Bloom: navigating life and style

Bloom navigating life and style For me the word bloom encapsulates the idea that anything is possible when you put your mind to it It s a word that hints at becoming who you are meant to be Est e LalondeIn Bloom Est e shares the m

  • Title: Bloom: navigating life and style
  • Author: Estée Lalonde
  • ISBN: 9781785033650
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For me, the word bloom encapsulates the idea that anything is possible when you put your mind to it It s a word that hints at becoming who you are meant to be Est e LalondeIn Bloom, Est e shares the moments, people, things and life lessons that have made her who she is today and offers her tips for surviving life Celebrate your bloom story and what makes you unique For me, the word bloom encapsulates the idea that anything is possible when you put your mind to it It s a word that hints at becoming who you are meant to be Est e LalondeIn Bloom, Est e shares the moments, people, things and life lessons that have made her who she is today and offers her tips for surviving life Celebrate your bloom story and what makes you unique.Life People Work Beauty Fashion Home Travel FoodWhat readers think of Bloom Congratulations EsteeLalonde on your new book Bloom, which is so aethetically pleasing I just want to stare at it all day long Zoella Already up to page 91 of BloomBook and I ve laughed, cried and felt all the emotions I ve not read a book in years inthefrow Just finished reading BloomBook honest, refreshing, inspiring and moving lilyvtomlinson So BloomBook just arrived in my mailbox in Australia, I m 20 pages in, and already crying because it s so relatable HonorLuckhurst Reading Bloom is like reading the pages of my own journal I love it so much ashleyjlovesyou In love with BloomBook taraacaseyy I just started EsteeLalonde s book and I can t stop reading it, I m loving it so much FelicitybyFendi Just don t want to finish this book So inspiring, thank you EsteeLalonde for sharing your story NatureElf

    • Bloom: navigating life and style : Estée Lalonde
      423 Estée Lalonde
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      Estée Lalonde Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bloom: navigating life and style book, this is one of the most wanted Estée Lalonde author readers around the world.

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    1. I remember when YouTubers started publishing books - what a scandal! They weren't writing their books! They were just doing it for the money! AHHHH! Now that things have calmed down, I'm feeling a lot more at peace with the idea for two reasons: 1/ I've understood that these big money making books are useful to the industry so that publishing houses feel safer in giving smaller authors a chance, and 2/ better books are being (actually) written by YouTubers!I know for a fact that Estée wrote thi [...]

    2. I started watching Estee's videos on youtube a few years ago, and I was keen to give her book a go. But I must admit, I'm very disappointed by this offering. Firstly, there are a LOT of spelling mistakes/typos which is a surprise. Who the hell edited this?! It's very unprofessional. Secondly, the overall style and quality of the writing is very poor. I know Estee isn't really an intellectual, but this book is very simplistic. It seems to me that Estee's writing style is very much influenced by s [...]

    3. Just because I've watched some (not many) of her videos and enjoyed them - it does not obligate me to 'coo' and 'squee' at all her undertakings. This being one of them. Insanely indulgent, self-absorbed twaddle amidst a sea of embarrassingly careless grammatical and spelling errors. No doubt edited by a "blogger" also. It's as shallow as a kiddie pool - and much like said kiddie pool, has only 1 or 2 informative nuggets floating within it.Senseless pontification from a 2o-something!? Is this wha [...]

    4. First and foremost, I absolutely adore Estee. I've watched her videos for a few years and she is definitely one of my favorite Youtubers. She has a great personality, is super relatable, and even though I am not part of her core audience of 20-something millenials, I love watching her give lifestyle and self care advice. She is delightful. That being said, she is not a writer and this book was really disappointing. I liked the IDEA of covering all the key parts of her life - food, travel, fashio [...]

    5. 4/5I have been a longtime viewer of Estée Lalonde's YouTube channel, (shout-out to all the OG's who remember essie_button ;D) so as soon as she started talking about her book, I knew I would be pre-ordering that baby. I remember binge-watching all of her main channel videos once I'd found her, and then being so elated to find that she -- GASP -- had a vlog channel as well! While I think she is extremely talented and always delivers with such amazing content on her main channel, I have come to l [...]

    6. The problem is most likely that I am a writing major, and this was not intended to be a well-written, breakthrough nonfiction piece. There were so many moments that had the potential to become meaningful and beautiful, but Estée never went beyond the surface of her topics. She left me feeling as if she didn't trust me with the whole truth, the whole picture. But perhaps that's because she didn't write this for me- she wrote it for herself, as a capsule of where she is now and how she believes s [...]

    7. 4/5 StarsAbsolutely adored this. Estèe is such an inspiring woman and I loved reading about her past, her struggles and her everyday battles. All in all Bloom felt like one of her videos - but much more honest. Furthermore, the design was top notch! Everything felt genuinely authentic and real. Thumbs up!! Had to give it 4 stars because there were quite some typos and spelling mistakes and while I'm certainly guilty of doing that too, I find it rather annoying in a real published book.

    8. Yea, there are a few typos here and there but nothing takes away from what this book means to me. I may never get to meet Estee but getting to read about her life, knowing that she too went through things I went through, and seeing how powerful and confident she has become is absolutely inspiring. It's just amazing to read about someone you truly admire.

    9. Kay. I was flipping through some reviews of this book and it got a weeeee bit harsh. Yes, there were a number of spelling mistakes, yes, I felt like Canada was misrepresented every time it was mentioned, and yes, it was one of the more self-indulgent works I've read. However. The joy that receiving this book brought me and the amount that it pulled my bedside table colour scheme together (for months before I ever actually started reading it) really made me not care about the other stuff. I loved [...]

    10. While this book is gorgeously styled and presented, the content lacked depth and I'm not sure I discovered much more about Estee than I have on her YouTube channel. As the author, with such an expansive page extent, I expected more when it came to each topic in Estee's life. She doesn't really expand on any of the topics but whisks over them with cliches and general statements. I adore Estee's videos and her YouTube channel, however I think this book needed more attention to detail and a good ed [...]

    11. I feel really bad giving this a 2 star because I really do adore and admire Estee. This book is too surface level and broad. I wanted her to dive deeper into the topics she brought up. It felt like she was trying to cover too much and also give advice the whole time. In addition to this it just felt poorly edited. I hate being negative but I just wanted more from this.

    12. I was a little skeptical when Estèe announced that she was writing a book. I am glad I picked it up anyway. I adored this book. I've watched Estèe for a long time and being able to read more intimate details of her life was exciting. It was clear that she tried to be as honest as she felt could be about certain topics. I am forever jealous of her and Aslan's interior decorating skills.

    13. Picked this book up as I have followed the authors blog and youtube channel for several years. I really enjoyed the first half of the book where it was more personal & in-depth, but it gradually transitioned into a how-to/wish-washy/magazine/blog-esque ramble about food, fashion and travel. Some of the content was repeated throughout the various sections, but it was never acknowledged it was already mentioned. This is definitely much better than the other internet-star attempts at books that [...]

    14. I have been watching Estee's videos since my last year in college (so over three years now) and have been a huge fan so I was definitely excited when she announced that she was coming out with a book. I really loved reading about her past, especially her move from Canada to London and how she always felt like a loner when she was a kid (something that I could relate to very much). If you haven't watch her videos I definitely recommend to give them a go and her book really gives a great insight o [...]

    15. I've been following Essie for years. She is my absolute favorite person I've never met! This book is a well-written easy read, and surprisingly personal . Laughed, cried, laughed some more, but mostly cried. She is relatable, funny, gorgeous and all around girl goals! Keep making amazing content, Estee! Love you to bits! Aslan and Reggie too! PS: I think #Vlogula is adorbs! =)

    16. This review is originally posted on Carlie The Bookish Girl--------------------------------------------------"If everyone travelled there would be much less hate in this world because it's difficult to hate something you understand."Am I a huge fan of Estée? I wouldn't say I am for I have only watched one of her videos before I got this book. So why did I pick up this book? First, it was because of its color scheme and texture. Second, the simple yet aesthetic layout caught my eyes. Last but d [...]

    17. I will risk the chance of sounding redundant and echo what many people have already said in the reviews. Estée may have a passion for writing since she was young (like I was), but she isn't a writer. She hasn't fine-tuned or perfected her craft along the way, so this book reads off more as magazine articles woven together rather than a complete autobiographical work. There is nothing wrong with this – in fact, I enjoyed reading this book immensely. It was light, fun and heart lifting. Delving [...]

    18. Finished this book in 2 days, loved it. Very down to earth and relatable, very Estee. It was interesting to hear more about her life before and away from youtube and the usual platforms that we see her life in, this felt a lot more real. I really enjoyed reading it and the photography and design formatting of the book was so clean and fresh, very nice.

    19. This book was so much more than a youtuber book I've always loved Esteé and her personality comes wholly through this lovely aesthetically pleasing book. It's like she's talking to us as a friend about how to feel fab and get through life but by no means is this a how to book with tips and tricks it's so much more than that, so if you need a boost in confidence then pick this up!

    20. I did enjoy this book and it made me feel inspired - which I think is what Estee was going for. I liked the laid back vibe of the book. However, there were some glaringly obvious spelling mistakes that I am surprised the editor did not catch.

    21. I love estee and genuinely enjoyed reading the book, but found the typos and repeat explanations of certain things a bit distracting. I wish it read more smoothly.

    22. Best book I've read this year and one that I will always keep! I can see myself having a crappy day and pulling this out to recenter and love myself better. Loved it!

    23. repetitive & somewhat unoriginal advice & lessons at times, but overall Estée's words and stories did make me think more about my life and my 'bloom' journey-- making her successful in her goals in writing this book. I enjoyed the insight into her life and found it to be a worthwhile read if you're a fan of Estée's. (Also-- it was lovely meeting you at Selfridges back in October, Estée!! I'm a longtime subscriber & am so proud of all you've accomplished!)

    24. One of my favorites parts was the story of her and Aslan, and how they met. Overall this memoir has a nice balance of personal details and advice, more personal than the latter and the advice sounds more like suggestions and are not blatantly stated with a "you should". I only wish the afterward was a bit longer. The photographs are beautiful too.

    25. Light read for when you don't really want to read anything serious. She is not a writer so don't have any high school expectations. Giving it three stars because i could strongly relate with the parts where she is talking about the struggles of moving into a different country and the anxiety that comes with it. Lovely photos throughout the book

    26. A feel good book filled with inspiration, self-love and empowerment. Happiness in a little package. .Please pick this book up if you are looking for any creative inspiration or just to feel good.

    27. very easy book to read, not much knowledge gained though. I t is basically her blog, as a viewer of her channel I felt I knew everything she talked about in the book so it was repetitive. There are multiple spelling mistakes (surprise !) but the book is a piece of art where the photographs are amazing and the paper quality is stunning. It is a nice book for your coffee table.

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