Bending Toward the Sun: A Mother and Daughter Memoir

Bending Toward the Sun A Mother and Daughter Memoir A miraculous lesson in courage and recovery Bending Toward the Sun tells the story of a unique family bond forged in the wake of brutal terror Weaving together the voices of three generations of wome

  • Title: Bending Toward the Sun: A Mother and Daughter Memoir
  • Author: Leslie Gilbert-Lurie Rita Lurie
  • ISBN: 9780061734762
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A miraculous lesson in courage and recovery, Bending Toward the Sun tells the story of a unique family bond forged in the wake of brutal terror Weaving together the voices of three generations of women, Leslie Gilbert Lurie and her mother, Rita Lurie, provide powerful and inspiring evidence of the resilience of the human spirit, relevant to every culture in every cornA miraculous lesson in courage and recovery, Bending Toward the Sun tells the story of a unique family bond forged in the wake of brutal terror Weaving together the voices of three generations of women, Leslie Gilbert Lurie and her mother, Rita Lurie, provide powerful and inspiring evidence of the resilience of the human spirit, relevant to every culture in every corner of the world By turns unimaginably devastating and incredibly uplifting, this firsthand account of survival and psychological healing offers a strong, poignant message of hope in our own uncertain times Rita Lurie was five years old when she was forced to flee her home in Poland to hide from the Nazis From the summer of 1942 to mid 1944, she and fourteen members of her family shared a nearly silent existence in a cramped, dark attic, subsisting on scraps of raw food Young Rita watched helplessly as first her younger brother then her mother died before her eyes Motherless and stateless, Rita and her surviving family spent the next five years wandering throughout Europe, waiting for a country to accept them The tragedy of the Holocaust was only the beginning of Rita s story.Decades later, Rita, now a mother herself, is the matriarch of a close knit family in California Yet in addition to love, Rita unknowingly passes to her children feelings of fear, apprehension, and guilt Her daughter Leslie, an accomplished lawyer, media executive, and philanthropist, began probing the traumatic events of her mother s childhood to discover how Rita s pain has affected not only Leslie s life and outlook but also her own daughter, Mikaela s A decade long collaboration between mother and daughter, Bending Toward the Sun reveals how deeply the Holocaust remains in the hearts and minds of survivors, influencing even the lives of their descendants It also sheds light on the generational reach of any trauma, beyond the initial victim Drawing on interviews with the other survivors and with the Polish family who hid five year old Rita, this book brings together the stories of three generations of women mother, daughter, and granddaughter to understand the legacy that unites, inspires, and haunts them all.

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    • Bending Toward the Sun: A Mother and Daughter Memoir ¦ Leslie Gilbert-Lurie Rita Lurie
      425 Leslie Gilbert-Lurie Rita Lurie
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      Leslie Gilbert-Lurie Rita Lurie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bending Toward the Sun: A Mother and Daughter Memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Leslie Gilbert-Lurie Rita Lurie author readers around the world.

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    1. Rita Lurie is a Holocaust survivor. Her story is remarkably similar to Anne Frank's. She hid in an attic in Poland for two years at the very end of WWII. Her family's hiding place was nowhere near as carefully-planned as the Frank family's though. They fled Nazi soldiers in the night and eventually found a family friend who let them stay with him. Imagine 15 people, including children and a baby, hiding in an attic for two years with no food supply mapped out. The children couldn't run around a [...]

    2. Rita Lurie is an amazing woman, and so is her daughter. I am grateful that they shared their stories and their histories with all of us. This is more than just another memoir or story about the Holocaust because it gives understanding to the affect the Holocaust has had on future generations.Leslie Gilbert-lurie gave me great insight when she included the definition of holocaust in her prologue to the book. The analogy to the trial by by fire that so many went through is summed up beautifully wh [...]

    3. Liked the first part a lot because I learned more about the Holocaust. Especially liked the true to life depiction of the family that hid the Jews.The section about the transference of something akin to PTSD to the next generation of Holocaust survivors even though they are raised in a peaceful environment was interesting for the first 30 percent. Then it seemed to degrade into navel-gazing and flimsy theories of trait inheritance. The second generation Holocaust survivors in this family are int [...]

    4. I will give this three stars because Rita's story about her childhood in the Holocaust is tragic, moving, and delivered in a very matter-of-fact fashion that seems to amplify the horror of it. The first third of the book, delivered in Rita's words, were my favorite. The rest of the book, about Leslie's life and growing up as what I can best describe as a wildly codependent, neurotic brat, was less powerful. I mean, it had power in that I routinely found myself thinking, "Don't blame your needine [...]

    5. Bending Toward the Sun is a heart-wrenching, emotional memoir. Leslie Gilbert-Lurie with the help of her mother, Rita Lurie, shares their story of surviving through hell and back. When Rita was just five years old, her family as well as their friends received orders from the Gestapo to report to the train station, as they were to be deported from their home town of Urzejowice in Poland. Rita, her family and their relatives vanished through the night. They left behind their home and possessions t [...]

    6. This was beautifully written. It took years for the authors to endure/research/prepare/write this memoir, and I (selfishly) read it in less than a week. It was heartbreaking and emotional to read, and yet it was incredibly awe-inspiring. This mother/daughter memoir unlocks the emotions of a family story surrounding events from the Holocaust. It depicts the aftermath of the Holocaust from the perspective of three generations--the survivor (grandmother), the successful professional (mother), and t [...]

    7. If the sins of the father are visited upon the son, then are the sorrows of the mother to be carried on by the daughter? Reading Bending Toward The Sun by Leslie Gilbert-Lurie has made me ponder this. Bending Toward The Sun starts out with the narration of Rita, Leslie's mother. Rita and some of her family members survived the Holocaust by hiding in the attic of a family friend. Rita's tale is fascinating, I can't help but ache for her. To be honest, I did cry a bit while reading her story.Read [...]

    8. I enjoyed the first half of the book more than the second half. It was an interesting story about a Holocaust survivor and how it affected her life and her children's lives forever. I felt like the 2nd half/the daughter's portion of the memoir started to drag out and got long. Near the end I just wanted to finish.

    9. This is an amazing book! It's a gift to all mothers and daughters and families who are trying to understand WHY things are the way they are. The book is more than about the Holocaust, a truly horrific experience and time in our world, but about how children and grandchildren are affected by the trauma a parent goes through. I am jealous of Leslie for having the time with her mother and getting her mother and family to share all they did. What a gift! I found out a few years ago that my birth mot [...]

    10. It was a good read (haha, get it?). It really delved into the experience of people who survived the second world war and what sort of aftermath it had in their lives, their children's lives and so on. We don't often think about effects being something that lasts that long. We don't really see the ways that these things can go on and on for generations in the form of fears, anxieties, determinations, and more (good and bad). It really opened my eyes to the effects that the war had my family membe [...]

    11. Bending Toward the Sun is a collaborative memoir between Leslie Gilbert-Lurie and her mother, Holocaust survivor Rita Lurie. Rita's life story provides a possible answer to the question, what would have happened if Anne Frank had survived? Like Anne Frank, Rita spent two years hidden in a Polish attic with fourteen family members. Rita lived through the war but emerged motherless, stateless, and gravely ill. After five years wandering Europe, Rita and her family receive American visas and move t [...]

    12. This book has essentially three parts plus one smaller one. The first part is told in Rita's voice. She tells of her childhood in Poland, a country that was largely populated by Jews. Her village was virtually unaffected by the Nazi invasion for the first couple of years. When the S.S. army arrived in approximately 1942, everything changed. As a very young child she and her family stay in an attic for two years. As previously mentioned, Rita witnesses the death of her brother and mother. She is [...]

    13. This is a deeply personal story about survival. A mother’s literal survival of the Holocaust and her daughter’s figurative survival as the child of a Holocaust victim. There can be little left in this world that is more horrendous than genocide. Those that make it through are left with a lifetime of scars on the inside as well as the outside. It is always a powerful experience for me to read and learn from their experiences.Leslie Gilbert-Lurie divides her book into two segments: the first c [...]

    14. Bending Toward the Sun stirred in me many emotions and thoughts that I did not expect to experience while reading this book. It is a multi-generational memoir beginning when now grandmother, Rita Lurie, is a young child during the Holocaust. This book is advertised as a memoir about the Holocaust, and while that does definitely have a significant place in the lives of these women and is the foundation for much of the thoughts and feelings experienced by them, it is not what defines this memoir. [...]

    15. Bending Toward the Sun is a mother and daughter memoir by Leslie Gilbert-Lurie and her mother, Rita Lurie. It covers both of their lives and how the Holocaust has made such a significant impact on them and on their future generation. The first part features Rita's story, from hiding in a cramped attic with her family during the War to her years in America struggling with her past and growing up without a real mother. The second part of the book, covers Leslie's life, who tries very hard to pleas [...]

    16. The Holocaust has many stories and I am determined to read as many as I can. Each story is different because the situation was different for those experienced it and the survivors. We should fight with all our heart and soul to prevent this ever happening again. Bending Toward The Sun is written by Leslie Gilbert-Lurie and her mother Rita Lurie. Rita was just a five year old when the situation in rural Poland became intolerable. Rita's father was taken in for questioning and returned home badly [...]

    17. Bending Toward the Sun: A Mother and Daughter Memoir by Leslie Gilbert-Lurie with Rita Lurie is different from the other Holocaust memoirs I’ve read in that it delves deep into how the horrific things the survivors endured can be passed across generations in the form of guilt, fear, and anxiety. It is the kind of book that stays with you days after you’ve turned the last page. The book is broken into three parts, with the first part told by Rita Lurie and covering the years 1937 to 1960. Rit [...]

    18. This is a must read! I would have loved reading this book with a friend or book group.The story of Ruchel/Rita is quite amazing and gut wrenching. As her daughter states in the Prologue, Rita's story is very similar to Anne Frank's. Both spent two years hiding during the Holocust and hid with the help of others who would have been killed had they been found. However, Rita is here to tell about her story and pass on this legacy to her children and the generations after.Besides it being a captivat [...]

    19. Leslie Gilbert-Lurie’s memoir is more than a story of the horrors her mother, Rita, and 13 other family members endured for two years while hiding in an attic from the Nazis. It is a intimate portrait on how fear of loss, guilt and depression can unknowingly be handed down generation to generation.Rita’s first-hand description of her family’s existence in the attic is harrowing. The elation and relief that is felt when they learn of their “freedom” is short-lived when they discover the [...]

    20. This is a book that chronicles a young Jewish girl in Poland during the Holocaust as she hid with her family in an attic for 2 years. What makes this a better book than many similar tales, is that it follows the girl as her family wanders homeless for 5 years in Europe, and then for the next 50+ years as she grows, marries, and has a family of her own in America. I loved that aspect, learning how those horrible years manifested in the actions and psyche of the survivors. The 2nd half of the book [...]

    21. Bending Toward the Sun is an emotionally riveting and beautifully written Holocaust memoir. The first section of the book, Rita's story of hiding - living in deplorable conditions, watching as beloved members of her family died - is truly horrifying and distressing. Rita's experiences as a young girl shaped her in a profound way, and the repercussions of the extreme suffering she endured and witnessed, reverberated through the years, touching the lives of not only her children, but also her gran [...]

    22. Ever wonder what Anne Frank's story would have been like if she survived the holocaust?I recently read Bending Toward the Sun: A Mother and Daughter Memoir, which starts out with the true story of a young girl who hid in an attic with her family during WWII. It was a gripping but hard story to read.I kept seeing myself in her mother's shoes. I stress over things like getting Esmé educated and keeping her entertained. How would I survive watching my children fade away from lack of food and stimu [...]

    23. Bending Toward the Sun is a memoir that spans three generations. It's told in different points of view, which is nice, because as you see it may not be how they see it.Rita Lurie is five when she is uprooted from everything she knows, ripped from her home, to flee from the Nazi's. Her family and eleven others take refuge in a friend's attic. She watches her brother and her mother die, but she eventually leaves Poland.She struggles to find herself in her new world, but she is strong and brave and [...]

    24. I am in awe of this book. I found it beautifully written, first from the perspective of Rita (Ruchel), then her daughter, Leslie, and then a combined narrative in the final third of the book, with sprinklings of Mikaela (Leslie's daughter) as well. I was thoroughly enmeshed in this story. I felt so connected to all the key characters and could not put the book down. Although, I cannot identify with the Holocaust in a personal nature, the events and feelings were so vividly written that I felt li [...]

    25. This multi-generational true story was at times horrifying, sad, happy, uplifting, and inspiring. It is the first book I have read that actually follows a Jewish family that had survived WWII by hiding in a neighbor's attic for two years until the Nazis had been pushed out of the area. Similarities to Anne Frank's story except that they were not discovered or betrayed. Even though they were not sent to the death camps, what this family experienced after leaving the attic was still fraught with d [...]

    26. Interesting book in which Leslie Gilbert-Lurie documents her mother's (Rita's) story of being a Jewish child in hiding during WWII in Poland and then postwar traveling around Europe in search of a country in which they could live peacefully. Gilbert-Lurie explores how the emotional and pyhysical trauma her mother suffered during childhood was passed on to her own children and then on to their children. The recounting of Rita's story was interesting and the notion that emotional trauma can be pas [...]

    27. Normally, I don't like to read many non-fiction books. But when I saw that this was a book about a survivor of the Holocaust, I knew I had to read it. I have always been interested in books dealing with that awful time in history.Bending Toward the Sun is told from two viewpoints. The first viewpoint is Rita, and we go through her life, starting as her world was uprooted and she had to hide in the attic during the Holocaust all the way until she had her first child, Leslie. Then the viewpoint of [...]

    28. In this three-generational memoir, Gilbert-Lurie tells the story of her mother, Rita, who survived the holocaust hiding with most of her extended family in a farmhouse attic. Rita then comes with her father, sister, and stepmother to the United States, where she has a difficult time growing up, and a troubled relationship with her stepmother. The second part of the memoir is Gilbert-Lurie's, as she talks about the effects of being the daughter of a survivor, feeling responsible, from a very youn [...]

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