No Biting!

No Biting Even the most angelic babies sometimes hit or bite and no one not Mommy or playmates or even the family pet is exempt when the adorable but frustrated toddlers in No Biting decide to act out But

  • Title: No Biting!
  • Author: Karen Katz
  • ISBN: 9780448425849
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Even the most angelic babies sometimes hit or bite, and no one not Mommy, or playmates, or even the family pet is exempt when the adorable, but frustrated, toddlers in No Biting decide to act out But just lift the flaps, and you ll discover that these babies know a better way to act after all Refreshingly honest and all too true, this funny book is one that babies andEven the most angelic babies sometimes hit or bite, and no one not Mommy, or playmates, or even the family pet is exempt when the adorable, but frustrated, toddlers in No Biting decide to act out But just lift the flaps, and you ll discover that these babies know a better way to act after all Refreshingly honest and all too true, this funny book is one that babies and parents will want to share again and again.

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      Karen Katz has written and illustrated many books for children, including The Colors of Us, Can You Say Peace, My First Ramadan, Counting Kisses and Where is Baby s Belly Button Long inspired by folk art from around the world, she was inspired to write her first book, Over the Moon, when she and her husband adopted their daughter from Guatemala, and she wanted to tell the story of welcoming Lena into their lives Katz loves to paint and experiment with texture, color, collage and pattern Besides an author and illustrator, she has been a costume designer, quilt maker, fabric artist and graphic designer Katz and her family divide their time between New York City and Saugerties, New Yorkcmillan author karenkatz

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    1. You lift an entire page not a cute little flap the way you're led to believe. It's not a board book either but more a book with thick Bristol board like pages. The pictures are big and baby friendly and the story offers "alternatives" to what you can do instead of saying you "can't do this because it's not nice/hurts" etc. which is a more positive way to change negative behavior in children. Focus on the good while mentioning that the bad isn't acceptable.

    2. "No Biting!" is a good book for toddlers as a concept picture book. The illustrations are of toddlers so I think that they are very appropriate and cute! On one page there is a statement such as "No pushing in line!" and on the opposite page there is a picture such as a child pushing another child in line that says "What can you push?" You can lift that picture up and there is another picture of the right thing to do instead underneath! That page says "A SWING!" with a picture of a child pushing [...]

    3. This is not a lift-the-flap book that we've come to love and associate to Karen Katz. But I saw this at the library and my daughter likes to bite your toes as a game. I've been trying to break her of this because it's not fun! It's getting better, but I thought, what the heck - maybe reading a book like this will help too. I wasn't sure how my daughter would take it because the format of the story is like this: "No _____. But what can you ___? You can ____ this" (i.e. "No biting your friends. Bu [...]

    4. I like books by Karen Katz, and I'm using this book No Biting in a timely manner with my two-years old grand-daughter, Ellie, who has turned from darling to biter in the last two weeks! I liked the clear message and behavior choices: What is NOT appropriate to bite (e.g fingers, friends)--and what IS (apples). In addition, this colorful, simple board book addresses lots of other toddler behavior (e.g no hitting Mommy, no pushing in line, no kicking the dog) with healthy alternatives. Age appropr [...]

    5. I had a few preschoolers who bit in my class so I used this book to go over some classroom rules. It starts with NO BITING, what can you bight? The kids screamed APPLE! You flip the page and there is an apple. Then it goes on to NO HITTING, NO SPITTING, NO KICKING, NO PUSHING, etc and gives the kids alternative things they can do instead. You can hit a drum, you can push a swing, you can kick a ball, you can spit when you are brushing your teeth I thought the illustrations were great and it help [...]

    6. We've had this book for years and just got another one by this author from the library. They are absolutely awesome. My kids love to read them over and over and over again in the same sitting, which is ok since it only takes 3 minutes to go through the whole book. Even Tanner can practically recite it. I love to hear him say "no tank you" on one of the manners book pages. I didn't realize this author had so many similar books out there; I'm anxious to get my hands on the others.

    7. This is a great book, especially for kids who are learning to control themselves. It starts off with "No biting your friends?" and asks "What can you bite?" You lift the flap and it says "Apples." Then it goes on to other common toddler problems like "No hitting mommy."It is most appropriate for babies and toddlers, but I could see it working with a preschooler if he or she has a behavior problem.

    8. Okay, I understand the intention of this book is to redirect a child's behavior, but this book is so simplified that it ignores the triggers for those behaviors. For example, the book says not to bite your friends, but you can bite an apple. When a child feels the need to bite it is usually a frustration issue or a language issue. This most probably won't be solved by sending the kid to the snack table.

    9. I like this book because it gives two examples for everything: "No biting your brother! What can you bite? An apple!" It has other examples like no hitting mom, hit a drum instead and no spitting on your friends, spit out your toothpaste in the sink instead.

    10. Great board book for helping kick bad toddler behaviors and replace them with the appropriate ones. This lift the flap book features a bad behavior and the alternative good behavior modeled beneath the flap. Pretty much covers all the bases (biting, kicking, spitting, pushing, hitting).

    11. E. likes the font size and change of expression on the kid drawings. But, she is still to young to deal with the flap. I though the whole page would be good, but it seems even easier to pull and tear unintentionally.

    12. This is a great picture book with few words that not only admonishes no biting but also no hitting, spitting, etc. But instead of just telling the toddler not to do something it gives an alternative to what/when they CAN bite, hit, spit, etc.

    13. My daughter was bit by another toddler at her daycare, and I was worried that she'd start biting as a way of retaliating, but this book has helped illustrate that you should never ever bite your friends.

    14. This is a cute little book about manners for children. I read it within minutes.------------------I won this book via the Reading Clean Blog Hop from Kristi's Book Nook.

    15. This is actually a book for toddlers, but it also comes in really handy for kiddos who need extra help in the social understanding department.

    16. Our library story time attendees loved providing answers for this quick peek at social behaviors such as biting, hitting, pushing, kicking, and spitting. Our theme was MANNERS.

    17. As simple and repetitive as it is, the book was exactly what we needed to help break some bad habits. Somehow reading and re-reading the book didn't sound like a broken record to her.

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