Slush Four young boys pick up a coin and welcome its curse A sweet romance ends in a shallow grave to be revisited again and again A girl s field hockey team exacts revenge on their coach and her dreaded wh

  • Title: Slush
  • Author: Glenn Rolfe
  • ISBN: 9781502904386
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four young boys pick up a coin and welcome its curse A sweet romance ends in a shallow grave to be revisited again and again A girl s field hockey team exacts revenge on their coach and her dreaded whistle of the damned Parker Stephens discovers that some paths are not safe to walk after sunset.In these twelve dark and powerful tales, Glenn Rolfe, author of The HaunteFour young boys pick up a coin and welcome its curse A sweet romance ends in a shallow grave to be revisited again and again A girl s field hockey team exacts revenge on their coach and her dreaded whistle of the damned Parker Stephens discovers that some paths are not safe to walk after sunset.In these twelve dark and powerful tales, Glenn Rolfe, author of The Haunted Halls and Boom Town, welcomes you to the dark side Take his hand and slip into the shadowsEdited by Erin Sweet Al Mehairi Cover Art by Jason Lynch, Cover design by Glenn Rolfe

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    1. Glenn Rolfe

      Glenn Rolfe is an author, singer, songwriter from the haunted woods of New England He studied Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University, and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King, Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, and many others He and his wife, Meghan, have three children, Ruby, Ramona, and Axl He is grateful to be loved despite his weirdness.He is the author of Becoming, Blood and Rain, The Haunted Halls, Chasing Ghosts, Boom Town, Abram s Bridge, Things We Fear, Out of Range, and Slush He is hard at work on many Stay tuned With slashing claws and blood soaked fur, Glenn Rolfe s novel will have you howling in terror and delight A welcome addition to the werewolf mythos and proof that we re in the presence of a rising star in the genre Highly recommended Ronald Malfi, author of December Park Rolfe takes his writing cues form Richard Laymon, Jack Ketchum, with some haunts thrown in via the eerie style of Ronald Malfi Oh, For the Hook of a Book Glenn Rolfe s writing is a breath of fresh air, followed by a jolt of adrenaline Iain Rob Wright, author of The Final Winter Glenn Rolfe runs at the front of the pack with the best of today s emerging horror authors Terry M West, author of Heroin in the Magic Now Rolfe weaves a wonderful tale of big, bad things happening to a small, good town A sure winner Hunter Shea, author of The Mantauk Monster on Boom Town

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    1. Slush is a collection of short horror and dark fiction and the forward to the stories tantalizes:These stories will make you feel real, feel alive, feel creeped out, feel entertained, BUT the key word here is FEEL.Most books only succeed in making me feel bored, aggravated or frustrated or nothing at all. So it was with no great amount fear that I turned the first page of Slush, afraid if it didn’t make me feel something that I may truly be dead inside. So here goes.Skull of SnakesIt’s the s [...]

    2. Glenn Rolfe is one of my favourite up and coming writers (and he seems like a pretty decent guy to boot), so I picked up Slush, his recent short collection of 12 tales, with no small amount of expectation. Regardless of this, like most collections of short fiction, I found a mixed group of tales, most of which I liked and some of which I thought were excellent, while others missed the mark for me.To commence with those mark-missers, THE CURSE was a brave attempt at a supernaturally-fused revenge [...]

    3. *Review for audiobook version*This one by Glen Rolfe started a bit slow for me and I was mildly worried that the collection may be a wee light, but after the first few stories it really started to take off and get darker. For some of the stories…a lot darker.I listened to this one on audio and painted my entire bedroom while listening. While painting is not my bag, at least I was thoroughly entertained. At just a hair under 3 and a half hours it was timed perfectly too. The narrator did a grea [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this collection, every story was fantastic and remarkably well written. From the cover I assumed that this would a selection of fun horror stories and whilst the stories are exactly this they do have much more depth to them than I anticipated. Each piece deals with heartfelt emotions and tough situations and I was impressed by Glenn's ability to resonate with the reader, to make you feel along with the story and pull you in. There was various types of horror showcased in this [...]

    5. I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. And what a pleasure it was.As a reader, there are a variety of factors that make a story resonate with me. Diverse characters, interesting plots, unusual twists, originality. However, one thing I love the most is when a story speaks to me on a personal level. You know the stories; the ones that remind you of certain, important moments in your life and take you back to a near-forgotten time when life was not all that great o [...]

    6. Glenn Rolfe, of BLOOD AND RAIN, WHERE NIGHTMARES BEGIN and a few others, is quickly becoming one of my favorites in the recent crop of newer horror authors. And with SLUSH, a collection of 12 short stories, Rolfe clearly shows he's quite adept at spinning horror tales from just a page or two to a dozen or more. This nifty little dozen of dark delights spans from your classic revenge fantasy, with a ghoulish twist, to heart wrenching death, coming of age and teen angst, to glimpses into very twis [...]

    7. Once I had read the author's book, 'The Haunted Halls', I knew I had to read this collection of his shorter works. I'm delighted I did. With 'Slush', Glenn Rolfe shows his versatility as a horror author. He moves from ghostly to gory, by way of scares, frights and things that do rather more than bump in the night. Monsters, evil folk and demons abound in this highly recommended collection

    8. "We were different after. I gained an edge reminiscent of Arnie Cunningham in that Stephen King movie. You looked wounded, like an angel with corroded wings"Slush: noun•Partially melted snow or ice.•Excessive sentiment. (Informal)•A pile of unread manuscripts sitting on an editors desk awaiting acceptance or rejection. Probably consisting of writers who are not yet household names. Have you met Glenn, made your acquaintance with his work? No? Well, then you should rectify that. He may not [...]

    9. Glenn Rolfe’s short story collection, Slush, is a small volume of horror in what I am sure is a library of twisted nightmares conjured by the author. One of Slush’s greatest feats is it has mastered a proper table of contents order, which most collections fail to achieve. Rolfe has done an excellent job assembling these stories and wisely sticking them in the right places. The order they fall in make sense and casually carry the horrific atmosphere built up like a fine spider web. I wasn’t [...]

    10. My original Slush audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.A delightfully scary collection of short stories that touch on a variety of common nightmares!  How many of you have found a coin and picked it up?  How many have you left lying on the street for some other lucky soul?  Every child, high schooler and college age student has had a favorite coach, teacher, etc.  Just as many have had mean ones; ones that you wish the tables could be turned.  Even love and ro [...]

    11. It's horror, and horrible stuff happens, and.I really wanted to like this more. Of all of the stories here, the Halloween Worm starts well, and the Ballad of the Best Selling Author was probably the best fleshed out story here. In the rest of the collection, I think I needed more from the protagonists, and from the villains, as I didn't find a lot to get behind. Evil villain or crazy teen, you need a moment of deeper insight - even decency - and as someone who loves American Psycho and Barbie Wi [...]

    12. What a great surprise this has been. When I downloaded this free collection of horror stories, I didn't expect much. Usually, what they call horror is mostly either disgusting or not horrific at all. If you decide to read this book, brace yourself. In some of the stories, we are even inside the mind of the deranged killer. It's far from being all rosy and happy. They may not keep you awake at night but they will make you ponder a bit Great for Halloween! :)There were a few stories I didn't reall [...]

    13. I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast dot com.This collection of short stories was simply fantastic. I love short stories as much as I love novels. This author has definitely captured my attention and I will be looking up more of his work. Also, the narration was perfect.

    14. ‘Slush’ is Glenn Rolfe’s small collection of (mostly) horror short fiction released after the success of his debut novel ‘The Haunted Halls’. I was sent a copy of the collection in exchange for an honest review, and having not read his previous novel, this is my first foray into Rolfe’s fiction. Overall I found ‘Slush’ to be an enjoyable collection of short stories, though I found a few stories left me wanting something…different out of what I was reading, as opposed to what wa [...]

    15. Review from HorrorundergroundSlushAlien Agenda PublishingAuthor: Glenn Rolfe“I stepped over to the table, kicked it aside, exposing the four foot grave I made the night before. Six feet deep was the norm, but yours was much shallower-I didn’t want to have to do all that digging every time I needed to see you.”Since reading his debut novel, The Haunted Halls, I have become a huge fan of Rolfe’s work. The Haunted Halls is one of those rare debut novels that shines a light on a fresh new ta [...]

    16. Very interesting and creepy collection of 12 stories. Some made me cringe more than others, but I absolutely love it.

    17. WowThe stories in this collection, repulsed me ,sickened me and led me through an array of emotions that hasn't been accomplished by a book in a while this is horror at its finest.

    18. Great mix of stories of varying content. "Skull of Snakes" starts off things with a bang and doesn't slack off there. "I'm in Here" is just plain creepy, and some of the others are stand outs. All in all it is a great intro to the solid work you will find from Rolfe.

    19. Hot off the heels of his very first novel The Haunted Halls, comes a collection of 12 tales of terror. Glenn Rolfe is no stranger to writing chilling things, he’s been on the radar of some publishers for a while and was recently contracted by Samhain Publishing for a work in early 2015 entitled Abram’s Bridge. So this collection of short stories and micro/flash fiction fits nicely in between these releases.The influences on his stories are obvious, from his love of the 80’s to the author [...]

    20. (I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.)I do not give this book five stars, simply because I didn’t “love” it. I enjoyed it, yes, but it made me feel dirty in the way that a really good scary movie makes me feel dirty. I feel as if saying I “loved” it makes me seem as if I related deeply with one or more of the characters or situations found within these pages. And I refuse to even imply that. I give this listen 4 ½ stars, because it is well-written, the images it cr [...]

    21. From the Description:A collection of shorts stories, flash fiction and micro works. Slush will include previously published stories "Skull of Snakes", "Jackie Boy", and "Sweet 16", alongside a fresh batch of terrifying stories to help you sleep at night. This is Glenn Rolfe's first collection. His debut novel, The Haunted Halls, was published by James Ward Kirk Publishing in July of 2014.I was sent this collection of twelve stories for review. It was my first time reading anything by Glenn Rolfe [...]

    22. Glenn Rolfe knows horror.I have always enjoyed short stories but I still haven't learned to take my time with them. I slam them one after another like cheap whiskey and am always left wishing I had taken my time and spent some time contemplating them. One of the great things about short stories is that they usually leave enough unsaid that thinking about them afterwards is nearly as fun as the initial reading. The Delicious Death Of Parker Stephens was my personal favorite of the bunch. It read [...]

    23. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **This is an excellent collection of short horror storiesd I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of this genre.ey are all very vividly written and narratedd warningif you have a weak stomach you may not want to attempt this and Definitely do not try to eat while listening to itI was appalled and grossed out a few times.d I just had to laugh about it because I didn't stop listeninglol There is totally some bad peo [...]

    24. This is my second dip into Rolfe's pool of blood and slime. I recently read his novella, Boom Town, and was quite impressed. Slush, however, raised me to the status of diehard fan.All of the stories here are amazingly well-paced. The writing is clean, detailed and immersive. My favorites of the bunch were Jackie Boy, Ballad of a Best-Selling Novelist, and a nasty piece of work called Flaws.Another nice thing about Slush is that it works as a whole book, rather than just a bunch of pieces thrown [...]

    25. With SLUSH up-and-comer Glenn Rolfe delivers a collection of classic horror stories. "Skull Full of Snakes" kicks things off and sets the tone for the tales to follow. The tales contained within the pages of SLUSH are spooky, tragic, and, in the case of "Ballad of the Bestselling Author," humorous. Good horror should be all of these things and Glenn is a writer who understands this. Other standouts include "Sweet 16," "Jackie Boy," "I'm in Here," "Something Lost," and "The Curse," but this isn't [...]

    26. A nice delectable assortment of goodies here. Enough to satisfy anyone's palate! There were a few I didn't care for, but for the most part they were great. Some brought back childhood memories, while others made me throw up in my mouth, just a little! By the way, Ms. Haggis is the perfect name for a coach! Funny! Yep, I'd recommend this collection of stories and this author.

    27. Perfectly Twisted!An engaging, dark collection of character-driven shorts sure to delight! Rolfe flexes his talents as he spins tales for those who don't mind losing a bit of sleep after they read.

    28. Glenn Rolfe's Slush is a delightfully disturbing collection of short fiction. Sick, fun, repulsive, and heart-wrenching are just a handful of terms one could use to describe this varied menagerie of dark tales. A perfect read for the Halloween season.

    29. Like any good book of short stories, there are a couple from this one that will keep popping into my mind forever. Rat guts in particular will bug me for a while. Great book for gross outs and suspense that builds to satisfying finales.

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