Sarazen's Vengeance

Sarazen s Vengeance Book of the Sarazen Saga This book is part of a SERIES It could be read alone and enjoyed as is Suggested to be read following Book Sarazen s Claim There is a happy ending but as this is part

  • Title: Sarazen's Vengeance
  • Author: Isabel Wroth
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 1.1 of the Sarazen Saga This book is part of a SERIES It could be read alone and enjoyed as is Suggested to be read following Book 1, Sarazen s Claim There is a happy ending, but as this is part of a SERIES, the ever after part comes later Not a cliffhanger so much as a continuation Having gone from invisible engineering personnel, to one of the few remaining humBook 1.1 of the Sarazen Saga This book is part of a SERIES It could be read alone and enjoyed as is Suggested to be read following Book 1, Sarazen s Claim There is a happy ending, but as this is part of a SERIES, the ever after part comes later Not a cliffhanger so much as a continuation Having gone from invisible engineering personnel, to one of the few remaining human survivors, Andi Starsong is struggling to acclimate to her new situation She s been identified as a potential mate by one of the hulking Sarazen warriors, and if that wasn t terrifying enough, he s come to claim her Ohlen s little mate is terrified of him Despite having done everything he can think of to put her at ease, Andi shies from him each time he so much as glances his way He can no longer deny the roaring of his beast, the instinct that tells him she is in danger He has no choice He must claim her When the warship reaches Sarazen territory, Ohlen and Andi must navigate their blossoming bond and the danger of the treachery brewing within the pride Treachery that could destroy than just their bond.

    • Sarazen's Vengeance - Isabel Wroth
      122 Isabel Wroth
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    1. Reread March 2017I actually think I enjoyed this one more this time around. It's more like 4.5 Stars for me this time. Ohlen is absolutely perfect. He does and says the most perfect things. Ms Wroth seems to write some really awesome and well, perfect heroes.Originally read September 2016When we were first introduced to Andi and Ohlen in book 1, I knew right away I couldn't wait to read their story and it was just as I hoped.Andi has been abused since she was 16. She was overlooked and never pro [...]

    2. 3.5 starsIt is tough to read a novella about a couple that got a lot of face time in the first book. There was a lot of repetition. Yes we now get their POVs but no much new came from them. Once their story deviated from the main couple's it got better. That being said, the hero is still swoon worthy in how he treated Andi. So caring and sweet. And I was so proud of how Andi handled this experience. Her history was horrible!Plus we get more info on the overarching storyline so it was worth the t [...]

    3. Will come back to. A bit bummed out since I discovered that these men could have been with other women in the past. The first book gave me the wrong impression, that they weren't attracted to other women, and just longed to meet their mate, their one. I liked my delusional fantasy better. hehe

    4. 2.5 rounded to 3 stars. Too repetitive for my tastes. Second half was okay. Book source: Kindle Unlimited subscription.

    5. If you read and liked the first book in this series (which I did), you should enjoy this one.It tells the events of that book with a movement forward in the series plot arc from another couples point of view.The writing isn't lazy as you see the overlapping scenes in a new way.The hero is beyond perfect and heroine is pretty shatter by an abused and tortured past but she heals in the book. I do enjoy that there are no lack of communication issues in the book and when something occurs to change h [...]

    6. I liked this one more than the 1st one. I loved the H/h. They were awesome together. You could feel their emotional connection. There was repetition of a few scenes from the 1st book & this included exact dialogue The author could of replaced those scenes w/ new scenes between the MC. The story starts where book 1 also started but is told in 3rd ppov focusing on the H/h. I loved them so going back & watching their courtship unfold was awesome. You do get a lot of new scenes & the boo [...]

    7. The hero in this book has to me one of my all time favorite male leads. He was so supportive, caring and so understanding of the heroine. His patience and gentle nature to her seemed so incredibly realistic. The one thing that I wasn’t a huge fan of, was that in book 1 I was under the impression that the hero had no prior intimate relationships. I would have much preferred that he had only been with the heroine. This would have easily bumped this book up to a 5 star read for me personally. Ove [...]

    8. Going into this one I knew it might upset me a little just because of what the h went through it did but it was also glorious. Seeing her turn from the meek self hating person to a creature of strength was lovely.And Olheno m g. his compassion love and patience.t as story heavy as book one but with it being a novella I didn't expect it to be. The only negative I have to say is the previous book was recapped with some of the exact same scenes as last book. Like copy and pasted from one book to th [...]

    9. This is the voice of the author.I'm working on getting GR to load me into their author program, but just wanted to let everyone here know, in case you hadn't heard-TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY TO PURCHASE THIS TITLE AT ITS DISCOUNTED RATE!!If you're curious why I discounted it, follow the link to my blog for the answer. isabelwroththewriter.

    10. Don't read this until you've read SarazensPositives: Good writing, loving relationships, interesting plotlines. Personal relationship preference: I like Clary from the first book better than Andi, as Andi is naturally much more submissive, provided she is able to trust her partner. I find Clary more interesting because she initiates her own choices, while Andi tends to react, whether that's once Ohlen directs her to do something or once he makes it clear he's allowing her to make the choice. The [...]

    11. Great bookReally enjoyed this, alternate POV running alongside the first book. It can be read as a standalone but it's better to read book 1 first

    12. DNF at I don't even know what percent- I'm so sad that this book sucked. I absolutely loved the first book and thought it was a wonderful start to what was going to be a kick ass sci-fi romance series. Unfortunately the author chose to do nothing in this second book but retell the story from book, just from another perspective. Nothing new at all, at least to the point I got to. I'm so disappointed. No idea why she chose to release the story like this. Maybe it will be worth a read for others bu [...]

    13. A good read by a promising authorThis is the second book in this series and I think you will need to read the first one to truly appreciate this one. This book is good enough to enjoy as it is. I just expected more from this story. I thought this would be Andi's back story. The struggle she had with Ethen and how she came to be rescued. But it basically picked up with the rescue of the humans. That being said, I love Ohlen and Andi's story she was so traumatized and Ohlen is so patient and under [...]

    14. part 2 of a series of linked novels about fierce alien warrior/shifters finding destined mates among drifting humans and the uncovering of a long conspiracy going right to the top of the alien culture for decades.

    15. After reading Tarek and Clary's story, I was worried that this book was gonna repeat the exact same events from Andi and Ohlen's POV. But nope, except for one or two passages, we got to read about a lot more, understand the characters and the world they now live in so much better.I fell in love with Ohlen, his devotion, tenderness and violent protectiveness toward Andi. And I absolutely loved how Andi learned to trust him, to love him, to fight for him, for them.Another amazing story set in an a [...]

    16. Good read.This story was a good sequel to the first book. It told Andi's story from the start and built from that. It has a strong story line that involves the traitors getting Andi and threatening everything she has come to care about. The cost could be great and could cause the bond between her and Ohlen to be tested. Looking forward to the next book.

    17. B+ = Much better when it comes to punctuation. I had the thought that they should require all matings follow the same as Ohlen and Andi's. Him giving her his memories really worked.

    18. The ending left you hanging but over all I really like it.It was good to be a 1.1 I think that by having such strong female characters come from tragic backgrounds it gives the readers something t relate to.

    19. Book 2 is great! I am loving this new series by Isabel Wroth! The Sarazen's new mates arrive on the planet and are trying to fit in. Andi and Ohlen are getting very close. Unfortunately, there is treachery afoot from an unknown faction who aren't happy about the humans mating with the natives. Then Andi is stolen away by this faction using illegal technology and given a high dose of a pollen which blocks her ability to use telepathy with Ohlen. Rescued, the search for a cure begins as at the sam [...]

    20. 3.5 starsgood continuation of seriesI read this immediately after reading book 1. It was a great continuation of the series, but unfortunately still had a fair amount of grammatical and weird context errors. Again, the story has all the right stuff, but the errors are frequent enough to detract from the total reader experience. I had hoped for some improvement with this second book. The story picks up as Ohlen meets Andi and continues down their fragile journey to finding love. The chemistry was [...]

    21. So the first 70% (approx) of this book covers the same territory as Sarazen's Claim but from Andi and Ohlen's pov. The last 30% is where we get the real action! The hint of a far reaching conspiracy that began in the first book is continued here and Andi proves that despite her vulnerabilities, she is one tough chick. Overall, not quite as good as the first book and if I had read the two stories back to back, I think I would have found this one a bit repetitive but it is still an awesome read. B [...]

    22. Book 1.1This book is definitely a follow-up book. This book tells Andi and Ohlen's story. In order for it to make good sense, you need the back story from the first book. In this book you get a lot of little vignettes of Andi's and Ohlen's specific story against the back drop of the larger story, but only enough of the larger story is told so that you are not lost in it and you won't understand what is really going on without reading the first book first. That said, they finish up the story by a [...]

    23. Amazeballs! Smallest spoiler alertThis story is basically a retelling of the first book with the same plot only we are seeing it from the eyes of Ohlen and Andi(goes a little further than the first book to answer a little more of the mystery)! AndI is basically the runt of the humans the smallest and the weakest, and scared of her own shadow. We see how Ohlen is so sweet and adorable with his mate and how he cares for her. How he would go to any lengths(gory gruesome bone shattering heart rippin [...]

    24. Loved itLoved Andii and Ohlen's story. I don't know if it was instinct, his warrior training or life experience, likely a bit of all, but he knew what he needed to do to make Andi feel safe and to give her power and self confidence. He knew when to push and when to back off. I hurt for then at the loss of their mental link. They also seem to have the strongest bond as a mated pair starting early in their relationship, with unwavering trust and love. A little more is learned about the traitors. W [...]

    25. Nice readSo far, I'm really pleased with this series. I hope it continues. In bombardment, we see how timid fragile Andi mates with Olyen and takes to her new society as a hybrid shifter. She becomes stronger along the way, but loses something important with her mate caused by the bad guys. Lots of intrigue trying to figure out who the traitors are, why they're doing it, and why have they targeted the humans? Lots of questions, I'm hoping get more answers in future installations. The doctors, Br [...]

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