Prom For some it s the most highly anticipated event in all of high school For others it s dreaded like the SATs For Nova Prescott it s a night she s been planning for months It s prom And all Nova want

  • Title: Prom
  • Author: Ellie O'Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781423148425
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For some, it s the most highly anticipated event in all of high school For others, it s dreaded like the SATs For Nova Prescott, it s a night she s been planning for months It s prom And all Nova wants is for Brandon to ask her to be his date It looks as though all her organization will pay off, but then Brandon asks her to carpool so they can lower their carbon imFor some, it s the most highly anticipated event in all of high school For others, it s dreaded like the SATs For Nova Prescott, it s a night she s been planning for months It s prom And all Nova wants is for Brandon to ask her to be his date It looks as though all her organization will pay off, but then Brandon asks her to carpool so they can lower their carbon imprint and to make matters worse, an accidental fire causes the prom decorations to go up in smoke The principal decides that this is the perfect opportunity for the school rebel, Jesse, to put in some community service, and Jesse is forced to take time after school to help Nova repair the damage At first this seems like torture for both of them, but slowly Nova begins to see that there is something kind and warm beneath Jesse s motorcycle riding, brooding exterior Is it possible that he was falsely accused Nova s mother tries to warn her that Jesse isn t the type to stick around that he ll disappear just like Nova s own father and Nova doesn t know who to believe Should she take the safe route and carpool with Brandon, or should she follow her heart and put her trust in Jesse

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    1. Yes, it was that bad. Like a very dumbed-down version of Heathers, The Perks of Being A Wallflower and The Breakfast Club injected with a giant shot of Disney marketing. Awful.

    2. In the book Prom there are many characters but we are focusing on four. Nova a smart young girl, Jesse a bad boy who is under estimated, Jordan a popular young girl, and Tyler a popular jerk. Jesse and Nova are challenged to work together to make prom decorations by the principle. The only thing the whole school is thinking about is prom so Nova and Jesse have a lot of stress on their plate, before prom in three weekes. The stress is on for everyone, having the perfect dress, date, ride, etc. I [...]

    3. Its a good story and knows how to get you thinking about proms, relationship, friends, and feeling. Yes that is right i said feelings.

    4. I thought this book was a happy modern fairytale. Yay! It was beautiful. Of course, when I checked the book out from the library I didn't realize it was only a novelization of the movie. (I thought the movie was based on the book.) It was still really good and it was told in the third person point of view, so it gave more insight into the characters' feelings more than the movie could. Let me just start off by saying how much I loved all the romance in this book. Since it centers around Prom, it [...]

    5. So, I finished reading Prom by Ellie O’Ryan. Ugh, I don’t know who was the author but for me it was a good book. It was written in a best way. I mean, it was great how the author was to suppose to connect the characters in the protagonist’s life. Well, for some this book might not be that good, not enough either, but for me it was. Reading it almost felt like reading my own Prom story. The difference is, we really didn’t have the scene where in a guy would ask you to be his date for one [...]

    6. i liked this book. i didnt think i would like it at first, but than im like, wat the heck this is awsome!!! PROM is about multiple people. first there's nova who with the help of her friends mei,ali,rolo, and crush brandon, tries to make prom great by doing decorations and stuff. but when the decorations "MYSTERIOUSLY" burn up nova has to work with bad boy jesse to fix and replace themcus has a crush on simone (his lab partner) and wants to ask her to go to prom with him, so he asks his best fri [...]

    7. Reasons to read this book:1. You want something fun and innocent, without any vulgarness or implications of sexuality.2. You want a very lighthearted read that you can breeze through.3. You like books with multiple points of view and knowing the full story from almost every perspective.4. You REALLY like all things Diseny. :)Reasons not to read this book:1. It's incredibly predictable. Pretty much everything I thought would happen DID happen.2. You like a lot of drama. There was an inkling of dr [...]

    8. "Prom" is an enjoyable and lighthearted book which focuses on the trials of a wide group of high school students. Nova is the class president and in charge of organizing the high school's prom. She and the fellow prom committee members create posters, elaborate decorations, and finalize all the plans for a magical "starry night" prom. Unfortunately, the shed where they are keeping all these items is destroyed in a fire. With only three weeks to go until the big dance, Nova is left scrambling to [...]

    9. Prom:A Novel by Ellie O'Ryan book review This book was really good and a great book for teenagers a love story with drama that intreged the reader.Te hook was good i liked the romance and i could visualize it like it was playing before my eyes on a huge screen. The book called prom wasn't really based at prom but more at there high school.The main characters in the book was like one of every kind of person you would meat the smart one who is a goody too shoes(nova) Jesse this miss understood bad [...]

    10. This book puts the reality behind prom. One of the best books to explain the pressure about prom. It was really easy to relate to some parts of the book. The book sometimes seems a little bit boring but it gets the reader attention again. It is predictable but it is a really god novel for teens. This book was given to me by my high school teacher after i went to prom and I felt like explained it just like it happen. I wished i read it before prom i went to prom so that i could not feel that i wa [...]

    11. The author tried to show it from all the different perspectives of all the characters like the move, but it didn't work out and ended up being a bit crowded and overworked. It kind of flipped from character to another causing confusion to whom you are actually reading about. If the writer had settled on just on main character then maybe it may have been better but all the different ones seemed a bit mashed up. But that is just my opinion yours may be different.

    12. For Nova Prescott,a senior, it's always a battle of will as she drawn to the guy who gets in the way of her perfect prom. Other seniors Mei and Tyler keep secrets, while others face all the insecurity and anticipation that surrounds one of high school's biggest events. To her there are 100 days of school but only one prom. Nova and her friends are having meetings everyday after school about getting ready for that big day. But in the end, she couldn't have done any better.

    13. Prom is the golden standard by which I measure all other movie novels against. Prom not only tells the story of the movie in the fleshed out way on words can, it does what every great movie novel should. It adds extra material. It has more substance to it, and I actually enjoy reading it more than I do watching Prom. Though I would rate Prom very high on my lists of movies about Prom. The list isn't really long, but still. Recommended!

    14. Not bad for a book based solely on a movie one that I, myself, really want to see. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the whole good girl meets misunderstood boy love stories :) I just can't help but think, if this were a book first, instead of a book based off of a screenplay, it would have been better. But, all in all, not bad. It's short enough you can read it in a day, so why not?

    15. ¡Me encantó! A pesar de estar llena de clichés y ser sumamente predecible esta adaptación de película a libro me hizo regresar en el tiempo a aquella época en que los clichés eran la cosa más romántica y perfecta del mundo, sacó a flote a la adolescente cursi que me esfuerzo tanto en ocultar y me eso me alegra.

    16. I was intrigued by a book based off of a movie. I'm glad that I chose to read this novel. It captured what high school students go through when prom comes along in today's society pretty accurately! I know its fiction, but it was great to read a book that could have been a true story. :D

    17. This book was pretty predictable, but it was good. Apparently, it's based on a movie, but I've never seen the movie. I recommend it for a quick read. The characters are pretty stereotypical, but it's still fun none-the-less.

    18. Help, I couldn't tell- Was I reading a novel or a screenplay? I loved the story and thought it was a descent twist on a prom story that has been told and retold, but I felt like I was reading a screen play the entire time

    19. This is cute story that shows the reality of what goes on behind prom. It's something that can be recommended to any 7-8th grader.

    20. Exactly what I expected it to be - light-hearted, quick read, pretty predictable.I enjoyed it, but I doubt I'll ever read it again.

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