedstawia ona różne umiejętności jasnowidzenia, oraz dzieli ich na s [...]

    21. On the Merits is a companion piece to Samantha Shannon's series The Bone Season. It exists in the series as a pamphlet explaining the different types and levels of clairvoyance, and it's written by the main character's Mime Lord/boss, Jaxon Hall. I liked it because it gave a much clearer explanation of things than the visual at the beginning of the books. I also like the concept of bibliomancers (people who interact with the spirit world using books), and also psychographers (writers who are oft [...]

    22. Oh JaxonLoved reading the pamphlet after finishing The Bone Season. Helps make all the categories of clairvoyance more clear going into The Mime Order. The most important thing I learned from it, however, was the depth of ambition in Jaxon Hall. By publishing this work, he caused something like a race war among voyants, which he must have known could occur. Seems as though he didn't care, as long as he could start acquiring voyants he defined as powerful. Makes me even more curious about his tru [...]

    23. As someone who sucks at remembering who is who and differentiating what from what, this has been really informative. It explored the seven orders of clairvoyance really well. There were a few fun tidbits that really screams Jaxon Hall here and there and it was such a fun read (this is coming from someone who likethe bastard Jaxon). Definitely recommend this one to the readers of The Bone Season series.

    24. I actually really enjoyed this little pamphlet. It was a really nice way of getting back into this series and getting ready to read the third book after not reading the second book for two years. It was absolutely an information dump, but it also was written really well and you can really hear the character voice who is narrating the novella. Overall, this has just really gotten me excited to read the next book.

    25. This book was fun to read, though I will have to take it again to remember all the differences in Clairvoyance. I think this book is very usefull when reading Shannon's main series of this book . It really comes in handy to have this one next to the series when reading it, because I still can't keep all the different aura's apart! So really useful and fun to read! Expecially with Arobynn's notes!

    26. This information was good to know, but it was totally not necessary to The Bone Season story. This is the pamphlet that Jaxon writes in the series, and the whole time I could ONLY think of how angry I am at him for other things… ughRead more here!pointextaken.wordpress/20Aubrey Joy

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