A Warriner to Rescue Her

A Warriner to Rescue Her Tempted by the damsel in distress Captain James Warriner is startled to find a curvaceous beauty caught up a tree in his orchard Despite his shattered leg he rescues Miss Cassandra Reeves then is de

  • Title: A Warriner to Rescue Her
  • Author: Virginia Heath
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tempted by the damsel in distress Captain James Warriner is startled to find a curvaceous beauty caught up a tree in his orchard Despite his shattered leg, he rescues Miss Cassandra Reeves, then is determined to have nothing to do with the enticing vicar s daughter Except when Cassie seeks Jamie out to apologize, they find themselves persuaded to work together onTempted by the damsel in distress Captain James Warriner is startled to find a curvaceous beauty caught up a tree in his orchard Despite his shattered leg, he rescues Miss Cassandra Reeves, then is determined to have nothing to do with the enticing vicar s daughter Except when Cassie seeks Jamie out to apologize, they find themselves persuaded to work together on her storybook Secret liaisons with the dashing soldier make Cassie wish Jamie would rescue her once by making her his wife

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    1. Virginia Heath

      I live on the outskirts of London with my understanding husband and two, less understanding, teenagers After spending years teaching history, I decided to follow my dream of writing for Harlequin Now I spend my days happily writing regency romances, creating heroes that I fall in love with and heroines who inspire me When I m not doing that, I like to travel to far off places, shop for things that I do not need or read romances written by other people.

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    1. I've given this an A- at AAR, so that's 4.5 stars rounded up.When I read the first book in Virginia Heath’s Wild Warriners series, A Warriner to Protect Her I was instantly smitten with Captain James Warriner – Jamie – the second eldest brother and former officer who is no longer able to serve due to a debilitating injury to his leg. In that book, Jamie emerged as a taciturn man who will do anything for those he loves, whose outwardly gruff manner hides the heart of a romantic and the soul [...]

    2. If he'd had any breath left in his lungs, he probably would have screamed in agony. All that came out instead was a weird hiss. Jamie thanks to his ancestors and over a decade of growing, he was now an ox of a man. An ox of a man with a useless left leg.This is book 2 in Virginia's Warriner Series. Well were do I start I loved it as I knew I would from start to finish, it made me laugh and also made me cry, I love the way Virginia writes she makes you engage with the characters.Jamie Warriner or [...]

    3. Gosh, I really liked this one.I selected A Warriner to Rescue Her because of the high marks awarded this author’s work by my fellow reviewers, who, I’m happy to say, didn’t steer me wrong!. The four Warriner brothers are outcasts in their community due to the sins of their forefathers and no matter how hard they work to redeem the family’s name it’s an uphill climb. Things are made worse when a militant reverend moves into their town and is set on making an example of the scandalously [...]

    4. The second in a four-book series this story is every bit as good as the first.When a story makes your heart race, makes you cheer, laugh and cry, makes your stomach churn, makes you dream about the characters, makes you want to reach for the book as soon as you wake in the morning and every spare moment after that, you know the author has a winner on her hands.Such a book is A Warriner to Rescue Her. Jamie and Cassie are wonderful together. Both are damaged by their experiences in life – Jamie [...]

    5. Received this arc in return for an honest review , 3 😊 on the naughtiness scale , 5* as I Utterly loved this amazing book.I literally could not put this awesome book down, was completely drawn in to the story and emotions of the characters as they unfolded having read #1 which I loved I knew what I may expect but it still blew me out of the water and I so very much enjoyed it, definitely cant wait to read #3 in the near future as the characters unfold more definitely adore this series and the [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars as reviewed at Roses Are Blue: wp/p3QRh4-zFJamie Warriner is one of four brothers who had been trying hard to bring their farm back to prosperity, and to eradicate the stain on their family name after years of cheating, neglect, and waste by their now deceased father. When older brother, Jack, married an heiress, their financial problems were solved, and Jamie now had time to go back to something he loves – painting beautiful scenery and wildlife. As a child, Jamie suffered terrible [...]

    7. As the song goes “Holding out for a Hero” and along comes Captain James Warriner and all our wishes have been granted. Virginia Heath has created the most unpretentious hero I’ve ever read about and I was swooning over Captain James, Jamie, with every page. Captain James was a wounded soul, a young man of 27 not long since returning home after fighting in the Napoleanic war and then being held captive for months and during his escape he was shot several times leaving devastating injuries t [...]

    8. This is the second book about the Warriner brothers and I loved it. James, aka Jamie, was badly wounded fighting Napoleon and lives in pain with a bad leg. His black stallion is as grouchy as James. While out riding, he comes across a dun pony with no rider. He discovers a young woman, Cassie, stuck in the tree that she climbed to get apples for her pony. Unfortunately, the tree limbs weren’t strong enough and they end up falling out of the tree. Cassie is the daughter of the new vicar who is [...]

    9. Today I finish the 2nd book in Virginia Heath's Wild Warriners series, "A Warriner to Rescue Her". And I loved it!I had found Captain James Warriner very interesting when I read about him in the first book, and I was so excited to read about him in this book because I truly felt there was something really special in his heart and he deserved love too.The book starts with Jamie finding Miss Cassandra Reeves stuck in a tree and in need of help to get down. Which meant that Jamie had to climb the t [...]

    10. The beauty which Virginia Heath writes with will leave any reader wholly satisfied. A Warriner to Rescue Her is tautly written, generously vivid, and captivatingly intense with a wry wit beneath a healthy dose of dramatic goodness. Nuanced, engaging characters soar off the pages with expressive grandeur and the compelling plot had me swooning throughout the romantic bits. Jamie has such a fragile soul. Beneath his tough veneer is a man haunted by the ghosts of his past. But who better to turn hi [...]

    11. This is a sweet romance. Watching them fall in love over the children's stories they are working on together was adorable, and even though they both have some dark secrets they are dealing with, there is a gentleness about the way they fall in love that lets you see how they would be together after they've dealt with their scars.Also, I was totally imagining his drawings as David Small illustrations.

    12. Well, I appear to be in the minority here but this book was just okay for me. So many glowing reviewsI was expecting much more. Perhaps it was not a good idea to read it after reading a book by wordsmith Meredith Duran. This seemed simplistic and the writing almost seemed at a juvenile level. I hate to sound so snarky when I have no idea what it would take to write a novel but I basically had to force myself to finish the book. Pages and pages were devoted to the meaning behind a kiss. Both the [...]

    13. I had written that the previous book, A Warriner to Protect Her, was supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, how could A WARRINER TO RESCUE HER compete? Am I allowed to use the same superlative? It is as spectacular!Cassandra “Cassie” Reeves is stuck in a tree while fetching apples for her pony Orange Blossom. Captain James Warriner hears her cries of distress. He rescues her in what is one of the most funny, sensual and delightful opening scenes I have ever read, and it only goes uphill from th [...]

    14. Our hero, Captain James, ‘Jamie’ Warriner, is an ex-soldier, skilled in the acts of violence but an artist with a delicate touch. The ghosts of war and an abusive father still haunt Jamie. He believes he is dangerous; a broken man, not only physically but mentally and spiritually.Jamie is the very essence of everything male with splashes of ‘feminine’ insightfulness and sensitivity that make his character multifaceted and incredibly rich in depth. He is scarred and he is beautiful. If on [...]

    15. I had high hopes in the beginning for this one because Jamie was a wounded military man and I tend to like that trope. There's physical and emotional healing to write about. The heroine, too, had promise. Her father is the new local vicar and a stern fire and brimstone type. Jamie is afraid of the dark because of time spent in a French gaol and Cassie is afraid of being enclosed in a dark room because her father's punishments are to lock her in her room without light so they have demons in commo [...]

    16. The second Warriner book stayed with me longer than the first did. I really wanted it to go on so I could find out what happened next. We meet Cassie, our heroine, when she's behaving in a totally inappropriate manner – climbing a tree – but it's written in such a way that I completely believed this young lady would act like this. I laughed out loud at their meeting, and the way he suffered for it. In fact, there were quite a few laugh out loud moments, and some lump-in-throat ones, too. The [...]

    17. I absolutely adored the first Wild Warriner book and the second one definitely doesn’t disappoint. Captain Jamie Warriner - back from the Napoleonic wars - is surprised to find the new vicar's daughter half way up an apple trees one spring afternoon. He's even more surprised to find out he's fallen in love with her! Jamie is proud and embarrassed by his war injuries and terrified by his past and Cassie is gorgeous and hilarious but embarrassed and terrified of her father. Can the two of them o [...]

    18. Really sweet story between Captain Warriner, an injured soldier who despite his hard exterior is romantic inside, and Cassie Reeves, a vicar's daughter. Both have suffered abuse in their lives which makes them doubt themselves and feel they are not worthy. It was so sweet to see them get together and write and illustrate a children's book together. Letty from the first book has a significant role and I just love her.

    19. Strong 4 stars. What a good story! Virginia Heath created the two most loveable characters in Jamie and Cassie. Both are a little injured, both are a little quirky, and both are super creative. They make a wonderful combo. No, they are not clones. He is more withdrawn and quiet; she is energetic and bubbly. Such a sweet relationship.

    20. A very enjoyable romance with two main characters that were believable. I liked this one a lot better than the first book in the series. The only slight negative was the portrayal of the heroine's father, which was a little over the top. He reminded me of the nutty, religion-crazed mother in Stephen King's Carrie.

    21. Really sweet - how can a reader not smile and swoon at the adventures of Ms Freckles and Captain Galahad with their horses Orange Blossom and Stanley !!! There is something to be said about an author able to deal with subjects like trauma and abuse with a light but not careless touch, and a vulnerable hero who gets his happy ending.

    22. Another good entry in the Wild Warriners series and VH doesn't disappoint. Gets dark toward the end and I was genuinely afraid for the heroine at the final confrontation with her father, who interestingly enough is the villain here.

    23. 3.5* An enjoyable read and a pleasing symmetry in the main characters which enabled them to come to an understanding of each other. As for the fathers.

    24. Read my review on RomanceJunkies by clicking on the link below:romancejunkies/reviews/a-wI rated it 4.5 stars but rounded up to 5 on

    25. A Warriner To Rescue Her is book #2 in the Wild Warriners Regency Romance series. This is the story of Captain James (Jamie) Warriner; injured in the Napoleonic war, James now lives on the family estate in Retford, Nottinghamshire.When out riding one day he is forced to rescue a damsel stuck in an apple tree. Voluptuous Cassandra (Cassie) Reeves, daughter of the Rev Reeves, is new to the area. On a whim she had climbed the tree looking for apples for her horse.Unaware of the reputation of the Wa [...]

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