Ghost Variations: The Strangest Detective Story In Music

Ghost Variations The Strangest Detective Story In Music The strangest detective story in the history of music inspired by a true incident A world spiralling towards war A composer descending into madness And a devoted woman struggling to keep her faith in

  • Title: Ghost Variations: The Strangest Detective Story In Music
  • Author: Jessica Duchen
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  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The strangest detective story in the history of music inspired by a true incident A world spiralling towards war A composer descending into madness And a devoted woman struggling to keep her faith in art and love against all the odds 1933 Dabbling in the fashionable Glass Game a Ouija board the famous Hungarian violinist Jelly d Ar nyi, one time muse to composThe strangest detective story in the history of music inspired by a true incident A world spiralling towards war A composer descending into madness And a devoted woman struggling to keep her faith in art and love against all the odds 1933 Dabbling in the fashionable Glass Game a Ouija board the famous Hungarian violinist Jelly d Ar nyi, one time muse to composers such as Bart k, Ravel and Elgar, encounters a startling dilemma A message arrives ostensibly from the spirit of the composer Robert Schumann, begging her to find and perform his long suppressed violin concerto She tries to ignore it, wanting to concentrate instead on charity concerts But against the background of the 1930s depression in London and the rise of the Nazis in Germany, a struggle ensues as the spirit messengers do not want her to forget The concerto turns out to be real, embargoed by Schumann s family for fear that it betrayed his mental disintegration it was his last full scale work, written just before he suffered a nervous breakdown after which he spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital It shares a theme with his Geistervariationen Ghost Variations for piano, a melody he believed had been dictated to him by the spirits of composers beyond the grave As rumours of its existence spread from London to Berlin, where the manuscript is held, Jelly embarks on an increasingly complex quest to find the concerto When the Third Reich s administration decides to unearth the work for reasons of its own, a race to perform it begins Though aided and abetted by a team of larger than life personalities including her sister Adila Fachiri, the pianist Myra Hess, and a young music publisher who falls in love with her Jelly finds herself confronting forces that threaten her own state of mind Saving the concerto comes to mean saving herself In the ensuing psychodrama, the heroine, the concerto and the pre war world stand on the brink, reaching together for one chance of glory REVIEWS OF GHOST VARIATIONS The Jewish Chronicle Schumann s lost concerto and a virtuoso femme fatale keep you gripped and guessing in Ghost Variations Set in 1930s London, this musical mystery by Jessica Duchen strikes a hot blooded tune with grace notes from beyond the grave The story centres on Jelly d Aranyi, Hungarian, part Jewish violinist and siren muse of Bartok, Ravel and Elgar The Daily Mail John Suchet s Best Read of the Year, 2016 A thrilling read set in Thirties London and Germany It s the true story of Robert Schumann s lost violin concerto, and the race between a Hungarian violinist and the Third Reich to find and perform the work.

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    1. Jessica Duchen

      Jessica was born in London After studying at Cambridge, she worked as an editor in music publishing and magazines for ten years.Her latest novel, Ghost Variations, is based on a true incident in the 1930s the bizarre rediscovery of the long suppressed Schumann Violin Concerto A thrilling read John Suchet, The Daily Mail.The earlier novels focus on the tensions and cross currents between family generations, including the rearing of a child prodigy Alicia s Gift and the long term effects of displacement and cultural clashes Hungarian Dances Jessica s journalism has appeared in The Independent, The Guardian and The Sunday Times, plus numerous music magazines She gives pre concert talks at venues including the Wig Hall, the Southbank Centre and Symphony Hall Birmingham Having created concert versions of Alicia s Gift, Hungarian Dances and Ghost Variations, she often narrates their performances Her play A Walk through the End of Time, introducing Messiaen s Quartet for the End of Time, has been performed at music festivals in the UK, France and Australia Jessica lives in London with her violinist husband and two cats She enjoys hiking, cooking, playing the piano and plundering second hand bookstores for out of print gems Facebook page facebook jessicawords

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    1. Jessica Duchen’s 'Ghost Variations' is an evocative and beautifully-crafted story inspired by real-life events. It’s 1933, and Jelly d’Arányi – the famed Hungarian violinist – is tapping the boards when she receives an abrupt message from the late Robert Schumann. The composer wants her to track down and play an unknown violin concerto, which he had apparently written in life.Shumann’s mysterious concerto turns out to be real – its existence having been concealed by the composer [...]

    2. Music, mystery, beautiful writing and a story that proves reality is weirder than fiction I’m writing this review on behalf of Rosie’s Book Review Team. I was given an ARC copy of this book and I voluntarily chose to review it.I enjoy reading in a variety of genres but have recently realised that I really enjoy historical fiction, as it offers me both, great stories and a background that’s interesting in its own right and that often offers me insight into eras and situations I know little [...]

    3. A captivating and enticing read. At the heart of this book is a poignant story of a great violinist, Jelly d'Aranyi, or "An Artist of the Floating World"( to borrow from Ishiguro) trying to come to terms with an ever alienating society and the world as it is rapidly approaching another Great War. Although the main plot is the search for a Schumann violin concerto, it seems almost secondary, an effect rather than a cause. As Jelly is getting older she laments times past, with a brilliantly succe [...]

    4. The overall idea for this is interesting but I found this a bit more romantic than I prefer. It wasn’t a page turner and for me got interesting just past halfway. If you like this time and music, this will be of high interest. Also sad to see so much of history of the past repeating itself now. Would love to hear the work now.

    5. There are so many strands to this book, so many different things that have their own unique appeal. Firstly, it is beautifully written and an absolute pleasure to read. Secondly, its subject matter is intriguing, and a book that mixes fact and fiction is something that really appeals to me. The mystery of the concerto, the story around its discovery, the back story about Schumann himself which is heart-breaking, and the historical detail that seems so particularly relevant today - all these thin [...]

    6. Set in 1930s Britain and strongly based on real events, Ghost Variations is resonant with attitudes and feelings relevant to us now. Jessica Ducheny tells the story of renowned violinist Jelly d’Aranyl towards the end of her career. At 42, she feels the need for a new purpose which is partly fulfilled by a series of free concerts, open to everyone, in the finest cathedrals in the land. Jelly and her sister had been brought to England from Hungary, when she was in her teens and Jelly’s consid [...]

    7. In this novel, Jessica Duchen manages a neat trick, and I don't quite know how she did it. On the one hand, it is a very persuasive reconstruction of an extraordinary true story from the music world - namely, the apparent discovery of a 'lost' Schumann concerto via spirit messages, and the subsequent premieres in Germany, the US and the UK in the 1930s. It's a fascinating story filled with fascinating characters, struggling to maintain their roles in a world that is becoming increasingly hostile [...]

    8. This is a fascinating work of fiction that makes such an interesting story it is difficult to remember it's based on very real events! Set in London in 1933, this novel opens with a Ouija board game which reveals to the Hugarian violinist, Jelly d'Aranyi, a message from the composer Schumann asking her to find a missing violin concerto. This search for the concerto then takes us to Germany as it is discovered that the Nazi's are also intrigued by the power of this piece of music and how they mig [...]

    9. I wish I'd liked this book more. There are some very nice reviews here about it.I just thought it was ok.Violinist Jelly d'Aranyi does one of those glass-moving-to-various-letters on a Ouji board things and finds herself in receipt of a message from the dead composer Richard Schumann. She is to find his lost final concerto.You know when you have something unbelievable to explain to folk (like, the bloke living next door is really a werewolf) and everyone you tell thinks you are quite daft. Well, [...]

    10. This is a novel based on a true story, and the true story reads better than the novel. A musician gets a message from the spirit world about a missing composition by Robert Schumann and sets about finding it. The problem is that it's in a German museum, she's part-Jewish and Hitler is consolidating his grip on power. The novel mixes fact and fiction and, unfortunately, allows a lot of the interesting parts to take place off-screen (so to speak). It's quite readable, but could have been a lot bet [...]

    11. As the title suggests, this certainly is one hell of a strange story. It’s also quite captivating and beautifully written – I had to abandon my other two reads (also historical fiction set in a similar period) to see this one through to the end.The novel is a skillful re-imagination of historical events, telling the story of the rediscovery of the last work of Robert Schumann (the violin concerto in D minor) from the night it came to the attention of renowned Hungarian violinist Jelly d’Ar [...]

    12. Excellent novel about the discovery of a Violin Concerto by Robert Schumann that was discovered back in the 1930's. based on a true story.

    13. Ghost Variations is created from real people and true events which occurred during their lives; history dramatised into a rich and enchanting narrative.Jelly d’Arányi, the central character, is a renowned Hungarian violinist, living in 1930s London with her sister, Adila and her family. Jelly has been the muse for several famous composers and is dedicated to her music, to the exclusion of her personal life, especially since she lost the man she loved at the Battle of the Somme during WWI. The [...]

    14. I think we all know that if there’s the word ghost in the title I will probably want to read it and this one was no exception. I loved the sound of this book, historical fiction and ghosts, also music and a single female lead character? Yes please. Luckily this book was exactly what I was looking for and I really enjoyed it. The book takes place in London in the early 1930’s and features out main character Jelly searching for a lost violin concerto that was brought to her attention by the sp [...]

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