Maralinga The power to love the power to hate the power to destroy human existence MARALINGA has them all During the darkest days of the Cold War in the remote wilderness of a South Australian desert the fu

  • Title: Maralinga
  • Author: Judy Nunn
  • ISBN: 9781741666786
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • The power to love, the power to hate, the power to destroy human existence MARALINGA has them all During the darkest days of the Cold War, in the remote wilderness of a South Australian desert, the future of an infant nation is being decided without its people s knowledge A British airbase in the middle of nowhere an atomic weapons testing ground an army of rThe power to love, the power to hate, the power to destroy human existence MARALINGA has them all During the darkest days of the Cold War, in the remote wilderness of a South Australian desert, the future of an infant nation is being decided without its people s knowledge A British airbase in the middle of nowhere an atomic weapons testing ground an army of raw youth led by powerful, ambitious men a cocktail for disaster Such is Maralinga in the spring of 1956RALINGA is a story of British Lieutenant Daniel Gardiner, who accepts a twelve month posting to the wilds of South Australia on a promise of rapid promotion Harold Dartleigh, Deputy Director of MI 6 and his undercover operative Gideon Melbray Australian Army Colonel Nick Stratton and the enigmatic Petraeus Mitchell, bushman and anthropologist They all find themselves in a violent and unforgiving landscape, infected with the unique madness and excitement that only nuclear testing createsRALINGA is also a story of love a love so strong that it draws the adventurous young English journalist Elizabeth Hoffmann halfway around the world in search of the truth And MARALINGA is a story of heartbreak heartbreak brought to the innocent First Australians who had walked their land unhindered for 40,000 years.Maralinga a desolate place where history demands an emerging nation choose between hell and reason.

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    1. Judy Nunn

      Judy Nunn born 13 April 1945 is an Australian actress and author.Judy Nunn s career has been long, illustrious and multifaceted After combining her internationally successful acting career with scriptwriting for television and radio, Judy decided in the 80s to turn her hand to prose The result was two adventure novels for children, EYE IN THE STORM and EYE IN THE CITY, which remain extremely popular, not only in Australia but in Europe Embarking on adult fiction in the early 90s, Judy s three novels, THE GLITTER GAME, CENTRE STAGE and ARALUEN, set respectively in the worlds of television, theatre and film, became instant bestsellers Her subsequent bestsellers, KAL, BENEATH THE SOUTHERN CROSS, TERRITORY, PACIFIC, HERITAGE and FLOODTIDE confirm her position as one of Australia s leading popular novelists.

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    1. This is a brilliant book by Judy Nunn and my first 5★ read of 2017. As an Australian, I had heard of Maralinga and knew that it was the site of nuclear bomb testing at some point in the 20th century, but I wasn’t aware of the details or of how it may have affected the native Aboriginal people.I listened to this, and it was a quite distressing read at times, and so sad to see how cheaply life was held by some in positions of authority.Deirdre Rubenstein narrated this beautifully, and I didn [...]

    2. It is 1954 and Elizabeth Hoffman, a smart woman in her early 20s is looking to break into the cutthroat and men-only world of feature reporting and investigative journalism. She’s been given a job by a paper who doesn’t care if she’s male or female and she is using it to get a better foothold before submitting her resume to the large London papers. While covering a military event in Aldershot, the ‘home of the British Army’ she meets Lieutenant Daniel Gardiner.For Gardiner, it is love [...]

    3. Whoa! Definite roller coaster. Maralinga is in essence, what is wrong with Australian history: we don't know about this stuff.A work of fiction, but based on true events, Maralinga is an eye opener as to what the Indigenous people of Australia have been put through. It's part love story, but mostly a gripping mystery. Highly recommended.

    4. Another excellent read, not to mention very interesting historical facts, from Judy Nunn full review to come

    5. Having known nothing about Maralinga I found the book interesting to learn about the subject of nuclear testing in SA, however that is where any praise ends. The book is filled with one dimensional and unlikable characters. Judy Nunn seems to be obsessed with sex and homosexuality which doesn't add to the story at all. Generally if you have gay tendencies you are cast as a baddie and I became so fed up with reading about men's " recovery" times I am now inspired to find more non fictional litera [...]

    6. This novel had a special resonance with him, because my father-in-law was at Maralinga. I don't think any Australia could read this and not weep for the utter lack of humility and human decency displayed by the powers of the time. It was a fascinating story with lots of colourful characters and beautiful landscapes. I especially loved the strong-willed heroine. Judy revealed information in a way that kept me eager to read on, and there was a nice resolution to the romance.

    7. I found this book to be very interesting with facts about maralinga being linked into a story. Its interesting to learn About history and I found that the facts stuck more in your mind and became more interesting because you are reading a novel and not a history book. I didn't know anything about maralinga before reading the book but now I would like to learn a little more about it. Háve never read any of Judy Nunn's books before but will definately read another.

    8. I just loved this book and couldn't put it down. Yes as other reviews have stated, Nunn's characters are one dimensional but for a fictional novel I don't find that too irritating. I just love the mix of facts and history in the story and it gave me a yearning to learn more about what really happened.Thanks Judy for another great read.

    9. Another great tale by Judy Nunn. Written in a style that is immediately absorbing, and full of highly unexpected plot twists. Well researched, it gives a real insight into a piece of Australian history that we all seem to be aware of, but know very little about.

    10. I generally love fictionalised history and I learned heaps about the atomic tests at Maralinga in 1956 and was saddened by the lack of respect or even interest in the indigenous people. I agree with other reviewers that the sex scenes didn't really add anything to the story and that the characters were a bit caricturised with Lord Dartleigh often saying 'what' at the end of his sentences (do they really say that?) and the homosexual's a bit over the top.Having said that it was easy to get drawn [...]

    11. Great read. So interesting to read about the British Nuclear testing in Maralinga in the 1950s. Absolutely appalling the thinking of those in power. So naive the government of Australia.Judy Nunn has spun a wonderful story around this setting. I love how she has entwined the Aboriginal story through out.I would really recommend this book, and will be now hunting down another Judy Nunn novel to read.

    12. Excellent read. I knew about the place but not about its questionable history. I was quite shocked at times while reading this. Story moved along well and this would be the quickest I've read a novel in a very long time.

    13. I read this book as part of a reading challenge based on Australian Authors and it is the first Judy Nunn book I have read. I enjoyed the historical aspects regarding Maralinga however I found the characters and their storylines to be very cliched and one dimensional.

    14. I started this book really not knowing a great deal on the nuclear testing conducted at Maralinga in the mid 1950. But after reading this I was appalled and shocked to find out that this did actually happen to our beautiful country, and risked the lives of our people. In this story the Author combines historical fact and fiction to give us a riveting tale of power, corruption, suspense and romance. The British and Australian government joined forces to recruit young, energetic and naïve army of [...]

    15. A story that every Australian should read - It is a story that has not been told openly in the past, but rather skirted around. It will horrify you, and anger you - or it should do.How can a Government in conscience put signs up in ENGLISH warning people to stay out of and away from an area, when the local aboriginal people could not read English. Where was the duty of care? And how can one plane with one pilot doing an aeriel survey of thousands of kilometres of outback land prior to a detonati [...]

    16. Maralinga is a novel based on events surrounding the British nuclear bomb tests conducted in outback South Australia in the 1950s. There are some shocking revelations, cover-ups, and a couple of convenient unexplained deaths (murder, or suicide?) Journalist Elizabeth Hoffmann travels to Australia and secures a job with The Advertiser newspaper in Adelaide so she can find out the truth about her fiance's death. Her story is an interesting one, in that she has to use some subterfuge to make her na [...]

    17. I have never read a novel from Judy Nunn before but I thought I would try this new one as she is coming to speak at an even we are organising and also becuase of the time period it deals with.I enjoyed this novel and read it very quickly. The characters she has constructed are interesting and believeable and the history of Maralinga is fascinating. It was one of those novels where the history truly sucks you in as you wait for the explosions to begin and although I knew how terrible their safety [...]

    18. Judy Nunn is a great all-around writer. She has the ability to paint word pictures to allow the reader to see the scenery, the people, and all she describes.She writes believable dialogue between the characters, it feels like you are in the room listening to real people.Her stories move along at good pace, and she maintains tension and mystery throughout.My only disappointment? Reading this on an e-reader, as the story neared its conclusion, based on page numbers, I thought I had another 40 or s [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book about Maralinga which is a novel based on events surrounding the British nuclear bomb tests conducted in outback South Australia in the 1950s where they had little regard for the flora, fauna or Aborigines in the area.Judy Nunn combines historical fact and fiction to give us a riveting tale of power, corruption, suspense and romance. Well written and I am ashamed to write that although I new a little about the events surrounding Maralinga, I had no real idea of went on so it [...]

    20. I really enjoy Judy Nunn's novels and Maralinga is no exception. How naive and gullible we all were. The propaganda was amazing. Determination to get at the truth demonstrates the early days of journalistic delving and some of the not so attractive stunts now developed into an art form. It is scary to know how many of the participating army personnel, witnesses to the blasts and the unwittingly exposed aborigines, suffered appalling side effects and deaths.An amazing twist at the end that I was [...]

    21. Maraglina provided another glimpse into a time when the Free World was driven crazy by their fear of the Communist Boogeyman, and Britain went to extreme lengths to harness and test the atomic monster on Australian soil. Judy Nunn's emotionally evocative tale provided the reader a real sense of how the thirst for power renders the earth and it's people expendable. Despite the story falling short with regard to the richness of its characters, the story held me captive. It was an insightful and en [...]

    22. I enjoyed this book and was shocked to learn that such events did actually occur. I probably didn't enjoy it as much as the previous novel "Tiger Men" that I had read of hers mainly because living in Tasmania myself I could identify with the places and people she wrote about. However I still do recommend "Maralinga" as a good read and I will definitely be reading more novels by our very own treasure Judy Nunn.

    23. What an interesting book! It brought forth some intriguing aspects about what happened in Australia not so long ago. It also helped me to understand more about the aboriginal people and their way of life.I must admit I scanned over some parts of the book as bits did not interest me, however I found this did not diminish the book for me in any way, shape or form.A good read with a wealth of knowledge.

    24. The characters were quite one dimensional and good were good and bad, bad. The background story was fascinating incorporating a lot of the political and social info regarding Maralinga and also a token about the Aboriginal tribes affected by the site. A pacy read that was a great plane type book. Ending was seriously disappointing as the author creates an unecessary big conspiracy that trancends all plausibility. However, would read more of her books and would recommend.

    25. This is an interesting novel about Australia in the 1960" Cold War mentality and how the British and Americans conducted nuclear tests in the Outback with little regard for the flora, fauna or Aborigines. The author is a prolific Australian writer and I would be interested in reading some of her other novels. look into that time and that place is based on fact as you might imagine. I recommend it.

    26. Love stories of Australian outback and can actually remember some of the shocking news stories to come out long after the nuclear testing was over. The fictional story interwoven with historical facts always fascinates. Some characterisation was slightly unbelievable such as the goulish scientist but I am always prepared to go along with the story. I will read anything that Judy Nunn writes.

    27. Very well written and researched. A real eye opener for me who only had basic knowledge of the atomic testing in Maralinga, South Australia in the 50's. Only knew about Judy Nunn as being an Australian actress (Home and Away), so was a bit reluctant reading her novels. Since I really enjoyed reading Maralinga i will now give Kal, Territory, Pacific and Heritage a go.

    28. I'd been wanting to read this book from the moment it was released, and it didn't disappoint.The author manages to take a difficult subject and weave it around a love affair with incredible skill. The images of the effect of British atomic testing on the indigenous population of the area are truly heart-breaking.A thought-provoking novel, and highly recommended.

    29. Really enjoyed the side to the story that shared about the mysteries of Maralinga as the nuclear test site. Somewhat sickenned by the frequent sexual scenes, that seem like a allure for those not interested in the historic side to keep reading. While a well written book I wouldn't read it again on these moral grounds.

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