Ghost at Work

Ghost at Work Bailey Ruth Raeburn has always been great at solving mysteries Why should a little thing like her death change anything In fact being dead gives her of an opportunity to be on top of events Bailey Ru

  • Title: Ghost at Work
  • Author: Carolyn G. Hart
  • ISBN: 9781616849399
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bailey Ruth Raeburn has always been great at solving mysteries Why should a little thing like her death change anything In fact, being dead gives her of an opportunity to be on top of events Bailey Ruth is delighted that her unique position as a ghost makes it possible for her to lend a helping hand, sometimes seen and sometimes not And if anybody needs a little hBailey Ruth Raeburn has always been great at solving mysteries Why should a little thing like her death change anything In fact, being dead gives her of an opportunity to be on top of events Bailey Ruth is delighted that her unique position as a ghost makes it possible for her to lend a helping hand, sometimes seen and sometimes not And if anybody needs a little help, it s Kathleen, the pastor s wife There s a dead man on her porch, and once the body is discovered, the pastor is sure to become a suspect Uncharitable people might call it meddling, but Bailey Ruth knows Kathleen needs her help As a member of Heaven s Department of Good Intentions, Bailey Ruth goes back to earth to extricate Kathleen from a dire situation If Bailey Ruth has to bend a few rules to help Kathleen save her family, Wiggins, her fussbudget supervisor, will make sure it all turns out right in the end.

    • Ghost at Work : Carolyn G. Hart
      262 Carolyn G. Hart
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    1. Carolyn G. Hart

      Also writing as Carolyn Hart.An accomplished master of mystery with 46 published books, Carolyn Hart is the creator of the highly acclaimed Henrie O,Death on Demand, and Bailey Ruth Raeburn series Her books have won multiple Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Awards Letter from Home 2003 , her standalone mystery set in Oklahoma, was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize Her latest book is Dead by Midnight William Morrow HarperCollins, 2007 She is one of the founders of Sisters in Crime, an organization for women who write mysteries She lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma New Books Dead By Midnight Carolyn HartDEAD BY MIDNIGHT by Carolyn Hart On Sale March 29The police say suicide Annie Darling suspects murder Max is unconvinced until Annie follows a trail behind the dead woman s house.Annie unravels the mystery of a towel hidden at midnight in a gazebo, the interesting lack of fingerprints on a crystal mug, blood on a teenager s blue shirt, and the secret of a lovers tryst Max plunges deep into the woods to find incriminating evidence.Annie sets the perfect trap for a merciless killer, but her cell phone rings and Death is on the line.CarolynHartAnd for cat lovers DEAD BY MIDNIGHT by Carolyn HartI love to have fun when writing a mystery If I laugh, I think a reader will laugh In the Death on Demand series, I especially enjoy writing about Annie Darling s ditzy mother in law, Laurel Roethke Laurel is usually excited about a new interest, something that surprises and often confounds Annie.In Dead by Midnight, Laurel creates Cat Truth Posters, which she wants Annie to hang in the bookstore Annie thinks books should be the store s focus, but the posters enchant her.Each poster features a cat s photograph with a caption Here are three of the Cat Truth posters a silky furred, mitted, and bicolored Ragdoll stretched out on a red silk cushion, looking as comfy as Eva Longoria in a Hanes ad Go with the Flow.A rectangular muzzled, green eyed, cholocolate colored cat appeared as brooding as a Gothic hero Always Say Yes to Adventure a thick furred, piebald Siberian forest cat, its white front a brilliant contrast to a charcoal back and head Its face appeared almost angelic Always try a Smile First.And yes, one of the posters points to a killer.Fun for me and fun, I hope for readers

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    1. Ghost at Work (Bailey Ruth #1) by Carolyn Hart is a cute story that is worth the read but I found it too cutesy for me. I liked it and will look for more of her books to see if they are all like that or not but I like the premise and the plot but the dialogue was just off. Worth the read. I got this from the library.

    2. ★★★★½ I’ve been meaning to try one of Carolyn Hart’s books for a while now. Glad I picked this one to start. I love a cozy mystery and I needed a Halloween theme for a challenge; this one fit the bill perfectly.Bailey Ruth is a ghost who is not stuck in the 60’s. Though enjoying Heaven in her afterlife, she decides to try her hand at the Department of Good Intentions and is sent back emergently to her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma, present day just as someone plants a dead body o [...]

    3. A cute paranormal mystery. The first book in a series, it took a little while for the pace to pick up. But once it did, the story got more interesting. The ending had alot of action, with a satisfying resolution. A fun read.

    4. This bit of Halloween fluff was October's reading selection for my Mystery Book Club. It was a quick and easy read - nothing to pause and ruminate over here.Bailey Ruth Raeburn is long-dead and happily ensconced in Heaven with her beloved Bobby Mac. She and Bobby Mac had their tickets punched for the Pearly Gates when they went down with their boat in a storm on the Gulf. Now Bailey Ruth is hoping to make herself useful as an employee of Heaven's Department of Good Intentions. (But, wait a minut [...]

    5. I won a copy of Carolyn Hart's Ghost in Trouble and enjoyed it so much I had to read Ghost at Work. This new series is different and quite entertaining. Bailey Ruth Raeburn isn't exactly a ghost, but more of an emissary from heaven. When there's trouble in Adelaide, Oklahoma, beginning with a dead body appearing on the back porch of the rector's home, the heavenly boss (Wiggins) of the Department of Good Intentions sends her to help the rector's wife. Bailey just can't seem to get the rules righ [...]

    6. Bailey Ruth Raeburn has been dead for quite some time and while she is enjoying her time in Heaven, she wants to do more with her life (so to speak). She joins the Department of Good Intentions with the hope of helping someone on Earth who is in trouble. She is soon sent to her hometown of Adelaide, Oklahoma to help Kathleen Abbot, a pastor's wife who has found a dead body on her porch and is afraid her husband will be accused of murder. Soon Bailey Ruth is up to her pretty neck not only with mu [...]

    7. Bailey Ruth has been in Heaven for a long time, and though it's a wonderful place, she feels it's time to give back and help those in the human world. She applies for a mission with the Department of Good Intentions. She told the Precepts that govern her behavior and sent back to help a woman in dire straits.Kathleen is definitely in dire straits. When Bailey Ruth arrives, Kathleen is standing over a body in her home, the rectory of the church in Adelaide, OK. To help Kathleen, Bailey Ruth helps [...]

    8. It doesn't have much substance to it but it is enjoyable nonetheless.Bailey Ruth is in heaven and she decides to apply to the Department of Good Intentions to go help someone "in big trouble" back on earth. She is sent down and ends up in her hometown and the people she is helping are actually her relatives a few generations later. A murder has been committed and the body is on the porch of Kathleen Abbott, the rector's wife. Bailey Ruth has to try to figure out how to help Kathleen without alar [...]

    9. Eehhhh. I really could not, could Not, read this book. The premise is ridiculous, but hey, it's fiction. An Episcopalian ghost-lady is sent from Heaven to help a descendent who's found a corpse in the backyard of the rectory.The author has seen too many episodes of Touched By an Angel and too many reruns of The Bishop's Wife. I hope I never go to the kind of heaven that is still obsessed with material things such as clothes and how you look, but aside from that her protagonist is so silly and bu [...]

    10. CArolyn Hart leaves Annie and Max et al in the dust and turns heavenward for inspiration.Light, not too demanding of the gray matter type mystery. I wanted to slap Bailey Ruth upside the head a few times for making things way more complicated than she needed to, but it all worked out in the end and it looks like she may get a series out of it.

    11. Thoroughly enjoyed book one in this series. The premise was intriguing and the main character was quite enjoyable. Looking forward to book two!

    12. This book was the second book for July reading group that I finally finished a month behind. I have been behind with my books since June because I have been reading books for Net galley and two different Cozy Book Clubs. They have been very interesting and have held my interest.Bailey Ruth Raeburn is trying to join the group of Good Intentions in Heaven because she is a ghost and she wants to go back to her home town of Adelaine, Oklahoma and help the paster's wife with a problem she has gotten [...]

    13. Ghost at Work is about Bailey Ruth who is an emissary from Heaven. She is allowed to return to Earth to help her Grand Niece who is framed for murder. Bailey Ruth is able to see and collect clues in the most ethereal way. She uses some of her powers to keep her family safe and out of suspicion for murder. However, Wiggins watches her from beyond and cautions her when she breaks the rules. Bailey Ruth realizes much time has passed since she left the earth and enjoys all the new things she encount [...]

    14. Ghost at Work is the first book in the Bailey Ruth Series. The synopsis sounded pretty good basically a ghost from another era helping solve mysteries during modern times and stirring up some commotion while doing it.I love the idea and overall it was a decent read it was just a bit too corny at times. I'm all for cozy mysteries and will probably give the second book a try, just hope the cutesy bit is toned down some as the series progresses.

    15. Bailey Ruth Raeburn¾remember the name! She’s the main character being introduced in Carolyn Hart’s latest novel, Ghost at Work. And I just know thate’ll be back!I’ve enjoyed Carolyn Hart’s books in the past, but none were so delightful or fun to read as Ghost at Work. Act-u-ally, Bailey Ruth is an emissary¾the proper title, according to Wiggins, the head of the Heavenly Department of Good Intentions, who is giving Bailey Ruth her first opportunity to return to earth to help somebody [...]

    16. While heaven is ,well, heavenly, Bailey Ruth Raeburn, late of Adelaide, OK, makes it known to Wiggins, head of the Department of Good Intentions, that she wants to help someone on earth in “dire straits”. Wiggins tells her she may do so, although due to her rash, impulsive and “spirited” nature, she will be on probation and she must remember all the precepts of being a ghost among the living. With a copy of the rules firmly in hand, she is immediately dispatched right back to Adelaide to [...]

    17. It is just about the time of year for a good Ghost Story; Ghost at Work is not only a great read but Fun, Funny, Entertaining, Endearing and is everything but scary!Carolyn Hart introduces this lovable, gorgeous redhead, Bailey Ruth Raeburn; a Lucy if their ever was another one. She is bored in the heavens and decides it is time to be an adventurous crime solving ghost. She request to become part of a program in heaven, so to speak, with chosen ones who want to be helpful with problems on Earth. [...]

    18. I'm sorry to have to assign one star to this book. I searched and searched and there was no option of half a star or no star at all. I admire Carolyn Hart's body of work. I mean, for goodness sake, I devour her Death on Demand series set on one of the sea islands near Hilton Head. I love the Henrie O series featuring the retired journalist who gets herself into unusual situations. Carolyn Hart is one of the founding members of Sisters in Crime and has won numerous Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity a [...]

    19. The author creates a new protagonist with series possibilities in her latest work. Only this protagonist is dead. As a ghost, Bailey Ruth is sent by Heaven's Department of Good Intentions to help a pastor's wife with the pesky problem of a dead body on her back porch. Bailey has a tendency to break rules to get the job done, much to the consternation of her supervisor.If you have set ideas of what heaven is like, it would be best to suspend them while reading this book, or skip it altogether. Ba [...]

    20. This is the first in a new series from the prolific Hart. Bailey Ruth Raeburn has been enjoying heaven, but she decides that she wants to go back to Earth to help people. She's accepted as a probationer in the Department of Good Intentions, and sent to her home town of Adelaide, OK, where the minister's wife is struggling with a corpse on her back porch. It turns out that Bailey Ruth has a family reason for wanting to help Katherine, especially when she meets Katherine's adorable daughter, who w [...]

    21. Even though Bailey Ruth is technically dead, she still loves solving a good mystery. When she’s given an opportunity to work for the Heavenly Department of Good Intentions, she jumps at the chance to return to Earth to help people in difficulties as a messenger (aka ghost). Unfortunately, her first case is an emergency so she doesn’t get to read The Manual so she’s unsure of what she is supposed to do, or more importantly what she’s NOT supposed to do!KD 2-17Check out this book today!

    22. Uuuuuug!! I'm sorry to say I didn't enjoy this book at all. I cannot help but wonder where the editor was when the author contradicted herself on several facts, made outlandish statements about "blue northers" blowing into Oklahoma at Halloween, left gaping holes in the plot, and took 20% of the book before starting the story. Maybe I would have liked the book more if I had read it instead of listening to it as an audio book, because I also didn't enjoy the reader, but I'm kind of a stickler for [...]

    23. If you like cozy mysteries and like friendly ghosts this is a light-hearted mystery for you. The mystery has more body than many of the cozys I’ve read, the suspects are well-fleshed with motive and opportunity The ghost is there to help and not be seen but she just needs to act and forgets what the consequences could be. An enjoyably fast read. I am already checking the library for more of this series.

    24. A nice gentle, inspirational read with a good bit of humor. Not my typical genre but I am not opposed to reading more by this author.

    25. This is not the first book I have read from Ms. Carolyn Hart. Many years ago (I won’t admit to how many), I was then, as I am now, a voracious reader. My parents signed me up for a book club where I would receive two mysteries a month – Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, etc. One of those books was a Nancy Drew that Ms. Hart co-penned with Carolyn Keene. Imagine my delight to see a name I felt such a familiarity to, now as an adult. And why hadn’t I known that she had written so many cozy mysteri [...]

    26. Bailey Ruth is great! A definite clothes horse and very concerned with her looks, but you can forgive her because she's so much fun, intelligent and has a good heart.Bailey Ruth and her husband, Bobby Mac died when their boat sank. Both are in Heaven and Bailey Ruth is a member of Heaven's Department of Good Intentions. Her supervisor, Wiggins is very straight-laced. He's the perfect foil for Bailey Ruth's vivaciousness. He sends her Earth to help people who are in trouble and cautions her follo [...]

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