A Mensageira

A Mensageira Gabriel Allon restaurador de arte e espi o est prestes a enfrentar o maior desafio da sua vida Um alegado simpatizante da Al Qaeda morto em Londres e no seu computador s o encontradas fotografias q

  • Title: A Mensageira
  • Author: Daniel Silva
  • ISBN: 9789722515443
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gabriel Allon, restaurador de arte e espi o, est prestes a enfrentar o maior desafio da sua vida Um alegado simpatizante da Al Qaeda morto em Londres, e no seu computador s o encontradas fotografias que levam os servi os secretos israelitas a desconfiar de que a organiza o terrorista prepara um dos mais arrojados atentados de sempre, no cora o do Vaticano Allon avisaGabriel Allon, restaurador de arte e espi o, est prestes a enfrentar o maior desafio da sua vida Um alegado simpatizante da Al Qaeda morto em Londres, e no seu computador s o encontradas fotografias que levam os servi os secretos israelitas a desconfiar de que a organiza o terrorista prepara um dos mais arrojados atentados de sempre, no cora o do Vaticano Allon avisa o seu velho amigo monsenhor Luigi Donati, secret rio pessoal do Papa, e parte para Roma, a fim de ajudar na seguran a O que nem ele nem Donati sabem que o inimigo j se infiltrou no Vaticano.Nas semanas que se seguem, Allon ir travar um mort fero duelo de ast cia contra um dos homens mais perigosos do mundo que o levar de uma galeria londrina a uma ilha paradis aca nas Cara bas, a um isolado vale na Su a e, por fim, de regresso ao Vaticano A Allon resta montar uma armadilha e esperar n o ser ele a cair nela.Com a sua intriga intensa e imprevis vel, A Mensageira consolida a reputa o de Daniel Silva como o melhor autor de thrillers internacionais da sua gera o.

    • A Mensageira By Daniel Silva
      415 Daniel Silva
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    1. Daniel Silva

      Daniel Silva was born in Michigan in 1960 and raised in California where he received his BA from Fresno State Silva began his writing career as a journalist for United Press International UPI , traveling in the Middle East and covering the Iran Iraq war, terrorism and political conflicts From UPI he moved to CNN, where he eventually became executive producer of its Washington based public policy programming In 1994 he began work on his first novel, The Unlikely Spy, a surprise best seller that won critical acclaim He turned to writing full time in 1997 and all of his books have been New York Times national best sellers, translated into 25 languages and published across Europe and the world He lives in Washington, D.C.Series Michael Osbourne Gabriel Allon

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    1. This is book six of this series by Daniel Silva, and having read and enjoyed the previous five, I have to say that this is the best one yet.For those of you who haven't read any of these, the main character is Gabriel Allon, master art restorer and Israeli assassin/spy. He has been at this for many years. In fact his first job was going after the Black September terrorists who carried out the Munich killings in 1972.At the beginning of this book, Al-Qaeda terrorists, using suicide bombers and ro [...]

    2. Well, let's start by saying thank you to the members of my group " A Good Thriller".Two weeks ago I asked them to pick my next read, I picked over twentyauthors many well known that I had not read.So many recommendations from friends and members of the group.When I started the book, I no it's a little too political for me, I like a good action thrillers, but is stared to build up into a really suspenseful thriller.The pace built all the way though, with it become action packed, gripping by the t [...]

    3. More of the same, and that's OK (if not more than OK). I'm slowly making my way through the series I started at the beginning, and now I'm about a third of the way through. At the rate I'm going (returning every now and then), it'll be years until I catch up to the author. While my sense is that Silva is hitting (or has settled into) his stride with his protagonist, Gabriel Allon, I read this quickly because it was fun, the travelogue aspects continue to amuse me, and, most importantly, because [...]

    4. Gabriel Allon is, in my opinion, the most incredible secret agent since James Bond. He does it mostly without all the gimmicks that 007 has at his disposal, Allon and his colleagues at Israel's spy agency and the C.I.A. are faced with attacks on the Vatican and the Pope in THE MESSENGER by Daniel Silva (ISBN 978-0451221728, paperback, $9.99). Allon, an art restorer of great repute (his cover occupation) and super spy, is called out of semi-retirement as an agent when a laptop computer belonging [...]

    5. Didn't read much at all, actually. Maybe if I'd tried the first book in the series it would have worked better? But this was for a book club and I just dove in.The Cold War they're-out-to-kill-us-all mentality of the bad guys (all Muslim, of course) and good guys didn't do it for me. Maybe this makes me no different than the appeasement policy proponents during WWII and I'm horribly, horribly naive. But I really didn't care for all the scare-mongering about Islam. I'm sure that Muslim terrorists [...]

    6. Originally posted on Gone With The BooksWhen I started this thriller, I didn´t know that it was part of a series. And when I realized it, I was right in the middle of a tough but well written plot about agent Gabriel Allon, who has to do another dangerous job. The story starts right of with a deadly situation and the more I read, the more it felt kind of scary. Because almost everything that happened in this thriller is today – about ten years later – sad reality. The setting goes from Lond [...]

    7. I own The Gabriel Allon series for two reasons 1) they are exciting, intricate, well written and sometime heart stopping action regarding the best spy and assasin Israel has (who also happens to be a masterful artist that has forgone painting to restoring great Master's originals) and 2) Daniel Silva EDUCATES me on what is actually going on in the middle east. In the beginning of the series, not so much on the political arena but it starts with the attack on the Israeli athletes in 1972, but as [...]

    8. The Mes­senger by Daniel Silva is the sixth novel in the Gabriel Allon series. Allon is an Israeli agent who is more inter­ested in restor­ing works of art than the world of espionage.When an al Qaeda oper­a­tive is killed inLon­don, some pho­tographs are found on his com­puter and the Israeli intel­li­gence sus­pects that the group is plan­ning a big attack aimed directly at theVatican.Israeli agent Gabriel Allon finds him­self in a bat­tle of wits against dan­ger­ous men which [...]

    9. Some reviewers compare Daniel Silva with John LeCarre. That is pure nonsense. In my mind only two currently producing authors can write a spy novel that is more than an adventure story: LeCarre and Alan Furst.That said, "The Messenger" is a very good adventure tale. The story is well plotted, the characters familiar, the pace satisfying, the suspense binding, and the ending blindingly fast and exciting. I had a hard time putting the book down with about 100 pages to go.On the down side, there is [...]

    10. I especially liked this book: besides all the thrilling adventure and cunning ability of Gabriel and his team, there are in this book clear experiences of loyalty, faith and trust that made me like it better that the ones simply centered on "plot".Loved it and I am continuing reading this saga!maria Carmo,Lisbon 22 September 2016.

    11. Even with the abrupt ending, this is an outstanding story. Especially intriguing is the fact the U.S. consorts with the Saudi regime to its detriment for the benefit of oil. 10 of 10 stars

    12. I'd read The Black Widow before this book, but it actually follows the Messenger. That wasn't a problem because the story stands well on its own and some of the names are familiar adding more to the story. Gabriel Allon is supposed to be the Israeli intelligence officer who assassinated the terrorists known as Black September for their killing of Jewish Olympians during the Munich Olympics. The character is also a world renown art restorer. The story is a good old fashioned spy thriller where th [...]

    13. 6th in the Gabriel Allon series.[return][return]Allon s cover has been blown, and he is now working as an art restorer in Israel. But Ari Shamron, Israel s ex-officio overseer of Israeli Intelligence, wants Gabriel to get back into the Service, as director of Special Ops. He shows Gabriel some interesting images taken off the laptop of a Palestinian agent: they are of the Vatican and Pope Paul VII, and are excellent indicators that both are targets for a massive terrorist attack. Monseignor Luig [...]

    14. My 4th Gabriel Allon/ Daniel Silva novel and 6th in the Allon series, this is just relentless creation and sustenance of suspense in this genre of spy thriller by Daniel Silva. Each book I finish, I keep thinking "how can he better this book". And every time I pick up the next Allon series, I am mesmerised , hooked and completely possessed by the book till I complete it! Hats off to Silva, he is just a master craftsman who can repeat the magic book after book.You have to accept a few authors she [...]

    15. Felizmente descobri tarde a série Allon e tenho a possibilidade de ter sempre um novo livro para ler! Acho que este foi o que foi livro em menor espaço de tempo. E agora, segue-se uma nova "experiência", os volumes 7 e 8 em inglês / eBook, que ambos estão esgotadíssimos em Portugal

    16. Global terrorism, hits upon a current events narrative as we travel with Allon across Europe for the kingpin. This guy is an Arab and Silva doesn’t hesitate to point fingers at the US for being allied to Saudi Arabia by virtue of all the money pouring into our coffers from the Saudis. Money pouring in, terrorism unleashed. And Allon is out to get the top blown off.

    17. Terrific! The sixth story in the Gabriel Allon series continues to build on the back story provided by the previous releases. Silva continues to relate his stories to real world events that make these stories believable. This book was hard to put down!

    18. Spy novels are meant to explore the moral gray areas that exist when you have state actors performing extralegal deeds which may individually be unethical or inhumane yet, when done in the interest of the safety of one’s country, becomes pseudo-sanctified. The great heroes of these stories are usually flawed because the reader is never completely sure that their actions are just. To me, this crisis of conscience is what makes spy novels fun to read.Apparently, Daniel Silva thinks differently. [...]

    19. This novel, like all the Daniel Silva thrillers I've read so far, has stayed with me after I finished it. A particularly powerful story, it follows Gabriel Allon from the Vatican where he saves the Pope to France to the Caribbean, London and Washington. Silva, writing in 2005, courageously calls a spade a spade as he paints a portrait of Saudi Arabian wealth, rich businessmen, and where their money goes. September 11, 2001 haunts the story in many ways.How Allon and his team gather the intellige [...]

    20. One more book from Gabriel Allon series. This time the book is more of a thriller then the previous one reviewed. It for sure fills in some missing gaps of the appearance and later relationships between certain characters. Theme like tensions between Christianity and Islam is nicely incorporated into this book. Nice read for sure.

    21. Silva's 6th Gabriel Allon book continues the Master Terrorist plot riff from the previous Prince Of Fire while cribbing another from the first Allon book The Kill Artist: That of using a beautiful woman to trap a terrorist master-mind. Considerable time is taken on the set-up and "prepping the bait". And some effective tension is generated when Allen's undercover operation is blown and neccesitates a race against time to rescue a beautiful Jewish woman before her death at the hands of evil murde [...]

    22. A thrilling story kept continuously moving by a determined protagonist. The messenger is a story about a man named Gabriel Allon who is leading a mission to take down a major terrorist. He is a member of Israeli Intelligence and works with the Americans to try to prevent further attacks against highly regarded members of society. His mission is to take down a Saudi who is funding multiple terrorist attacks. He must put an American woman in danger to begin the mission but swears that she is his p [...]

    23. I recently picked up a couple Daniel Silva novels in a used bookstore this week (away on vacation and needed something non-Kindle to read at the beach). I found The Messenger and Prince of Fire. I've read a couple other of Silva's Gabriel Allon thrillers a long time ago. I'd forgotten how much fun they are. His Gabriel Allon character is one of the more interesting modern spies in literary existence. The balance between assassin/spy and art restorer creates a compelling man. Having spent a lot o [...]

    24. Perhaps I am just getting into these books but I liked this one best so far. It had me thinking about spy, espionage, war stories and the like and how often they and their characters are one sided. Can we only relate to this type of story when the hero/heroine is from "our" side? I can think of thrillers where the hero was from the opposition but was defecting eg Red October, but I can't think of one where the hero/heroine was firmly on the opposite side of the fence - be it WW1 or WW2, Soviet U [...]

    25. First, I'll qualify my review by admitting that this is not really my genre. I wanted to give it a try, however, since Silva is so prolific, and I've read great reviews about his work. And I must admit that, of recent other offerings I've read in this genre, Silva takes the prize for the most well-written. The dialogue is good and there aren't any gaping plot holes.The problem I had with the book was that I just didn't give a rip about any of the characters. I haven't read any of the other Gabri [...]

    26. The five previous spy thrillers featuring Gabriel Allon addressed topics including the Munich Olympics massacre, Yasir Arafat, and the Vatican. The Messenger, about global terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism, resounded just as loudly with critics. Fortunately, Daniel Silva has also written an ingenious, thrilling, and entertaining book with complex characters and settings, from London and Jerusalem to Rome, that serve the plot well. While one critic cited Silva's bias toward Israel, the majorit [...]

    27. 4.5 stars. In the GR page for this book , there are very good reviews of it worth reading. I will try my best with this one of mine.G. Allon , Israel's secret agent, books ; are they fiction or half truths? With a high political tint, "The Messenger " which was written in 2006 is kind of vissionary to the events developing in 2015 regarding the convulsive situation in the middle east . With G. Allon, also an art restorer , you are not only involve with a great espionage story but also you learn [...]

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