Walking Into Murder

Walking Into Murder Who would believe that an innocent walking trip in the English Cotswolds would include not just one murder but three and even hair raising adventures The intrepid American heroine of WALKING INTO MUR

  • Title: Walking Into Murder
  • Author: Joan Dahr Lambert
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  • Page: 210
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  • Who would believe that an innocent walking trip in the English Cotswolds would include not just one murder but three, and even hair raising adventures The intrepid American heroine of WALKING INTO MURDER, professor Laura Morland, would have scoffed at the idea All she wanted was a few days of peace to recover from a humiliating if not entirely unwelcome divorce anWho would believe that an innocent walking trip in the English Cotswolds would include not just one murder but three, and even hair raising adventures The intrepid American heroine of WALKING INTO MURDER, professor Laura Morland, would have scoffed at the idea All she wanted was a few days of peace to recover from a humiliating if not entirely unwelcome divorce and a chance to test her new independence That she certainly does peace is another matter.WALKING INTO MURDER is a light hearted mystery with a delightful setting, an intriguing plot and distinctive characters headed by Laura Morland, a wonderfully appealing new amateur detective It is part traditional English mystery, part middle aged female sleuth of independent spirit who solves mysteries that confound the experts, part primer on the the battle between the sexes since Laura is an expert on gender, part rousing adventure Laura is hardly Miss Marple she is younger, active, attractive, even romantically inclined, but the settings and characters are very British indeed It s a wonderful read spine tingling escapes and confrontations on deserted moors contrast with peaceful interludes in England s quaintest villages and most verdant countryside and with some near comic scenes of Laura s inept but ultimately successful efforts to track down the villains even as she eludes their clutches Mask making, amateur theatrics, underground tunnels and an escape from a boarded up cottage are all part of the action.The adventure begins when Laura is invited to teach a seminar on gender issues in London First she decides to embark on a solo walking trip on the Cotswold Way The walk soon takes stormy turns A man plummets out of the thick mist, hauls her into an embrace and begs her to masquerade as his wife Escorted at gunpoint by an aristocratic Englishman to an ancient manor house, she is confronted by a roomful of eccentrics, any of whom could be the killer of the body she finds in a bedroom a body that perversely keeps changing its identity In fact, everyone in in this bizarre household seems to have multiple identities and multiple motivations, making it exceedingly difficult to determine who is telling the truth and even harder to ascertain who is on Laura s side.Curiosity is Laura s dominant trait and she delves into the mystery with possibly unwise abandon She is determined to unmask the murderer and to get the best of her alternately charming and irritating would be husband, to whom she is undeniably attracted She soon discovers that her fund of scholarly knowledge about male female relationships is of little help in dealing with a man who refuses to answer her questions, appears to be having a steamy affair with the titled Lady of the house, and who increasingly seems the most likely candidate for murderer Complicating matters further is his fraught relationship with Laura s able assistant in crime detection, a fiery, free spirited runaway who lives in the woods.As Laura probes deeper, the efforts of the villains to silence her become frantic and her strategies to evade them ingenious With total disregard for the escalating danger, she vows to outwit them all And she does In a final dramatic and totally unexpected scene, she zeroes in on the killer, or it might be accurate to say the murderer zeroes in on her.Joan Dahr Lambert is the author of CIRCLES OF STONE, a prehistoric novel told through the eyes of three women who became leaders of their tribes, and published by Simon Schuster in 1997 1999 Lambert has written two other prehistoric novels, a novel about wolves for children and a novella, as well as the first two books in the Laura Morland series The second, BABES IN THE BATHS, will be out soon Like may published authors, she has decided to try self publishing.

    • Walking Into Murder BY Joan Dahr Lambert
      210 Joan Dahr Lambert
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    1. Joan Dahr Lambert

      I grew up outside, so it is no accident that most of my books take place outside walking and climbing have always been my passions I am still doing them at 80.My first novel, Circles of Stone, the fist book in the Mother People Series, was published when I was 65, and I have been writing novels ever since So never, ever believe you are too old to do anything I am about to embark on the fourth Mother People novel after finishing four mysteries in the Laura Morland Mystery Series They were fun to write, excellent exercise for the brain and a relief after the serious issues I tackled in Circles of Stone and the others, but my heart always remained with Zena and I need to write about her again I would love suggestions from any of you who have read my Mother People series about what you would like to hear.I think this bio is becoming a blog, so I will continue there.Thanks, Joan Dahr Lambert

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    1. An eccentric mystery with many eccentric characters. People are in and out of costume. There's young Nigel who makes life-like masks of peoples' faces. There is Thomas who insists that Laura pretend to the Baron and his family that she is his (Thomas') wife. Then there is Antonia who is married to the Baron but with her own eccentricities. Ditto for the baron and the local vet. Strange too, is the way Laura, our main character happens upon Torrington manor. Things are never what they seem and th [...]

    2. Dr. Laura Morland, a contemporary American woman, walks literally into murder and mayhem in a great manor house in England. Laura, on an English walking tour when she arrives at Torrington Manor, her B&B for the night, before long becomes engrossed in uncovering what she learns is an art forgery ring, in aid of the devilish Thomas, an art detective. As bodies and attacks begin to mount up we learn of Laura's curiosity, compassion and sense of humour. This adventurous heroine takes us into a [...]

    3. Laura Morland, professor from US, is on walking tour of England. She stays at a manor house and finds a dead body. A young boy, who is very clever, makes lifelike masks. The Baron isn't really a baron and the baroness, not his wife, is a former actress. Laura gets mixed up in the whole mess, meets a young American girl who ran away from home and the girl's father who is looking for her. The father is an art detective. Laura and the detective get together and the baron is the one who killed his b [...]

    4. There are dark and stormy night's, and English mansion and many more cliche's in this book, but Laura Morland is an engaging heroine and her new friend is an art theft detective, so diversity and twists and turns keep this book engaging and fun. My ratings are based on my enjoyment of a book, not some esoteric evaluation of it's literary value. If you like mysteries, are able to forget about ties to reality in the details, this is a fun book, and I will definitely be following this series.

    5. This book is very clever in both plot and dialogue. An old country housein England, disappearing paintings and a bunch of eccentric characterswith hidden agendas. The only reason I'm notgiving it five stars is that it got a little too "cute" for me at times.I like a bit of banter but not quite as much as the characters provided.

    6. I enjoyed this one. It is the first in a series. The central character is a divorced, middle-aged American professor of gender studies. She is in England on a walking tour and stumbles into a mystery of murder and art theft.The story had a few too many twists and turns, but was a good story.I will look for other books in this series.

    7. This was a very fun book! I love murder mysteries, particularly English ones. This one features wonderful, quirky characters, a strong, independent female lead and great atmosphere. I've been to England a couple times. The author's description of the countryside, buildings and towns really told me back. It was wonderful. I will definitely be reading more of Dr. Laura's mysteries!

    8. i started this book about a week ago. i enjoyed it, and i'm looking forward to reading more in this series. the story is complicated, and there are plot twists and turns to keep you on your toes. i did not figure out who the master crook was. i wasn't even close.

    9. Nice "light" reading. A little "Agatha-Christie-ish". The writing isn't that sophisticated, but you don't have to think too much when you read it. A nice change.

    10. Good read if you are looking for light entertainment. Much of it is predictable - but there was one twist I wasn't expecting so that was a pleasant surprise

    11. Good story, but difficult to keep track of the characters. Not enough characterization of secondary characters, so constantly backtracking to determine who was who.

    12. I enjoyed it. I may be giving it more merit than it deserves because I love that the heroine is my age. I also enjoy the happy hopeful tone of the book.

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